Saturday, October 30, 2010

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Price-950pesos ($14.50)-US price

The hot MAC shade

There was so much hype about this shade that I just had to jump the bandwagon and see for myself what the fuss was all about.

The first time I saw it I seriously doubted if I can carry this color. The Barbie pink tone was my biggest concern. Mainly because I'm NO Barbie at all! Hehe! :-)

The color reminds me of lollipops and Barbies...
Delicious and pretty!

It didn't help when I tried it on. I had mixed reactions. Part of me thinks this shade of pink looks too unnatural for me. While at the same time I like how it instantly brightened my face. Its fun vibrant shade added spunk to my look. It makes you standout effortlessly. Plus the hue is sooo lovely!

But i still wasn't sure about it...

So I completely wiped it off my lips, reverted back to my safe old shade and went out to dinner.

Cool toned pink with blue undertones

The next time around, I was feeling much much bolder. So I decided to use it out. I even intentionally left behind my "backup" lipsticks so that I won't have an excuse to remove it and act like a pussy again.

I must say that this highly-pigmented lippie really grew on me. What initially started as hesitation grew into fascination. In fact, I've been using it a whole lot lately nowadays especially when i'm gearing towards the dolly look.

"I  heart  It" swatch on my skin
Without flash

With flash

too much gloss
make it feather and bleed
So put as little gloss as possible
And just constantly press and purse your lips for the color to blend evenly
Also, reapplications will be needed coz it's not longlasting!

Along the way,  i just learned how to make the most of what its not and what its got. In other words try to make it work for me.Since its Satin formulation is quite drying, I apply Carmex lipbalm prior to putting this on. Then I finish it off with a clear gloss. I swear Pink Nouveau looks better with a gloss! Without gloss the formulation accentuates the fine lines on my lips.

The color is so lovely that i've been using
this almost everyday!

Pink Nouveau may have some flaws, but it's gorgeous color more than makes up for what it lacks. It also brought out another side of me.

The daring side...

The "I-can-also-feel-like-Barbie" kind of confidence. And with that I'm willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of beauty. Ciao lovelies! :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

Price-2880 (around $63)

One of Kiehl's bestsellers

I have been eyeing this little blue bottle for quite sometime. The POSITIVE reviews i've read about it has piqued my curiousity even more. So during my recent Kiehl's trip I purposely included this along with the Ultimate White brightening line which I currently LOVE! (I'll post about the essence and moisturizer soon).

Convenient button press on top of  the stopper

I like how it has that "old drugstore" product appeal

I find the midnight blue bottle with its gold letterings very nice to look at. It's like purchasing a medicine during the 1800's. It is so tiny that it could practically fit in the palm of your hands! Very convenient for travellers on the go. Also there's an air of simple dependability written all over it, like you can totally TRUST this thing!

Handy tube dropper

The medicine type dropper is very convenient in drawing out the elixir. Makes application easier and mess free.

It smells good too. The empowering scent of LAVENDER has a very soothing and calming effect which is perfect for bedtime.

Just 1-2 drops is enough

It has an oily feel which gets
absorbed by the skin after awhile

The oily consistency of the serum had me worried at first coz I already have an endless supply of oil under my skin and loading more might equal disaster. But I would DO anything for that extra soft skin...

So off to sleep I went with an oily skin and an extra SHINY face!  

You'll wake up to a softer skin...

Upon waking up I immediately caressed my face. Lo and behold! It really felt silky soft and SMOOTH! My skin was no longer greasy. It absorbed all the essential oils while I was sleeping. My cheek felt supple, taut and very much HYDRATED! I didn't even had any of those dreaded zits! (despite the greasy feel) Awesome!

Since I don't have visible lines yet, I can't really tell if it does anything for the wrinkles. And it's still too early to know the longterm benefits it has on me. But for now, i'm enjoying the HEALTHY feeling my skin has each time I wake up. It gives the kind of GLOW that you can only get from a well-rested and pampered skin.

So there you have it my personal take on this popular Kiehl's product. It's definitely a good alternative to your favorite creams and serums! It may be a bit pricey but this tiny bottle will practically last a long time. Thank y'all sweeties! :-)

Btw, to those who've tried it? How did you like it? 



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

H&M Red Lipstick in Access 2 me

This Halloween I wanna be a "hot" undercover agent

Halloween is a few nights away and I'm still racking my brains out of what I will be. Being a lady detective is at the top of my list. Why? coz even if it's not a popular choice I wanna try that femme fatale thing without looking skanky.  

All I need is a gun, trenchcoat, the balls...

and my ultimate secret weapon...

My uber red lipstick
Sexy and VAMPY red shade!

Image by

-It is highly pigmented
-evens out my liptone
-is quite moisturizing
-easy to apply
-sleek packaging 
-and most importantly CHEAP!

Even the spirits will succumb

Image by

-the red shade is too bright
-not for the faint-hearted 
-color didn't last long 

Swatch on my skin

Ready for some action...
"Don't mess with me or i'll shoot ya!"
Haha! WTF!

Bloody-red lippies anyone?

There you have it my Halloween fantasy! Just in case you're looking for quality cheap makeup to experiment on this spooky season, you might wanna checkout H&M makeup. They have lots of inexpensive stuffs that works!

So what are you gonna be this Halloween?  

Hmm...i'm still undecided on what I will finally be. I don't think I could pull it off trying to act all that sexy and seductive. I'd just LAUGH at myself!

Maybe I should just be a TEACUP instead...

Image by

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modelco Gel Eyeliner

Great find from Modelco. Tiny sized eyeliner with a huge paunch.

Here's a fine eyeliner from Modelco. I saw it from Beautybar's freebie magazine. I had to place an order since they didn't have it on stock that time. A few days later the SA called me to say it was ready so off I went to collect another Modelco item. 

At first I was surprised to see how tiny it is. I expected it to be small but not that small! It is also very lightweight. I'm not complaining though coz the size is perfect for my always FULL makeup bag. 

Longlasting gel that doesnt smudge. Hassle free to use.

Clever packaging. With built in brush that screws into the lid

I like how they incorporated the liner brush within the cap. Super smart! Perfect for those who doesn't like to keep fumbling and looking for their brushes each time which is especially annoying when you're in a rush! 

All you have to do is click the end of the brush into the lid for a longer handle. That's all! Easy as 1-2-3! Handy and convenient for travelling.

A little goes a long way.

Gel eyeliner

This small pot could last for eons. No kidding!

The few strokes I applied on my lids barely caused a dent to the solid black gel. I couldn't even imagine how long before I could finish this thing off!  

Sharp tipped brush. 

I like this brush coz it defines my eyes with such precision. The gel is distributed finely and evenly. It also glides smoothly which is pure joy since I hate liners that seems choppy. If you want more dramatic eyes just layer it over. All you need is a steady hand for that enviably perfect stroke! 

But to those who hates holding a teeny tiny brush then this ain't the right one for you, you might just get frustrated trying to balance it with your fingers.    

No mess application

Super long staying. The swatch EVEN stayed on my hand until the next day.

I didn't have to worry about fading eyeliner even after a long day. It stayed put like a glue. In fact it surpassed even the strongest oily skin! It passed with flying colors and even more...

Great purchase

How could something so tiny contain something that could last for ages and at the same time be longwearing? 

Only Modelco's gel liner knows why...

   I am generally pleased with this product. It didn't flake nor smudge on me. Will I repurchase? Yes, at around $32 dollars it is WORTH every penny! But at the rate i'm going, the next pot will have to be several light years away!

Thanks a bunch for your time my sweeties! It's highly appreciated! :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Maybelline the Magnum Mascara Review

I like the yellow and violet combo!

Since i have very oily lids, it is quite a feat to find a mascara that has good sustaining power and doesnt smudge. So I was pleasantly surprised when Maybelline's Magnum mascara was able to address both issues.  

An affordable way to have pretty lashes
It's tough, effective and waterproof 

The Collagen Formula has secret ingredients which beefs and plumps up the hair 10 times more. Thus, giving the illusion of luscious thick lashes. And the oversized Magnum Brush coats even the smallest strand to ensure fine and even distribution.

I've always used basic black for my lashes

These bristles really elongates like magic

    One thing I noticed though is that you have to be quite adept in applying this so that it won't end up looking all clumpy. There's a way to do it though. And one way is to make the mascara dry a bit by waving it a few times before actually putting it on. Other than that everything is a-OK! 

My bare lashes looks so pitiful and short

With Magnum mascara they suddenly looked longer...hurrah!

-lengthened my lashes instantly
-made them thick-looking too
-didn't flake
-consistency is just right
-holds the curl well
-I like the bright yellow tube
     (so easy to spot!)
-convenient drugstore product

-tube is quite stubby 
-tends to clump (if not applied right)
-not quite easy to remove

   This mascara really works! It performed way beyond my expectations. Which is super awesome for a drugstore product. It can even work as well as my more expensive mascaras. I just love it when I find a cheap product that delivers results! 

   No smudge, no raccoon eyes and only thick lashes that stays all day long! What more can you ask for? So If you want natural looking lashes at a fraction of a cost, you should def give this a try. 

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   By the way here's another recent makeup haul which I'll post soon. Hmmm... all the products I need to review seems to be piling more and more. At the rate I'm going I sure do hope to catch up. Hehe! Thanks for dropping by! :-)