Friday, March 11, 2011


Hello!!! Gosh! i missed everyone... i haven't posted for like ages. I'm still here in LA and i've been so busy going around with my friends and relatives that i barely even have time to comb my hair. hehe!

So i'll do a collective shot of hauls that i've been doing here and there. I'm into some sort of buying frenzy nowadays and the cops should stop me before i find myself  broke and penniless. Yikes!

HAUL # 1

Love this place!

A trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without dropping by Sephora at The Venetian. As they were busy hitting the slot machines, i sneaked out of Aria hotel (where we stayed) and walked across the street all the way to makeup paradise. hehe! I was in a rush so i only got to spend 20 minutes getting these  loots. I have yet to try these items except for Benefit powder (Petal) and lipstick (My Treat) which i adore and Buxom gloss (Kanani) which is addictively minty. The UD and Lorac eyeshadows i'll try soon. And the pink YSL lipstick (Rose Opera) is still unused. 


I had it stamped with my initials

I decided to buy a new soft travel bag, the Keepall Bandouliere 55 ($1513.40 with tax) as my previous one is already beaten up and old. I chose the one with the strap this time. Many thanks to the uber nice SA Melissa Tanenbaum of Louis Vuitton, Caesars Palace. She is just so sweet and friendly. I would definitely look for her again the next time i go back to the Sin city.

Then i also got this super soft and chic looking white sandals from Soft ($120). And a pair of Jimmy Crystal shades which is affordable ($38). I like the cute row of crystals adorning the frame.


Of course somebody like me couldn't resist getting these NYX products as they are not available in my country. You either have to order them online or ask a pal to get it from me here. I also bought Almay shadow, OPI nail polish and some L'Oreal, Joe Blasco and Rimmel lipsticks.


Cheap but nice looking shoes for less than $20 at DD's Discount

More shoes brought from different malls

I really like the style of this Dooney & Bourke bag -Janine Satchel ($225) so i didn't think twice about purchasing this. The Mossimo Supply Co shoes which can be bought in Target stores are so affordable but stylish. I've been using the clogs frequently coz' it feels good on my feet.


A few MAC stuffs...i got the Speak Louder, Russian Red (i think i also got Russian Red from the Wonderwoman collection...yikes!) and Chatterbox. Paint pot in Soft Ochre. Concealer in NC30 and Studio fix in C30. 


More loots

...and loots

Some drugstore products like Neutrogena, Almay, Maybelline, Aveeno, Covergirl, L'Oreal etc...etc..i love drugstore products as much as i love expensive ones. There's always a thrill in finding a treasure in this heap o' pile!

The last one is not actually a haul...

Salesman said Speck is a great protective case 

Ok, an unfortunate thing happened to me. My old ipod touch (upper left side) accidentally got wet inside my bag. Why? because careless me placed a mineral water inside my purse which wasn't secured tightly while i was playing at the casino. I guess you could already imagine what happened next. It got soaking wet and now it's no longer working...bummer! 

But what sucks the most is the 3,000 plus pictures stored inside which has no backup copies. I just try not to think about it too much. So i bought myself the newer model, the one with built in camera and so far i am loving it, it has longer battery life than the old one i think.

So that's all for now! I don't even want to bother showing my clothes haul hehe!
I'll be going back home (Manila) next week. I'm already wondering how i can fit everything in my luggage ;-o

I would definitely make a review on some of the items here.
Thank you for dropping by and geez i have to go out again now!
I have a slight feeling i'm not yet done with my hauls yet...:-)



EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Omg I love your super huge haul!! You bought a lot of cool things. And I'm sorry to hear about your photos. I know how that feels. My old laptop got damaged and I wasnt able to retrieve all the pics. Most of them are from college. It was depressing to lose all of them:(. So now I save all my pics to picasa.

Stella said...

That's a pretty good haul. :) If you head to the premium outlet, you should stop by the Cosmetic Company Store.

AnNeTtEe said...

awww... I'm sorry to hear about your iPod... & 3000 pix?? that must be devastating.. I would be really really sad... but hey, on the bright side you got hella stuff from your haul... lucky girl!!

Vintage Makeup said...

Wow great hauls, so much awesome stuff! :)

Fannie said...

Great hauls. You got so much stuff. Sorry to hear about your ipod. Mine got totally wet too and after a few days it snapped out of it and was working again. It went through a phase where the back light would just keep going off but now it's working like nothing's happened. I heard great things about the new ipod touch with the camera. I'm very jealous because I totally want to upgrade! XD

Eva said...

WOW! I love your haul!! LOL I love the sephora at the venetian its soo big hehe Looks like you had an amazing time :)

Michelle said...

Looks like you did some damage!!!

I'm excited to go there too!! But I have to wait until April! LOL

Anna Crystal said...

This. is. so. much. stuff. OMG. JEALOUS!

Woooow, but I'd spent as much money as you as well, probably, if I was in L.A :D

Pammy said...

I love your haul! That's a HUGE haul. I wish I can just grab 'em from my screen. Lotsa makeup reviews soon. :P

Lynn said...

When my brother's phone got wet they told him to put it in a ziploc baggie with dry rice to absorb the moisture. Its worth a shot.

modniza said...

OMG!!WOW,WOW!!love all!!!xoxo,have a nice week-end!


@Becky-gosh it really feels so depressing and the worst is it keeps happening to me. I seem to never learn haha:-)
@Stella-thanks for the great suggestion would love to visit that makeup store:-)
@Annette-haha yeah I just try to keep diverting myself with the new stuffs/toys that I bought. It helps somehow:-)
@vintagemakeup- thanks sweetie, so excited to try em' all!
@Fannie-this is actually the second time that iPod got wet. The first time it was still working but I wasn't as lucky the second time around. I even blow dried it the whole night but to no avail hehe. Thanks for dropping by!:-)


@eva- gosh zephyrs there is like candyland. I always feel like it's christmastime whenever I'm there. I could stay there the whole day hehe:-)
@Michelle- hehe I'm not yet done with the damage, gosh I'm excited for you comin here. For sure you'll have tons of new stuffs to haul too:-)
@annacrystal-I totally agree! I only get to go here once a year so I might as well paint the town red haha:-)
@pammy- just thinking about the tons of pictures and reviews I have yet to do makes me feel tired already haha but it's so much fun to haul and tinker with all these makeup. My friends think I'm crazy:-)
@Lynn-too bad I didn't know that suggestion when my iPod was still soaking wet. Now it's totally dry and useless. Even apple people said they can't do anything about it anymore...sigh:-(


@modniza-thanks doctor, you have a fabulous weekend too:-)

Belle said...

Wow! this is an awesome haul. You must've had too much fun! loving everything you got especially the keepall:)

Rinny said...

Oh wow you've got some awesome loot in your haul! That's terrible what happened to your Ipod Touch; mine broke recently too - it doesn't turn on and it won't hold a charge. I just went on a NYX haul today haha - I bought a few of their Black Label lipsticks and can't wait to try them :D

G A B Y said...

Wow, that's a huge haul! The YSL lipsick looks gorgeous, I'd love to see some swatches (=

I love NYX Round Lipsticks! And Chatterboox is lovely too x

Anonymous said...

huge haul! shopping is such a great stress reliever. if im gonna have lots and lots of moolah. ill probably spend it on girly stuff and some mean machines.

i am loving your haul #4. i am thinking of buying clogs too!

im sorry about what happened to your ipod. good thing you got a new one na!

have a safe trip :)

Jannie said...

awesome, awesome, AWESOME hauls. :D looks like you've had lots of fun on your vegas trip. especially with the shopping. had we stayed there longer, i know i would've had fun shopping there too...well, that and slot machines. hehehe... sephora at the venetian is awesome. now that brings me back memories of the taxi driver getting mad at my boyfriend and me because it turned out to be right next to the hotel. hahaha...

alright, i rambled on. sorry. hehe... love the urban decay and MAC stuff you got. the louis stuff is GORGEOUS. and the NYX stuff is making me want to haul more. how's the twin cake, BTW? i haven't tried NYX foundation yet. i'm kinda curious.

glad you had fun. hope you're enjoying LA too. take care. :)

ps: erase paste is great. i like how it doesn't cake either. :)


@Belle-yeah I'm loving my keepall so much I know it's a good investment that will last me for years!:-)
@Rinny-I made additional hauls too which I will post next time. I'm super curious about the black label lipstick and looking forward to your reviews:-)
@Gaby-I am super loving the chatterbox and the ysl lipstick as well, will definitely make reviews about em' all:-)
@Reina-amongst all the shoes I have it's the clogs that's my favorite! Super nice, comfy and easy to wear:-)

sugar sugar said...

i looooooooooove your hauls mina! i am soooooo naiinggit LOL! x) stay safe! ^-^

ps. more haul pictures please! :D

bettzy93 said...

Amazing Haul:]
Can you do a review on the mac studio tach

Madiha said...

OMG i am drooling over all that stuff :D AMAZING hauls!!

shatzlaine said...

Major haul! kept me drooling,..

Jannie said...

You are lucky to have long, straight hair. You won't really need the flat iron too much. :) I've always wanted straight hair. Mine is like in-between wavy and straight, so I do need the help of the curling or flat iron. When I'm not lazy, that is. Hehehe...

Are you still in LA? I hope you're enjoying more of your vacation. Take care. :)


@sugar-haha there are actually a few more hauls which i will post the next time your hauls too:-)
@bettzy93-sure sweetie, i am loving that powder now:-)
@Madiha-hehe thanks so much for dropping by dear:-)
@shatzlaine-it's also quite a major dent in the pocket sis haha:-)
@jannie-how ironic that i want curly hair with volume...i guess we both want what we dont have haha.
I'm back in Manila and will post again as soon as im done with my jetlag hehe, thanks so much:-)

Hollie said...

wow! my jaw just dropped. Now I'm fearing you're probably nearing to being Penniless! hahaha

But I love love love your Hauls! The shoes are definitely nice picks!

and I so envy the MAC haul, when am I every gonna have MAC...sigh

sugar sugar said...

Mina I swatched the P&J lippie for you. :3 I miss your posts too!

Chanelle said...

Oh my gosh so much! How do you possibly use all of that?!

Álvaro said...

Interesting blog. Greetings from Spain.

Isabel said...

Woooowww... Your collection of hauls is amaaazing O_O

miss marshmellow ^^ said...

im so jealous >.<

i love your blog.

clumsyliz said...

huge huge haul!! parang longer pa kesa kay fuzkittie hehehe. yaman talaga eh! inggit much. naki much heheh

archi said...

that hauls are huge:D such a shame that neutrogena doesn't marketing its makeup products here.anyway, enjoy your new babes:D

cominica said...

so many great stuff!! :D, I'm sorry to hear about your iPod though, :(