Friday, April 1, 2011

MAC Studio Fix C30, MAC Speak Louder lipstick and Few More Hauls...

  Hello everyone, gosh! it's been like another century since I last posted. And it's already April! It's just that so many things are happening to me that i sometimes feel zapped of energy to even blog or talk. Most of the stuffs i bought are still unused and they just keep piling up. Will have to do something about that soon..hehe:-)

I arrived here in Manila 2 weeks ago. And for awhile jetlag hit me which is always a bummer. Also this coming April 22-May 1, my family and I are leaving again. This time we're going to Sydney, Australia to spend Holy Week there. Whew! So tiring! I just hope i'll be able to control my shopping urge again. 

MAC Studio Fix C30

 So the product I'm gonna be posting now is a popular one...MAC Studio Fix. I remember loving and being crazy about this way back in college. It gave me that faux flawless complexion look. I remember bugging my mom to buy me this and all she'd say is that I don't need to put too much makeup on. But of course, my stubborn streak always prevails. Hehe! :-)

Through the years, the packaging still hasn't changed
It's still the same old, black and dependable casing
Simple and nothing fancy

The powder is smooth but it's not as velvety as other high end brands like Lancome or Chanel.

It comes with a soft white sponge that blends the powder well with the skin

I chose C30 as its the closest to my face tone

Blend...blend..blah..blah.. :-p

This is excellent for covering minor blemishes and uneven colors. It has the right amount of thickness to provide a natural coverage that doesn't look as if i'm wearing a mask. One or two sweeps are enough to give me that soft and even look. But since i have oily skin, i notice that after awhile i would see my T-zone getting shiny again so i just use my  trusty T. LeClerc Banane Powder to keep the oiliness at bay.

I just use this on casual days when i feel like it and when i need a decent powder foundation to give me that instant flawless look. I never use it continuously coz' i noticed that it has a tendency to clog my pores. But i have a lot of friends who religiously use this without getting any bumps or zits. So it really depends on your skin type.

Overall, i like this product. But i'm not as ga-ga about this as i used to. Gone are the days when i was still clueless about makeup and deem this as the ultimate powder foundation of all time. After trying other brands (the more expensive ones), i realized there are better ones that actually work well with my skin.Though in my opinion this is not the best, it is still up there amongst powder foundations that really works.

                                                     MAC Speak Louder Lipstick

I was attracted to this bright pink color from the whole bunch of MAC lippies on the counter. I guess i'm really a sucker for loud colors! So instead of buying Creme d' Nude, i changed my mind again and opted for another vibrant shade.I'm beginning to see a pattern in my lipstick selection, they all look like happy colors! Hehe... The color is bold but not over the top. Just right.

The name itself speaks for the color alone...

The cremesheen formula is perfect if you hate the too drying variety (matte). It has blue fuschia undertones yet some people describe this as pink/red. I dunno but on my lips i could see more blue so i guess it also depends on your skin color. It suits most fair/cool toned skin. Even if it's quite sheer, it is very pigmented so it evens your lip tone in a breeze. It applies smoothly, no streaks or clumping there. Lasting power is also quite good.

The color somewhat reminded me of MAC Lustering except that this is brighter and has a tad more sheen to it. Whereas, Lustering  looks a bit redder on my lips.

This is what it looks like on my lips. I didn't add any lipgloss or whatsoever. It instantly brightens the face! Even with minimal makeup you will still stand out with this shade. It looks fun, girly and playful. Very wearable! I normally just wear this with taupe eyeshadow and a little blush.Great for everyday look when a bright lipstick is all you need to perk your day. I think this would be a nice color to use for summer or spring.

                                      AND A FEW HAULS...

So here's a few more hauls that i got. I bought these stuffs at our stopover in Taipei. I still had a few dollars left so i decided to bust it at Duty Free there. I was so happy to see so many brands that i like! I ended up buying a few stuffs that i really want and i'll make a review about them soon. I finally got the Chanel JC Rose Petale blush that i've been lemming for sooo long, 2 Nars lipstick in Love Devotion and Jungle Red, and Nars duo eyeshadow in Jolie Poupee. Weee!

I bought these like 3 days before leaving LA. I got the snake ring from Cabazon outlet, the owl ring at Charlotte Russe. I forgot where i bought the owl pendant. Geez! what's up with me and these owls? haha! I also got 2 nail polish. One from NYX-Lingerie and Opi-Paint my toes-moji red. I intend to use these nail polish for my feet as i still don't feel like using them on my fingers. Hmm...maybe in the near future:-)

I got all of these at a Korean mart at Cypress area also in LA. I was happy to see The Face Shop inside the grocery. So while my aunts were busy buying vegetables and stuffs i was happily lurking at the makeup corner and i bought all these. The Shiseido oil makeup remover i got at the toiletries aisle. I still haven't tried em' yet coz' i still don't know where to begin with all my previous hauls. 

So that's all folks! so many products to review and so little time. If you're interested in something just do let me know which one you would like me to try first hehe. Thanks for visiting me again and expect to see more in the future. For now, i badly need to be in shopping rehab! It's just that i can't help it sometimes...such guilty pleasures! Sigh..but i'm really gonna try working on that aspect. Love you all!:-)

Friday, March 11, 2011


Hello!!! Gosh! i missed everyone... i haven't posted for like ages. I'm still here in LA and i've been so busy going around with my friends and relatives that i barely even have time to comb my hair. hehe!

So i'll do a collective shot of hauls that i've been doing here and there. I'm into some sort of buying frenzy nowadays and the cops should stop me before i find myself  broke and penniless. Yikes!

HAUL # 1

Love this place!

A trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without dropping by Sephora at The Venetian. As they were busy hitting the slot machines, i sneaked out of Aria hotel (where we stayed) and walked across the street all the way to makeup paradise. hehe! I was in a rush so i only got to spend 20 minutes getting these  loots. I have yet to try these items except for Benefit powder (Petal) and lipstick (My Treat) which i adore and Buxom gloss (Kanani) which is addictively minty. The UD and Lorac eyeshadows i'll try soon. And the pink YSL lipstick (Rose Opera) is still unused. 


I had it stamped with my initials

I decided to buy a new soft travel bag, the Keepall Bandouliere 55 ($1513.40 with tax) as my previous one is already beaten up and old. I chose the one with the strap this time. Many thanks to the uber nice SA Melissa Tanenbaum of Louis Vuitton, Caesars Palace. She is just so sweet and friendly. I would definitely look for her again the next time i go back to the Sin city.

Then i also got this super soft and chic looking white sandals from Soft ($120). And a pair of Jimmy Crystal shades which is affordable ($38). I like the cute row of crystals adorning the frame.


Of course somebody like me couldn't resist getting these NYX products as they are not available in my country. You either have to order them online or ask a pal to get it from me here. I also bought Almay shadow, OPI nail polish and some L'Oreal, Joe Blasco and Rimmel lipsticks.


Cheap but nice looking shoes for less than $20 at DD's Discount

More shoes brought from different malls

I really like the style of this Dooney & Bourke bag -Janine Satchel ($225) so i didn't think twice about purchasing this. The Mossimo Supply Co shoes which can be bought in Target stores are so affordable but stylish. I've been using the clogs frequently coz' it feels good on my feet.


A few MAC stuffs...i got the Speak Louder, Russian Red (i think i also got Russian Red from the Wonderwoman collection...yikes!) and Chatterbox. Paint pot in Soft Ochre. Concealer in NC30 and Studio fix in C30. 


More loots

...and loots

Some drugstore products like Neutrogena, Almay, Maybelline, Aveeno, Covergirl, L'Oreal etc...etc..i love drugstore products as much as i love expensive ones. There's always a thrill in finding a treasure in this heap o' pile!

The last one is not actually a haul...

Salesman said Speck is a great protective case 

Ok, an unfortunate thing happened to me. My old ipod touch (upper left side) accidentally got wet inside my bag. Why? because careless me placed a mineral water inside my purse which wasn't secured tightly while i was playing at the casino. I guess you could already imagine what happened next. It got soaking wet and now it's no longer working...bummer! 

But what sucks the most is the 3,000 plus pictures stored inside which has no backup copies. I just try not to think about it too much. So i bought myself the newer model, the one with built in camera and so far i am loving it, it has longer battery life than the old one i think.

So that's all for now! I don't even want to bother showing my clothes haul hehe!
I'll be going back home (Manila) next week. I'm already wondering how i can fit everything in my luggage ;-o

I would definitely make a review on some of the items here.
Thank you for dropping by and geez i have to go out again now!
I have a slight feeling i'm not yet done with my hauls yet...:-)


Saturday, February 19, 2011

MACWonderwoman Amazon Princess Blush, Russian Red Lipstick and Susie Cakes

Hello, i've had a busy busy week here so i barely drop by and check out blogs. Now i can't wait to go back to bloghopping again. Weee!

My post for today is about MAC's sexy superhero...Wonderwoman . Up up and away!

Don't you love to become like Wonderwoman
Sexy, gorgeous and have super awesome powers!

Last week i went to Macy's and i saw the latest MAC Wonderwoman collection. So i immediately checked out what stuffs they got. I know i don't really need any of their items nor am i lemming for anything from this collection but for blogging purposes i bought 2 items that i like...tsk...tsk...

The packaging instantly attracted me coz' the "cartoon-y" effect amused me. It's like one of those fake toy makeup sets that you get while growing up. Plastick-y with bright colors.

After a few swatches i decided to get the Amazon Princess blush and the Russian Red lipstick. I also wanted to get the Star Studded quad eyeshadow from the collection but decided against it coz' at $40 i opted to buy Soft Ochre paintpot, concealer in N30 and a Chatterbox lipstick (which i'm loving so much now coz' people compliment me with that shade). I'll do a separate post with my other loots. And i'm planning to get more MAC stuffs too. hehe...

So here's my pick of the blush...

Amazon Princess blush retails at $24

I was standing at the MAC counter for quite sometime debating to myself if i should get this  or the Mighty Aphrodite. I find the deep blue pink with gold pearl a bit different to my usual peachy coral blush shades that Aphrodite has. So for a change i chose this one.

The packaging reminds me of  Shiseido's huge white face powder

L-pink with blue undertone
R-deep plum shade
(my skin is a bit dry due to the weather...sorry)

The colors combined together

How it look like on my cheeks
I'm using Bourjois Rose Toubib lipstick here

I have to say that the staying power of this blush is excellent. It almost lasted me the entire day. I use the pink as a blush and sometimes i mix them together to create a more dramatic effect. You can control the amount that you want depending on the look you need. Another good thing about this is that it can also be used as an eyeshadow with the pink as a base and the mauve as crease color. So it's basically 2 in 1 product. The color is vivid at first and then tones down after awhile. 

This blush could probably last me for years! so i have to veer away from buying similar shades as this one is enough for me. I'm quite happy with this one. I won't repurchase anymore coz' the container alone is already hard to finish and it's a limited edition as well!... Hehe:-)

Now let's move on to this sexy lipstick shade...

Russian Red lipstick retails at $15.50
It's so easy to spot this lipstick in my makeup bag!

Very bold and daring kind of red

I would've loved to use this shade last Valentines (was also my mom's birthday...Happy Birthday mom!)...but since i'm a thousand miles away, i'm gonna save it til' i get back home. Haha! I don't know why but lately i'm into using dark, bold lipsticks. Yes, for almost 2 weeks i've been using several kinds of mauve, deep red or burgundy colors. The shades that i don't usually use. That's why when i saw this, i didn't think twice about buying this because i thought it would be a nice option for my growing dark lipstick collection.

I guess they must've named it after those bloody-gorgeous Russian women hehe

Matte formulation

Without gloss

I added Wet n'Wild Diamond Brilliance clear gloss

This lipstick made my lips standout even from afar. Everytime i pass by mirrors, the first thing i would notice is my bold red lips. I feel that i could even stop cars with this shade. Haha! The bluish red color is something you cannot possibly ignore as it screams for attention. I only apply this lightly on my lips so it won't look too intense and then i coat it over with a clear gloss. That way it can still be wearable for daytime. Other than that this shade is also perfect to use at night.

Lasting power is good but the formulation is also quite drying so gloss! gloss! gloss! I won't repurchase this too coz' there's still a wide array of other reds to experiment and choose from. But overall, this is still a nice shade for me coz' it instantly brightens my face and the color looks sexy too. :-)

After a tiring day at the mall, we walked to this famous bakeshop at the back of Macy's that sells yummy cupcakes. My aunt swears that it's so delicious that i'm gonna love it. Honestly, i don't have a sweet tooth so i wasn't too excited. But i  like how quaint and cozy the place looks like! 

Well i'm glad i tried this coz' until now i still remember the sweet, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the frosting. The cupcakes are simply divine! Even somebody like me who's not so much into pastries is suddenly craving for one of those fantastic treats! If you happen to be around the area do try them and you'd simply love these delicious goodies! :-)

Cute quaint bakeshop at the corner

Welcome to Susie Cakes

Super pretty assortment of cupcakes and sweets

Cake corner

The famous Red Velvet cupcake--to die for!

I forgot the name of this yummy chocolate cupcake

That's all for today... 
Sorry it's quite a long post hehe
Again, many thanks for your sweet time!
Until next time pretty peeps
I still have too many loots/new products to post:-)