Monday, September 27, 2010

La Mer The Eye Concentrate Review

Price-9625 pesos (around $200)
Size-0.5 oz./ 15ml

   I'm actually over the moon when I finally got this. For the looongest time I've been mulling if I should get one or not. But everytime I do, the cheapskate in me just keeps on thinkin' about the many other items I can buy instead of just one jar. Hehe...I can have 4 Lancomes with one La Mer!

   So with closed eyes and a huge gasp, I gave in. I was poorer by around 200 dollars. How could such a tiny thingie like this cost so much! Well, it's La Mer that's why. And I've read and googled this brand for like a million times already. It's like the Rolls-Royce of moisturizers. La Mer was borne out of a brilliant aerospace physicist, Dr. Max Huber who suffered from severe chemical burns. He created an empire of a product originally intended to heal his own wounds.

   Everybody knows how darn pricey they are. But the amazing thing is that so many women aren't fazed by the expensive tag. They still grab em' coz they know it works and it's what makes every penny worth it.

   The moment my hand touched it I wanted to hold the box and the mini jar gently. It's like caressing a precious piece of art from a gallery. I didn't slam nor throw it like the rest of my toiletries. I treated it with tenderness. Tsk...tsk...product discrimination! Hehe!

   And there's nothing even fancy about the packaging. The mint green box looks simple and ordinary. Even the jar itself is not over the top or fussy looking. It's really just the contents that you're paying for. It also comes with a silver spoon. Which got me to thinking that hmmm...must be made out of real silver to compensate for the price(jk!).

   The silver ball tip applicator feels soothing and cool as you gently massage it onto the undereye area. It doesn't tug the skin the way sometimes a finger does and it ensures a smooth and even application of the concentrate. You only need to use the cream sparingly, as a little amount goes a long way.

   The cream itself is light, not too thick nor greasy. Just right with a faint pleasant smell. It contains the company's patented Miracle Broth to deeply condition and smoothen the eye area. It also aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles for those much desired healthy looking eyes.

   I immediately noticed that my undereye skin looked drenched and moisturized. Everytime I wake up, it looked as if I was able to sleep for a good 8 hours even when I didn't. A few weeks later I noticed that it reduced the puffiness around my eyes and it visibly brightened my dark circles! The area looked plumper and more supple. So my peepers looks less tired and well rested. Just what I need! And hydration also lasted all day long.

   I'm definitely impressed with La Mer's Eye Concentrate! No wonder so many are gushing about this "miracle" cream. It worked like magic on my skin. The steep price is totally worth it as one jar could last up to 4 months. My only regret is that it took me so long to wait and try this. I could just imagine how much better looking my eyes wouldv'e been had I started using this cream early on. But oh well, it's not yet too late to counteract the effects of late night outs and sleepless nights...La Mer will save the day!

   I'm glad I have this. It is the best eye cream for me. Beats out all the other brands i've known, hands down! I'm a convert now. My new Holy Grail! It will definitely become a staple product in my beauty regimen. It's the mother of all eye creams for me.

   It's best that we start taking extra good care of our skin while we're still young or else the  damages would be irrepairable. So if you're still on the lookout for an effective eye cream, look no more...La Mer Eye Concentrate might just be the answer to your prayers. I know coz it answered mine!(i'm not exaggerating here..he he!) :-)    

Totally looove this!

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By the way, here's a little sneak preview of  my upcoming product posts:

   I will make a review with some of these make up loots soon, gotta do some road test first
    Until next time again my sweet dear ladies:-)

UPDATE (Dec 15, 2010)

This is the state of my jar now...
I'm almost about to run out! Hu Hu :-(
I really really LOVE this!!!
But its so darn expensive!
It really made my undereye  look so much better...
So i'm scrimping on it

So dearest Santa you know what i want...


Pammy said...

This eye concentrate seems to be an amazing product. But it's really expensive. I dunno if I can bring myself to buy one jar that costs almost 10 grand. :)

Looking forward to your upcoming posts and reviews.

AnnaYJia said...

omg ! You got so many nice stuff !!! Am so jealous of you ~~~~

Ged said...

nice stuffs!!!! :)

Karen said...

That eye cream sounds so amazing! Sniff but for now I think I need to find something that will also do a good job but save me from spending $200.. still a poor grad student haha


It is really worth it for me the price is really the only downer:-)