Saturday, February 19, 2011

MACWonderwoman Amazon Princess Blush, Russian Red Lipstick and Susie Cakes

Hello, i've had a busy busy week here so i barely drop by and check out blogs. Now i can't wait to go back to bloghopping again. Weee!

My post for today is about MAC's sexy superhero...Wonderwoman . Up up and away!

Don't you love to become like Wonderwoman
Sexy, gorgeous and have super awesome powers!

Last week i went to Macy's and i saw the latest MAC Wonderwoman collection. So i immediately checked out what stuffs they got. I know i don't really need any of their items nor am i lemming for anything from this collection but for blogging purposes i bought 2 items that i like...tsk...tsk...

The packaging instantly attracted me coz' the "cartoon-y" effect amused me. It's like one of those fake toy makeup sets that you get while growing up. Plastick-y with bright colors.

After a few swatches i decided to get the Amazon Princess blush and the Russian Red lipstick. I also wanted to get the Star Studded quad eyeshadow from the collection but decided against it coz' at $40 i opted to buy Soft Ochre paintpot, concealer in N30 and a Chatterbox lipstick (which i'm loving so much now coz' people compliment me with that shade). I'll do a separate post with my other loots. And i'm planning to get more MAC stuffs too. hehe...

So here's my pick of the blush...

Amazon Princess blush retails at $24

I was standing at the MAC counter for quite sometime debating to myself if i should get this  or the Mighty Aphrodite. I find the deep blue pink with gold pearl a bit different to my usual peachy coral blush shades that Aphrodite has. So for a change i chose this one.

The packaging reminds me of  Shiseido's huge white face powder

L-pink with blue undertone
R-deep plum shade
(my skin is a bit dry due to the weather...sorry)

The colors combined together

How it look like on my cheeks
I'm using Bourjois Rose Toubib lipstick here

I have to say that the staying power of this blush is excellent. It almost lasted me the entire day. I use the pink as a blush and sometimes i mix them together to create a more dramatic effect. You can control the amount that you want depending on the look you need. Another good thing about this is that it can also be used as an eyeshadow with the pink as a base and the mauve as crease color. So it's basically 2 in 1 product. The color is vivid at first and then tones down after awhile. 

This blush could probably last me for years! so i have to veer away from buying similar shades as this one is enough for me. I'm quite happy with this one. I won't repurchase anymore coz' the container alone is already hard to finish and it's a limited edition as well!... Hehe:-)

Now let's move on to this sexy lipstick shade...

Russian Red lipstick retails at $15.50
It's so easy to spot this lipstick in my makeup bag!

Very bold and daring kind of red

I would've loved to use this shade last Valentines (was also my mom's birthday...Happy Birthday mom!)...but since i'm a thousand miles away, i'm gonna save it til' i get back home. Haha! I don't know why but lately i'm into using dark, bold lipsticks. Yes, for almost 2 weeks i've been using several kinds of mauve, deep red or burgundy colors. The shades that i don't usually use. That's why when i saw this, i didn't think twice about buying this because i thought it would be a nice option for my growing dark lipstick collection.

I guess they must've named it after those bloody-gorgeous Russian women hehe

Matte formulation

Without gloss

I added Wet n'Wild Diamond Brilliance clear gloss

This lipstick made my lips standout even from afar. Everytime i pass by mirrors, the first thing i would notice is my bold red lips. I feel that i could even stop cars with this shade. Haha! The bluish red color is something you cannot possibly ignore as it screams for attention. I only apply this lightly on my lips so it won't look too intense and then i coat it over with a clear gloss. That way it can still be wearable for daytime. Other than that this shade is also perfect to use at night.

Lasting power is good but the formulation is also quite drying so gloss! gloss! gloss! I won't repurchase this too coz' there's still a wide array of other reds to experiment and choose from. But overall, this is still a nice shade for me coz' it instantly brightens my face and the color looks sexy too. :-)

After a tiring day at the mall, we walked to this famous bakeshop at the back of Macy's that sells yummy cupcakes. My aunt swears that it's so delicious that i'm gonna love it. Honestly, i don't have a sweet tooth so i wasn't too excited. But i  like how quaint and cozy the place looks like! 

Well i'm glad i tried this coz' until now i still remember the sweet, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the frosting. The cupcakes are simply divine! Even somebody like me who's not so much into pastries is suddenly craving for one of those fantastic treats! If you happen to be around the area do try them and you'd simply love these delicious goodies! :-)

Cute quaint bakeshop at the corner

Welcome to Susie Cakes

Super pretty assortment of cupcakes and sweets

Cake corner

The famous Red Velvet cupcake--to die for!

I forgot the name of this yummy chocolate cupcake

That's all for today... 
Sorry it's quite a long post hehe
Again, many thanks for your sweet time!
Until next time pretty peeps
I still have too many loots/new products to post:-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow in Wine Pink and Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume

Valentines is almost around the corner, can you feel it in the air? Me, i don't coz' i'm so far away...sigh :-(

Shimmery quad of pink

Normally, i don't expect much from drugstore eyeshadows. It's either they crease, line or evaporate into thin air. So one can't be too fussy with these products considering the cheap price tag. I feel that way every time i find myself purchasing any of these items. But Maybelline's Diamond Glow eyeshadow does a pretty decent job in providing pretty and shimmery eye colors. 

02 Wine Pink shade

Sponge tip applicator
(but of course we all use brush...hehe)

The sparkles are quite subtle

The colors are well-coordinated so makeup application is easier. The sparkles are also quite subtle so you wouldn't get scared using this for daytime. It is also buildable so you can layer it for more intense drama at night (best worn with primer). Staying power is just so-so, but it doesn't bother me coz' i can retouch anytime i want to...:-)

Very casual looking pink eyeshadow

So there you go, not too bad eyeshadows to use when you're on a tight budget. It is great for everyday use especially when you wanna save those more expensive brands for special occassions.

I also wanna share my favorite perfume of the moment...Burberry Brit Sheer. It's quite hard to describe a perfume so i can only go as far as saying that this smells fresh, clean and light. It has a fruity scent to it. I love spritzing this anytime of the day. Plus, the pink plaid bottle is also oh so cute:-)

Thanks for dropping by my precious readers. 
Here's a big pre-Valentines Hug to you all!:-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MUFE Eyeshadow in Irisee

Hello my dear readers, friends and fellow beauty junkies. I left Manila last Feb 3 and i'm back here in LA now for a much needed break. Love the cold weather but i'm starting to have colds due to the change in temp. I'm even sneezing as i'm writing this...sigh:-( I wish to be back in tiptop shape in no time at all. 

Right now i'm gonna post this shadow powder that i've been using for quite sometime now. It's a nice shade any purple lover would love to own...


This is my "go-to' powder whenever i'm not fully satisfied with any of my purple eyeshadows. It comes to the rescue when the color i'm wearing is not bright or vivid enough. I just layer it over and voila--eyes that instantly stands out! Sometimes i use this powder alone (as shown in the picture above) just for the color itself. The sparkly purple shadow never fails to add oomph and dazzle to my eyes. It shimmers beautifully in different lightings.

Finely-milled powder

Very pigmented

My only gripe is that application can be quite messy. As with any loose powder inside a pot, the finely-milled powder tends to scatter all over the place the moment i twist the cap open. So placing a clean tissue underneath the pot is VERY helpful. You can dab and wipe the excess pigments off it. And you won't have to worry about staining your shirt or your bag. 

Vivid color

After a sweaty afternoon
This is how it looks like

-beautiful color
-lovely shimmers
-long lasting
-compact pot
-pot will last for ages
-reasonably priced

-messy application



I would love to try MUFE's other colors too. A rainbow of these pots would be fantastic! Anything sparkly and glittery would be perfect for me. But for now i'm still completely satisfied with this purple pot so all those other colors can wait for the meantime.  

I leave you with a few snapshots i took here one lazy afternoon...

Btw, my flight was one of the bumpiest flights i've ever had. I normally brush off any turbulence, but 4 hours prior to landing the plane was shaking like crazy (for a long time). Man, i was clutching my seat tightly and  when i looked out the window it was still pitch black. I was telling myself that if the plane crashes and i survive, i don't want to be thrown in total darkness.  Just the thought alone terrifies me! I even saw my aunt fumbling for her life vest readying herself for the worst. Hehe. And to think she is already a veteran when it comes to long flights. Also, the lady beside me brought out her prayer book and even farted twice (out of nervousness). Yikes! 

It was pure relief when we finally landed. Thank God!... i can't wait to raid Sephora, Ulta and even CVS drugstore products again! 

Thanks for dropping by my site again. I look forward to hearing from you girls!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kanebo Kate Lipgloss in PK-6 and Katre Restaurant

Hello beautiful bloggies! It's already February and it's the love month so I decided to do a post fit to use for Valentines day. Lovely pink lips courtesy of Kanebo and mouthwatering dishes by Katre Restaurant...

Sleek tube casing that looks chic and sturdy

As some of you know, I have a penchant for pink lipsticks and glosses. And this one deserves some extra credit. I have been using this for quite sometime now and I have to say it does a great job in giving me pretty polished pink lips or my "triple P". It can be worn alone or over any pink lipstick as it's nice sheer shade will easily blend and enhance any lip color.


Chose the PK-6 shade
I hate it when they use numbers or letters instead
So hard to memorize!
If i had it my way i'd call this Prismatic Pink hehe! ;-)

There's someting nice and unique
with this applicator
It contours nicely on my lips
The wand is pliable and bends accordingly 
to every "nooks and corners" of my mouth

Sheer and shimmery...

The color speaks for itself, it even looks better IRL!
It adjusts to my natural lip tone
The shimmers looks brilliantly pretty when hit by light
It is glittery in a pleasant way
Gives sort of an iridescent effect...

(^worn alone)
So get ready for lovely, moist and kissable looking lips :-)

I would love to try other Kate lipglosses from Kanebo as this one fairly impressed me. Though the lasting power is average, a few swipes here and there won't hurt! It has a great consistency that doesn't feel too thick or gooey. It is less sticky than the regular lipgloss which is actually the primary reason why i was bowled over by this. It is also super moisturizing so even the driest lips will feel drenched and hydrated. At the same time, it doesn't have a strong scent, so no need to worry if you are too finicky or sensitive with smell. The best part is it is very affordable! Sorry, i forgot the actual price as i bought this several months back but i do remember it being cheap. Hehe!  :-) For a Japanese drugstore brand, this quality product is great value for your money. I give it two thumbs up! 

Moving on, i rarely write about foods or restaurants but since Valentines day is coming, i figured why not post one of my favorite restos in Manila. They serve the most amazing Mediterranean-fusion dishes that will surely tickle your tastebuds. I love coming back to this place, the food is just sooo divine! A true fine dining experience that never fails to leave my spirit and tummy happy! :-) So if you're on the lookout as to where to bring your date/hubby this month of hearts, Katre is definitely a nice/cozy place to have dinner with your special someone.

Seared all time favorite
It has black ink squid rice-Yummy!
The food presentation is superb too

Roast Chicken

My window view

Cozy ambiance
Great date place

Cuisine: Mediterranean
Tel #: 373-4705
Location: #103 Dr. Lazcano St., Tomas Morato Quezon City
*open from Tues-Sun at 12pm-2pm/6pm-10pm

So that's it for now. Thank you again for dropping by and sending some sweet thoughts over. I DO appreciate each and every comment that comes my way. <3 <3 <3

Byeeee for now! :-)