Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cellex-C Eye Gel

While I was busy rummaging thru piles and piles of creams and lotions at Sasa in HK. I saw this cute eye gel. It has a bottle stopper as a cover. Cellex-C eye contour gel. I know it's a good brand coz I'm a big fan of their skin perfecting gel for pimples. I asked the SA which is better coz they also have Cellex-C eye balm. In her broken English she tried in vain to convince me that its better to get both the eyebalm and gel. Since I was already starting to have a headache coz of her accent, i decided to buy the eye gel alone. I thought to myself ha! You can never sales talk me! At the hotel after washing my face I got so excited to try it. It's direction says that using the pipette I have to squeeze 1 or 2 drops on my finger. Then I have to gently apply the product around the orbital bone and the outside areas of each eye. Then follow with moisturizing eye cream.It is best used with Cellex eye balm. I was like uh-oh! Not one to get easily dissuaded I told myself maybe the eye gel can perform on it's own. But alas, when I tried it I suddenly remembered that annoying SA. So she was indeed telling the truth. The gel doesn't feel like gel at all, it felt more like water. It can easily drip on the cheeks if you don't carefully dab and pat it. The application was more of a tedious task for me. I guess you really have to pair it with the balm or better yet I shouldve gotten the balm instead so it will just stay put and be less messy. On the positive note, the gel feels tingly and tight on the skin. The undereye area feels stretched, taut and pulled. If only I had gotten the Cellex-C eyebalm then there will be maximum absorption and it would have been the perfect icing in this eye care regimen. Tsk...tsk...

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