Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr Vain

Tuesday graphics comments
   Here are warning signs to all single ladies out there on the lookout for Mr. Right. Do NOT even dare go for Mr. Vain because of the following reasons...

-you have to pass his standards and have to be goodlooking all the time coz he can't afford to be seen walking around with a monkey
- during calamities like earthquakes or fire, he'll immediately rescue his mirror, whey protein and man-kit instead of you
-he'll be thrilled to go shopping with you only because he can't wait to check the latest fashion in menswear
-he constantly brags about countless women who's after him and you should feel damn honored and priviledged to be the 'chosen one'
-he's absolutely sure your kids will be beautiful...but he makes it sound as if it's his precious genes to be accounted for
-he can't stop staring at anything that shows his reflection-mirrors, car windows and yes even utensils like spoons, glasses...etc...
-instead of being happy when people compliment you, he'll mope and sulk and silently wonder what's wrong with his face today
-when looking at your pictures together, he only stares at himself, skips your solo shots then zooms on his face
-he tells you you're beautiful while yawning
-for the nth time he likes telling you about being checked out by girls atta bookstore, gym, malls or wherever and the worst part is he pretends to be annoyed
-during fights, he refuses to cry coz he doesn't want to have puffy eyes
-he constantly bashes other men, the way they look, dress or talk
-during picture taking he immediately gets the side that shows his best angle which happens to be your favorite side too and you find yourself giving in
-he rarely gets jealous, after all he feels like he's  gods gift to the female species
-you barely have intellectual conversations with him coz he sees no need or he's just plain dumb

   Isnt it plain sad? to be with an INSECURE being who just wallows in his looks 24/7. Please don't be blinded!

Naughty graphics comments

   Spare yourself some heartache and head to the nearest exit

   After all you deserve no less! He's just a waste of time and space on earth. He shouldn't be your sole priority when you know deep inside you're just an option that he can toss aside when somebody prettier, sexier or better enters the picture.  You need a REAL man who will truly love you for who you are. Be treated like a lady and not like a dirt. No ifs and buts!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

LV Globe Charm Keyring

Love the blend of pastel colors!

Perfect accessory for my beloved Manhattan GM

My LV Globe Charm Keyring is just the cutest thing ever! Its candy looking enamel coated brass medals engraved with historic Trunks and Bags logo looks yummy enough to eat! It reminds me of sweets, lollipops and everything nice.

Its playful burst of colors will instantly spruce up any bag. In fact I've been using the same keyring most of the time since it blends well with monogram, vernis, epi and damier patterns. The only minor tiff about this is the clink-clank sound the brass makes everytime I walk. My partner teased me that even if I blindfold him he'll still know where I am, he'll just FOLLOW THE SOUND! But he has since learned how to live with it coz I refuse to go out without it. ;-)  Looove this! Take care sweeties!


The moment I opened this bottle my boyfie asked... - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..

I found it so amusing that he thought I was the main culprit and source of that foul-stench. In defense I shoved my Ishigaki up to his nose. He was like 'WTF! Are you sure that's not spoiled?'. Haha! Of course I already did my research prior to buying the pills. The original smells like rotten eggs and taste sour and tangy. It contains N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine( which I think is responsible for the smell), Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic Acid, Glycine, L-Methionine and Ascorbic acid. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which has 1000mg of Glutathione. To be taken twice a day.

This is a very good supplement to take during my non-IV days. I'm able to maintain soft, smooth and fair skin. I never had any adverse reaction to it. Never got any breakouts or whatsoever. It is also very cheap. Priced at around 800 pesos so it doesn't cause a huge dent on my pocket unlike other more expensive brands. No wonder a lot of girls consider this as one of their favorite beauty supplements.

Who cares about that farty capsule smell when you get rewarded with a nice glowing skin? I certainly don't mind and will continue using Ishigaki for years to come.

Period Ponders - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..

   It's that time of the month again when my arms and legs are starting to show those purple bruises. People around me already knows what's gonna happen and when it's coming. I slowly transform into a mini monster. Moody, edgy and irritable. Even the littlest things piss me off. It doesn't help when that pesky abdominal cramps heighten my desire to punch anything or anybody who goes against my way. My erratic behaviour often leaves my honey puzzled. I pester and annoy him for no apparent reason. Just a stupid urge to pick a fight. Then another mood sets in, this time I act all mushy, needy and clingy. He could only scratch his head in confusion as I sweetly utter..."don't worry it's just a girl thing!". 

   Im not being a Bratinella but it still sucks to have to contend with this monthly dilemma. I even question why men are absolved from such mess. Ha! I could just imagine how chaotic the world would be if both sexes experience the same thing. Imagine testosterones going  crazy. Guys curled up in a fetal position acting all cranky. Men absent from work unable to cope from the excruciating dysmenorrhea. Everything will be so dysfunctional. Tsk...tsk...

   No wonder God made women the torchbearers because He knows we're more of the resilient type. We have the ability to bounce back after being bent, stretched and pounded from the pain accompanied with each period. Perhaps it's a means of prepping us from the rigours of childbirth in the future. 

   Some women are lucky coz they barely feel anything and just go with the flow. But for some unfortunate girls like me who could barely stand, has to crouch and needs tons of Midols in order to regain sanity. It can be a pain in the ass or may I say in the abdomen.  

   But through it all, there's always a sense of satisfaction in being constantly reminded how wonderful it is to be a woman. That I am complete, healthy and able. That i have the strength and ability to withstand pain...And that I'm capable of bringing another soul into this world.  

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Casual Chanel Bag

   I was instantly smitten with this cute Chanel bag when I first saw it at a Chanel boutique along Nathan road in Hongkong. Being a self-confessed LV fanatic it's not a major crime to deviate and try another designer brand especially one as tempting as this. It looks so casual, young and chic. The fine blue stripes reminds me of something nautical, breezy and summery. The soft padded cloth with the unmistakable Chanel quilted pattern feels as if I'm carrying a pillow instead of a bag. Its silver logo in front perfectly blends with the unique design.

   I love pairing it with white tops and jeans. I let it take the spotlight. I've caught several tai-tai ladies eyeing my bag as I'm one of the first few who snagged it when it was still new. This is my favorite casual bag in Chanel coz it feels so light. It can also hold several items without looking bulky as the quilted pattern cleverly conceals it.

   Everytime I use this it, it reminds me of the song  by the Beach Boys "Kokomo"...Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya...Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama...Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, Jamaica...Until next time! :-)

H & M Pink Lipgloss

   If you're itching for that glam chick pink lippie look then the search is over with  H & M's Anni-Can Rock lipgloss  shade. Its fun, flirty and edgy color is great for night outs and clubbings. The bright pink fuschia tint will surely put you on the boys radar. The brilliant gloss will keep your lips shiny, sparkly and temptingly kissable. Sad part is you have to constantly reapply the gloss as I noticed that it keeps wearing off after awhile. But really it's no biggie coz it does its job in making my lips look party ready...another great cheap and chic discovery worth trying!      

Do the Chicken Dance - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..

   This picture gave me a hearty chuckle. A fat man dancing when nobody is looking. Don't you have days when you're feeling just like that? Light and bubbly moments that makes us all want to do a little chicken dance here and there especially after hearing something wonderful. 

   Im guilty of such. I usually strut my stuff in front of the mirror after a long, refreshing and cold shower. I dance like  a stripper, sashay like a ramp model or just plain wiggle my belly to my amusement.  I can pick my nose, scratch my ass, make funny faces, act like a monkey or just look plain stupid for all i want. It makes me feel good, uninhibited, wild and free. I can do all the crazy things to my hearts desire with nary a care in the world. Far from the poised and stiff face I normally have to show the outside world. I laugh at my own silliness. Celebrate the imperfections of my nakedness. In my own private world i can be who i want to be. There's no sense of judgment or criticism coz im totally in control. I please no one but me. 

   During times when I feel down or heavy, I resort to this special ritual that instantly washes away all my frustrations.  It makes me forget all my worries and fears. Nobody's watching anyway and nobody will know about this dirty little secret except me,myself and I. After all life is too short to always be serious. So when you're feeling crappy and blah, a little chicken dance might just do the trick.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Citra Whitening Lotion

When I was living in Jakarta I chanced upon one of their most famous local brand of lotion Citra. Since I'm a sucker for anything that deals with skincare I nabbed one to test and try. It smells good and like a typical lotion you have to rub it vigorously for that much needed penetration. Its non greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin. After awhile you will feel moisturized and drenched. I didn't notice much lightening effect though coz I just used one bottle. I think you have to continuously use this in order to see some changes in your skintone. But overall this is a good buy. So if one of these days you happen to be in Indonesia, this product is worth a try! The best part is its cheap and longlasting. Terimah kasi! ;-)

Cyleina Black Pearl & Glutamaxx Soap

    Its so darn freaking hot nowadays that it makes me wanna hole up inside an airconditioned room 24/7. Yeah, that bad! Forget about the rising electricity bill during times like this. Under the sweltering sun my sweat literally soaks me to death. Don't you just hate it?

   Good thing I discovered this amazing Black Pearl soap from Cyleina. It has a cooling after effect on my skin. A menthol like feeling that refreshes and soothes the soul. I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this soap and the curious cat in me decided to give it a try and boy it's worth it! It contains collagen, arbutin, licorice and vitamin E which promises to give the skin a luminous clarity we all been waiting for. After just a few tries, the black pimple marks faded and disappears. The skin is smoother, softer and finer. A triple whammy!  It doesn't just give you a better complexion but it keeps you cool and clean. Beat that!

   I also bought their Gluta-maxxx Ultima soap which lathers oh so well. It contains glutathione, alpha arbutin and Claire Blanche. I noticed a lot of dead skin cells being sloughed away in each bath.  So what you get is a fairer and squeaky clean skin. Plus the smell is divine. These soaps are a must try and you'll be an instant Cyleina addict like moi!

   Now I've been spending too much time taking a shower and I get giddy and excited each time I'm about to use em'. The heat factor doesn't affect me as much anymore. But I expect a rising water bill in the next few days to come. ;-)  Lovin' these soaps!!! 

Burberry Scarf

This famous Burberry scarf has been my constant travelling companion everytime I visit cooler countries. My trenchies instantly look stylish and elegant. It's soft Cashmere is pure heaven to touch. It keeps my neck and shoulders warm esp when the temperature drops below zero. I like how it blends well with solid colored tops like black, red or white. Amongst all my scarves my Burberry is the one that's seen the light of day. It's become a staple piece in most of my outfits that I'm scared of wearing it out. It's truly worth every cent. Although I've seen a lot of fakes and imitations being sold at sidestreets nothing beats the real thing. The real feeling of owning a genuine cashmere scarf is beyond compare. I can see myself still using this for several years to come and I don't care if I keep using the same item coz I just simply adore it. It's a definite classic!

Monogram Vernis Pochette Cles in Rose Pop

I got this last year when it was just new in the market. There are 4 irresistable colors to choose from. Rose Pop, Bleu Galactic, Orange Sunset and Vert Tonic. But I think now they have newer colors for this pochette. I chose Rose Pop because I find its bright pink hue so cheery, feminine and vibrant. This is a great way to accesorize any bag. If you want to infuse fun and spunk in your wardrobe then this is a must have. I particularly like the chic metal plate with the LV Script on it. A very nice touch to the cles! I love caressing its smooth pink patent leather especially when I'm bored inside the car.

I only had one funny experience with this thingie. When I was in Shanghai an elderly lady tapped me and said that my wallet is jutting out. She thought somebody was trying to steal my wallet but was unsuccesful. In a concerned manner she motioned for me to put it inside for safety reasons. Hahaha. I just nodded and pretended that she was right and hid it. But the moment she was out of sight I let it all hang out again. I hope I won't bump into her again. But she's such a sweet old lady!

I'm happy with my cles. Cles is happy with me. We're happy together! End of story. Tata!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monogram Denim Baggy PM

Pardon the unflattering way I shot my denim baggy coz I just plopped it on the chair like a rag doll. Yeah, I'm that comfortable with her. We've been together for more than 2 years now and this bag holds a lot of special memories for me. So let me wax a little nostalgia here. I purchased this at Fashion Show mall in Vegas. With the little amount of pocketmoney left I mustered enough guts to make that final big blow the moment I saw her. No matter how hard I try to prevent myself from getting it I still CANT. I knew I was bound to have sleepless nights if I go home empty handed. So I just heaved out a huge sigh and inwardly cringed as I handed my moolah over to the SA.

But all that heaviness disappeared the next day as I proudly paraded my newest baby. My denim baggy romped with me at the Strip during happy times when I was feeling as if I'm on top of the world. She was with me when I experienced my first big win at the slot machine. I held her in my arms during cold nights when I felt so far and alone. But most importantly, she was with me the first time I met my now fiancé at Ceasars palace. She was there during our getting to know you stage and even went as far as tagging along with us during cross county trips. She was a silent witness through all the sadness and joys that ensued during that fateful vacation.

How can I not love her when aside from the memories she always made me look effortlesly chic even when I'm just wearing cargo shorts and jersey tops. Her color and style blended so well with my casual look. I love the feel of her soft denim cloth against my skin. The two front pockets and zip top are so convenient for a messy person like me. It was always a breeze to go shopping as she felt so light in my arms.

She is so special that she reminds me of that famous poem by Elizabeth Barret Browning. How do I love thee? let me count the ways...I love thee to the depth and breadth and soul can reach when feeling out of sight...

Nars Orgasm

A bazillion of wonderful things have been said about this product. Countless women consider this as one of their must have makeup arsenal. It's been raved as a cult item in several beauty reviews. This time I won't have to burst anyone's bubbles coz Nars Orgasmic blush is really worth having. I'll just make this short and simple, if you want to have Vavavoom cheeks that glows and shimmers then this is the ultimate one for you. You have to try it yourself in order to fully understand why so many ladies consider this as their favorite item. Need I say more?

DHC Collagen Tablets

The first time I heard of DHC was only around late last year when I was in Bangkok. I saw a lot of DHC products being sold from numerous kiosks around the city. I was attracted with the collagen's bright pink packet. When I asked the seller regarding the tablets, I almost forgot that i'm in another land and there's always that language barrier problem. The poor lady tried her darnest best for me to understand what she was trying to convey. I almost choked from suppressing my laughter when she started doing her pantomime explanation. Out of sheer desperation, she mimicked the drawings pictured below the packaging. She sucked her cheeks over and over until they looked so hollow and then she gave me a very sad face. Then she pointed at the pack and pretended to drink a pill. For her finale, she made her cheeks balloon  with air to make them look so full and began pinching her skin several times until finally she flashed me her biggest smile. I wanted to clap and shout Bravo! Haha! I was so amused with her that I was almost tempted to point out each and every DHC supplement for her to mime one by one but my pretty heart won over that inner bitch in me. And it doesn't hurt that the price is very low if I remember correctly it was around 500 baht.

Since the product is written in Japanese and I was too lazy to google for the proper intake , I decided to take 2 tabs 3x a day with each meal. It took me a long time before I was able to finish all the tablets as there were days when I'd forget to pop em'. But irregardless, I noticed that my cheeks DID get softer and more supple. My skin felt moisturized and not as dry anymore. It's a good buy for such a cheap price. I will definitely buy this product again. Thanks to that funny seller who led me to this great discovery. Makes me wanna mime 'i heart your dhc collagen' back at her face!

Thanks for dropping by!
Mwah!!! :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hylexin Eye Cream

The first time I saw Hylexin in the magazine I told myself I just had to get one. I'm a sucker for any product that deals with dark circles. I was half hoping that it might be the much awaited antidote to finally end my constant battle with having raccoon eyes. It also doesn't help that my insomnia is making my condition even worse. I was terribly happy when I saw one in Sephora. I disregarded the fact that it is quite pricey. Well if this is the ultimate solution then it better be worth every penny.

I was initially impressed with the results. It really did lighten my undereye. It contains 9.5% Lexin-DC concentrate. A patented formula from Bremenn research laboratory. It claims to help reduce the appearance of SERIOUS DARK CIRCLES and chronic puffiness surrounding orbital area. Well, after finishing one tube (which actually lasted for a long time) I still wasn't that satisfied. I wanted more. Expected more and waited for dramatic results. So I bought another tube until I got tired from using this. Maybe I just have really stubborn circles that are resilient to any treatment. It is still not the perfect solution for me. But I have to give credit to it though coz Hylexin somewhat lightened my undereye and it can really reduce puffiness especially after crying episodes. So far I'm still not finished with my second tube as I am trying and testing other brands as well. I'll just go back to using this again after awhile coz I don't wanna put to waste the money I invested in it. I'll just cross my fingers that in time it will really deliver me the kind of results that I'm hoping for.

Rosewood Vernis Pomme

   For me this bag looks kinda' similar with my Roxbury except that this particular style looks simpler and plainer. It's Pomme color is so rich, shiny and vibrant that I've received compliments from random strangers regarding its nice shade of red. I feel so dainty and feminine everytime I use this. The color seems to pop even more when I pair it with plain white, black or beige tops. And it also works both ways for casual or dressy occasions.

  I find this purse lightweight and relatively easy to carry because it perfectly fits my arms. The zipper enclosure also keeps my things protected. It has enough space for my daily essentials. Overall, I'm satisfied with my Rosewood Vernis. If you want a statement bag that looks classy and pretty then this is the perfect accesory for you.

See you again soon :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roxbury Vernis Amarante

   It's gorgeous Amarante color is what prompted me to get this chic looking bag. The color changes with different lightings. At night it looks black but during daytime you can see its rich deep burgundy hue especially under the sun's rays.

   The long thin straps makes it a very convenient shoulder bag. The drop is just right on my shoulders. It's lightweight and can hold ample amount of personal items. It can also be converted into a handbag by simply unfastening the gold clasp of the shoulder straps. The gold rivets also adds a nice touch to it.

   Although this is a great looking bag, i easily get bored with it. For me it lacks that certain x-factor that makes other girls give it a second glance the way some of my bags does. I kinda feel blah whenever i use it. There are bags that gives you that ooh-la-la feeling and then there are those that doesn't. And for me its more of the latter. But i still love my Roxbury coz this will always be one of my babies no matter what.

i'll be posting the rest of my mini LV collection again soon...;)

Marilyn Black Multicolour

 My Marilyn Black MC is such a cute addition to my beloved LV family. Its mini compact size only holds the essential necessities like keys, lipstick, cellphone and other small items so forget it if your the type of girl who virtually brings the whole house out. I only use this for dinners and night outs because of its limited capacity. I dont see it as a casual everyday bag unless you can practically survive using only minimal makeup.

   The gold rivets and buckle really complements the bag's style which adds to its unique appeal.Its such a work of art from the detailing to the superb craftsmanship. No wonder that such a tiny bag could fetch such a huge amount. Only a fellow LV lover could understand and appreciate the handmade skills that's behind every bag produced.

   With the Murakami line, it's either you love it or hate it. I'm one of those who likes its bold and bright colors. It gives me a cheery feeling everytime i see the nice interplay of different colors. Plus it practically matches any different colored tops. Although i rarely get to use this bag, i feel happy knowing it's just there ready to be used when the right occasion comes.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dermafleece Eyelash Builder

   I saw this Dermafleece eye lash builder at the cosmetics area in Gateway mall in HK.   It promises longer, thicker eyelashes in just 21 days. Isn't it every girls wish? so I immediately grabbed one. Especially after my disastrous eyelash extension which left my lashes short and sparse. It's such a teeny tiny little tube that easily  gets swallowed inside my makeup pouch. I  often have to fumble just to look for it. 
   So far I've been using it for more than two months now and I could say my lashes still practically look the same. It's not the magic potion I was hoping it would be. Or perhaps it grew a bit and I barely noticed? Or am I just fooling myself that my lashes seem thicker? So to my sleeping hair follicles please WAKE up!
  But I will not give up yet. I'd still continue using it to the last drop. I'm not losing hope that maybe  someday when I open my eyes I'll see gorgeous, longer and fuller looking lashes staring back at me.        


Boredom Bitchings

   There are times when I wanna bang my head up against the wall and scream the loudest AAAARGGH!you can ever imagine. It's come to visit me again, my constant nemesis from keeping my sanity intact...BOREDOM! For a restless wandering soul like me it's utter torture to be tied up with this kind of emotion. It's like reaching a plateau where everything looks blah, bland and blander. It's so bad that not even the trendiest bag or newest makeup could make me high.

   I've noticed boredom attacks me during moments when I feel like a stone. Yeah, even my emotions can get bored. It's like time suddenly freezes for like an eternity. My bed becomes one with my body as i don't even have the slightest ounce of energy to wake up and smell the roses. I cannot comprehend how and why I develop this feeling. It just happens. I'm just so bored that even when people talk to me I just nod and pretend to listen whilst all the time I'm staring at the blackheads poking out of their noses. Yawn...yawn..more yawns...

   Maybe I just need a little drama or spice in my humdrum state. I don't even have any major problems yet I'm bitching about nothing. Maybe there's really such a thin line between contentment and boredom. Don't get me wrong coz I do feel thankful for all my blessings, i know what i've got and what i don't but it seems like Im still searching for that certain something to fill this void inside. Perhaps I hate monotony coz everything else seems predictable already. It just eats me alive when this happens. One moment I feel so energetic and on top of the world then suddenly I'd begin to feel dull.

   I wish there's a way to sustain that euphoric feeling but it just depletes after awhile. Like a gasoline that started on a full tank I'm now running near empty. I know this is just a temporary phase but it sucks whenever this happens. I'm aware that it's virtually impossible to be perpetually glued in a constant state of bliss. They say it's all in the mind, but when one's mind is blank it can get a little rusty too.

  So in times like this I cope with my imaginary side as an escape from reality. I paint the sun pink with hues of lavender. I imagine eating cottoncandy clouds or living with bananas in pyjamas where everyday we'll just be singing happy tunes. I wish by tomorrow i'll snap out of this trance. But for the meantime i just have to contend myself with fellow bananas until the time i wake up and the sun is once again the color yellow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sexy Motherpucker Lip Gloss

Who wouldn't stop and take a second look with a lipgloss that has Sexy Motherpucker for a name? It is indeed a very clever marketing campaign by soap & glory company in order to be noticed from the multitude of cosmetics to choose from. I was definitely intrigued. I found the packaging cool, hip and catchy. So I went home from Target one fine day with this lipgloss in tow. It's supposed to be an instant lip-plumper for that sexy bee-stung look. Well since I already have relatively thick lips, I didn't notice much difference at all. Hehe. My sister even teased me for being so dumb for buying a product I certainly don't have the need for. But hey, I love it's cool and minty feel on my lips. Plus it doesn't hurt at all that I like its cute pinkish shade. Just be careful when you do some lipsmacking action with your boyfriend coz they might not like it's intense cooling effect coz i remember my guy getting pissed off when he kissed me. He complained that his lips felt as if they were burning. Oh well boys will be boys, they will never understand our penchant for anything about makeup. Overall,I'm pleased with this gloss. I still feel foxier and smokin'hot even if my lips already looks unnaturally ginormous.

Monday, April 19, 2010


This is my HG when it comes to cheektint.I have always been a big fan of Benetint but when I tried this thing I never looked back anymore. At first glance I thought the bright pink color would be off on my skin, but when I tried it the color blended well with my skin tone. It looks so natural, like a flushed look under the sun. Even my fiancé was duped when he asked me why I'm blushing. Of course I never revealed the source of my glow. The good thing about this product is it's longwearing. It stays put even when you sweat or have oily skin like mine. Just a little application goes a long long way. But you have to quickly blend it with your fingers so that the color won't come of too strong. You can adjust the shade by adding another layer depending on what look you want to achieve. Sometimes I also put this on my lips, it's pink color looks so fresh and young. Posietint is such a great discovery. Nowadays, when people ask me why I have that rosy glow. I just smile and tell them that maybe because I am in love. ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

This iconic product is a certified holy grail for women on the lookout for that perfect curlash. Your lashes will instantly lengthen and curl for that dramatic wide-eyed look. I've tried several products but none came close to the magnificent wonders it does for the eyes. Since I've long given up on my disastrous eyelash extensions, this ingenius wonder came closest in helping me achieve the longest flutters I could ever have. The box comes with an extra curler refill pads to be used when the original is already worn out so expect a longterm relationship with your new bestfriend. Gone are the days when after a long days work my lashes look boring straight again. This will definitely help keep the mascara curled for a long time. Everytime I use it I feel like batting my eyelash flirtily coz it makes my peepers look extra pretty. No wonder it sells like hotcakes and still remains an all time bestseller!

Christian Dior Limited Edition Shades

Limited Edition

I feel so diva-ish whenever I don this limited edition Christian Dior shades I got from HK. I immediately fell in love with this the moment I laid my eyes on it. My heart skipped a beat coz I  found it so beautiful. You have to see it in person in order to appreciate it's unique craftsmanship. Man, I was totally blown away! I spent restless nights just thinking about it. But I am fully aware that I dont need it coz I already own several designer pairs. But my fiancé who's ever supportive noticed my restlesness that he thoughtfully offered to get this gem for me. Lucky  lucky me! Even if it's quite pricey, I just had to own it. The stones on the side glitters and sparkles under the sun. I could see myself using this for a lifetime and the best part is it's  limited edition which means only a few of us lucky ladies will get to wear this. It automatically creates an instant ooomph factor to even the drabbiest outfit. It literally shines on it's own. Whenever I use this I feel oh so chic and elegant! You will really standout in the crowd with these sunglasses. This is one of the few items that gives me such a different kind of high. Call me shallow but I don't care coz I just looove it. Perhaps one day when I have a daughter I will pass it  to her like a lovely piece of heirloom. I'm sure she'll absolutely adore it.Teehee...i'm imagining again. Oh well it's summertime once more, time to go out and  wear this beauty for all the world to see.

Manhattan GM

   Amongst all of my Louis Vuitton bags, this Manhattan GM is my all time favorite. I love that it looks sturdy and strong. All that hardware adds a beautiful touch in making this bag even more aesthetically appealing. When I started collecting LV I knew that one day I will possess this piece. But other trendier and newer styles also appealed to me then so it took awhile before this baby landed in my arms. I still remember that exhilirating feeling the first time I held it in my arms. I even told myself what the heck was I thinking for waiting so long before I finally decided to get one. 

   It has two front pockets that's convenient for me in storing my keys and other small items that I readily need. The only downside to this purse is that it's quite heavy. My arms would usually ache after prolongued usage. Aside from that, at first I found it such a hassle to always have to unstrap the belt in order for me open it. So i just unzip one side of the bag in order to get my things inside. Other than that everything is just fine. 

   My Manhattan GM has also been my constant travelling companion. She's been with me almost everywhere. I also love it when the patina darkens in time. In fact, it is already showing signs of wears and strain from constant use. But like an elegant lady that ages gracefully this bag looks even more beautiful in time. I just can't help but continuously adore it. And each time I use a new bag I always find myself going back to this beauty over and over again.  

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Fave L.V. Belt

   This is one of my favorite belts. I've always had a penchant for classic but statement pieces. I know there are women out there who cringe at the site of logo items. But this belt is just right coz it doesnt scream gaudy. It's just a subtle accesory that spells taste as long as it's worn the right way. One should never ever pair this with LV stuffs from head to toe coz it's gonna be tacky. Trying too hard will just put to waste whatever look you're trying to achieve. I'm not a self- proclaimed guru when it comes to fashion. I've had numerous mishaps and mistakes already for me not to learn what's right. But a belt like this should be paired with plain and simple tops in order to highlight or emphasize the beauty of this creation. I also love the gold LV buckle in the middle, you just need to snap it in the hole and you are all set. You forget about it the whole day only to be reminded from the simple stares of strangers and compliments from peers.this simple belt could jazz up any casual attire. Just wear it and let it work wonders on it's own.

Have a great day ladies!!!

Shiseido Purewhite EX

6 tablets a day (a lot whew!)

   I'm digging this beauty supplement now. Although it's been around the market for quite sometime, I only just recently tried it. It promises to be more potent than the original formula. They said if you love the old Shiseido Purewhite then you'll surely love Purewhite EX even more.

   Since Shiseido is a very much reputable brand when it comes to skincare, I didn't think twice in buying it. I paid P2,500 for a bottle which lasts for a month. You have to take 6 tablets a day. Twice in each meal. I just made mine 3 tablets for breakfast and 3 before sleeping. My intake depends on what I think works best for me. The tablets are bland tasting, small and relatively easy to swallow. It's a perfect maintenance for me during non-IV Saluta days.

   What amazed me with this product is that it lessened my stubborn freckles and sunspots which I've had for the longest time. My cheeks looked clearer and glowing. And in less than a months time, I already noticed the difference! Even the resident huge pores became finer and less noticeable. My skin feels smoother and looks brighter. I'm glad this product worked well for me. I will definitely buy more bottles coz I rarely encounter beauty pills that really gives superb results. If you're on the lookout for a great skin supplement you better give this product a try and you won't regret it.

   I'm loving my skin more and more especially when I wake up and my skin looks good even without any makeup. We should invest more in products that works best internally because it's useless to buy tons and tons of expensive makeup when your skin looks awful. Our skins should be perfect canvasses for the makeup to look utterly divine and flawless!

Thanks for dropping by sweeties! :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ferragamo Bangle

I wore this bangle today from Ferragamo. My friends find it cute. I find it a bit sassy. Its sleek and simple Logo can be paired with casual tees and jeans. The olive green leather is easy to match with pastel colored tops. It can also be worn during dressier occassions as long as what I'm wearing is simple and not too loud, so as not to clash with the bold silver Ferragamo logo. It doesn't scream tacky and gaudy. It looks chic that's why it's one of my favorite day to day accesory. The bangle also comes in a violet shade. But I prefer this color coz i find it more wearable. The leather is soft to the skin, so you won't get irritated while wearing it. It comes with a nice pouch and box. The best part is the price coz it's reasonable. I could just find a thousand and one ways to mix and match or infuse it with any of my outfits. I just love this! I'm sure you'll also like it once you get hold of it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cellex-C Eye Gel

While I was busy rummaging thru piles and piles of creams and lotions at Sasa in HK. I saw this cute eye gel. It has a bottle stopper as a cover. Cellex-C eye contour gel. I know it's a good brand coz I'm a big fan of their skin perfecting gel for pimples. I asked the SA which is better coz they also have Cellex-C eye balm. In her broken English she tried in vain to convince me that its better to get both the eyebalm and gel. Since I was already starting to have a headache coz of her accent, i decided to buy the eye gel alone. I thought to myself ha! You can never sales talk me! At the hotel after washing my face I got so excited to try it. It's direction says that using the pipette I have to squeeze 1 or 2 drops on my finger. Then I have to gently apply the product around the orbital bone and the outside areas of each eye. Then follow with moisturizing eye cream.It is best used with Cellex eye balm. I was like uh-oh! Not one to get easily dissuaded I told myself maybe the eye gel can perform on it's own. But alas, when I tried it I suddenly remembered that annoying SA. So she was indeed telling the truth. The gel doesn't feel like gel at all, it felt more like water. It can easily drip on the cheeks if you don't carefully dab and pat it. The application was more of a tedious task for me. I guess you really have to pair it with the balm or better yet I shouldve gotten the balm instead so it will just stay put and be less messy. On the positive note, the gel feels tingly and tight on the skin. The undereye area feels stretched, taut and pulled. If only I had gotten the Cellex-C eyebalm then there will be maximum absorption and it would have been the perfect icing in this eye care regimen. Tsk...tsk...

Silver Miroir LV Agenda

When I first saw this silver miroir LV agenda I immediately fell in love due mostly to aesthetic reasons. I have always been fascinated with the miroir line just because I find it a bit blingie. I thought it would be a handsome accessory to my purse. I know I don't really need this coz' I have my trusty palm pilot and I- touch that can easily organize my files an do the works,but something about this thing just makes me want to have it. I'm fully aware of bein impractical but the obsessive-compulsive side of me is giving me sleepless nights over this thing.

When I touched this beauty, I marvel for a few minutes about how exquisitely it is done. Tracing the embossed emblem makes my fingers tingle with excitement. It has card holders inside and calendar and cute mini L.V. fillers. But after awhile the thrill dies down and as usual I ask myself now what? Days, weeks and months passed by and I'm still not using it. There's a part of me that hates to destroy it's pages with my stupid doodles. I feel guilty every time I see it get dusty in my cabinet. Selfish that I only got it for self-gratification purposes. Oh well, perhaps someday I may get to finally use this if my palm conks out. It is still a beauty in my eyes...a frozen beauty.

Have you ever purchased something you don't need yet want? That is my constant dilemma. Sigh!