Saturday, May 1, 2010

T.LeClerc Face Powder

Classy looking powder

Under flourescent light
It's is pale yellow almost transparent

I've been using T.LeClerc face powder for several years now. I personally like it's Banane shade coz it complements my skin. Here's my take on this product:

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-nice metallic embossed compact case
-good oil absorption
-keeps skin matte and natural looking
-doesnt look cakey or thick
-doesnt cause pimples or breakout
-takes a long time to finish the powder

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-quite pricey
-doesnt cover blemishes or freckles

The pros clearly outweighs the cons of this powder. It works well for me that's why up to now I'm still hooked with it. My oily skin is always under control everytime i use this. If you're looking for a high quality powder, this is definitely worth a try! Ciao:-)

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