Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Presents from My Fiance


   I was one happy girl last Christmas with the wonderful gifts my fiance gave me. We  have this mini thing between the two of us that we write a list of the things that we desire. Complete with what style, model, color...all that specs. From there we will both choose what we want to give each other. At least we're both guaranteed that we are gonna like the presents. It's such a joy to unwrap the gifts one by one and receive the things on my wish list.
   But i still think the most precious gift of all is to have the heart of somebody you love. One thing that money can't buy...with that you couldnt ask for more.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My New LV Sistina Bag

   It's been a whole flurry busy month for me as i just recently celebrated my birthday. My ever loving dear gave me an LV bag which is one of his surprise presents. I totally love and adore this stunning creation. This Sistina bag is simply breathtaking! The size is just perfect and being a shoulder bag it makes a great travelling companion too. It definitely looks classy and sturdy. The damier pattern adds to its elegant appeal. You have to see it in person to appreciate its beauty more. The pleated front gives it a cute touch as well.

    I'm a very happy woman with this purse and it's my favorite bag of the moment! So for the meantime, my trusty old Manhattan will have to take a much needed break since this new baby has finally arrived. It's definitely worth it's price coz you'd gladly carry this on your shoulder for the world to see, like a proud mama with a beautiful kid in tow. Wink!wink! See you:-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chitosan Trim Diet Supplement

Here we go again, another diet pill that caught my eye while checking out what's new in Watsons. The price is okay since it's below 50 sgd. My mom's gonna kill me if she finds out that i have one of those "diet crap" again. I know it's unhealthy to keep taking weight-loss pills but i don't know why my curiousity always gets the best of me. And another plausible excuse is that i wanna maintain my ideal weight right now. Chitosan Trim is made in Japan, the land where majority of women are looks obsessed. It says at the back that it is a unique dual action formula that breaks down and remove fat naturally. It claims to be beneficial for healthy blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels (hmmm...a diet product with actual health benefits!). It also reduces bloatedness and improve intestinal health with beneficial bacteria growth (whoa!...another health thingie thing!). It is also recommended for meat lovers or individuals with diets high in fat (sounds like me...whenever i cheat with my food intake esp during "blue" days). The ingredients are comprised of Vinegar extract which dissolves fat and detoxifies whilst at the same time suppressing appetite and promotes healthy metabolism. Chitosan, a fast-absorbing natural fiber derived from shellfish that has the capacity to absorb several times its own weight of fat/oil, which are then secreted.Chitosan Oligosaccharide reaches the colon where it is broken down by the enzymes and delivered throughout the body to cleanse cells of waste, enhancing the detoxification and slimming effect further. So now, don't be surprised that after reading the "promising" promises i just had to get it.

Chitosan Trim has 270 mini round caplets that's very easy to swallow. It is recommended that you take 3-6 caplets daily before food intake. So i take 3 before lunch and another 3 before dinner. Breakfast is not an option since i wake up late. And now for my personal verdict, after using this product for almost 3 weeks, i noticed that my bowel movement is better. I don't get hungry as much and i've lost 1 kilo. Hoooray! Perhaps then i can convince my mom that there really is a healthy diet pills supplement that's not meant to harm my system. I just hope she'll buy it. Teeheehee!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MAC Red Lipstick Chic

Eversince i was young i could still remember how my classmates would rave about MAC products, particularly the lipsticks. I have tried different brands looking for that particular shade of dark red that would complement my skin tone. I definitely want to look classy and not trashy because different shades of red has the power to either make or break your look. Trust me, i've used a red lipstick that made me look like a slut. And since i never wanna commit the same mistake again, i just stuck to my usual "safe" fool-proof shades of pink, peach and beige (which i kinda find boring). Yet at the back of my mind i've always had that fascination for a bold, rich and dramatic red lippie. The kind that will unleash the sexy seductress in me (wink!). There has to be one out there that's right for me. Just when i almost thought my search was futile, i chanced upon MAC's "Dubonet" lipstick. I knew it was the one the moment i applied it on my lips. My face instanly lit up and i looked vampy-ish. Its matte formulation glides evenly on my lips. Plus it's long lasting so lesser reapplications. I just need to dab some lipgloss and i'm all set!. Ready to purrr "Come take me..." to my man.

Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Saviour

I'm writing about this time-tested amazing lip balm that has been a constant staple in my make-up arsenal. It's cute and compact. Fits easily in even the tiniest pouch. This great product have been my saving glory everytime i get chapped lips. It quickly sloughs off dead skin which helps regain the softness and suppleness of the lips. I'm confident everytime i travel to cold countries when i have this wonder balm for i am assured that my lips will be protected from the harsh weather. So me and my Rosebud Salve will be best friends for a long long time.

Xndo Diet Hook-up

Since i'm a self-confessed weight loss afficionado, it's no wonder that i immediately grabbed xndo meal replacement products the moment i set my eyes on it. The packaging was eyecatching and handy. The price is reasonable as well. It's so easy to find one because 7-11 stores carry this product. So far i've seen 5 variants, tomato/mushroom soup, lamb, fish and beef casserole. Don't expect too much on the taste department since its a diet food. But it's quite tasty for me anyway and i can tolerate anything and everything as long as its non-fattening. The fish, lamb and beef meal is done risotto style. Just microwave it for a few minutes and it's ready to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best part about this product is that you will feel full already after finishing one packet so bingeing is out of the question. I'm trying to integrate xndo to replace some of my meals as part of my dietary lifestyle. So far so good and it helps me maintain my current ideal weight without the fear of adding unwanted pounds. I can't wait for lunch since i'll be having my favorite xndo flavor which is the tomato soup..yumyum! I hope xndo will come up with more food variants so that dieting won't feel like torture anymore.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Whitening Recovery Complex Review

I just recently bought this fabulous product. I have heard of this iconic bestseller through several people who could attest to this products efficacy. It has also garnered several beauty product awards from various fashion magazines. I finally decided to get one and test it on my skin. It is relatively fuss-free to use the pump style bottle. Application of the yellowish tint cream was fast because it absorbs easily on the skin upon contact. I just spread it on my forehead, cheeks and neck area...then it's done. Time to sleep and wait for the results.

It's only just been a week since i started using this product and i can say that so far no breakouts yet. My skin feels drenched and taut every morning when i wake up. Since i bought the Whitening Recovery Complex treatment, i'm quite excited to see further results for the lightening of the dark spots on my face. Let's see the long term effect as i'll make another review. But right now i feel that i have that certain glow on my skin...imagined or not ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Make-up Maniac

As i stare at my dresser i couldn't help but cringe. Perched atop is a multitude of different make-ups and cosmetics. I often find it hard to comprehend how much money was spent and blown away just like that. All for the price of vanity. What's baffling is that i don't even get to use them all. And even if i did, some products are only used onced and that's it! I was prompted to buy those items coz when i tried them on i thought i looked so damn good. Only to realize that the magnificent store lighting is the reason why i looked so flawless. But i still can't stop buying.

  It is such a waste and a pity everytime i find myself in the same situation over and over again. Do i really need all these crap to make myself look and feel better? Modesty aside i know i'm not bad looking, but why hide my face with loads and loads of paint? Issues of self-esteem often arise. Perhaps a deep-rooted insecurity have stemmed somewhere within my subconscious mind which sprouted into this kind of frenzy. Or maybe i feel so naked and raw to expose my bare face which is connected to what i really feel inside.

  So i turn to make-up to try and MAKE UP for all my imperfections not just physically but emotionally as well. When i look at the mirror i feel i have a thousand alter egos...depending on my mood. And make-up is the perfect ally to execute the character of the day. There are days when i go for the pretty in pink just a hint of blush virgin look. I use this when i want to appear sweet and conservative to the world. Then there's the dramatic classical look where a red lipstick is all that it takes to spell S-E-X-Y. Sort of the vampy vava-voom aura on days when i feel sensual. There's also the tricky barely-there 'au naturel' make-up look which is quite ironic because this type actually needs the most tedious kind of application just to achieve that natural look. But there are also days when im raging inside so i go for the bold, gothic look which always ends with me looking like Bozo the Clown.

  I am the type of woman who definitely enjoys revamping and beautifying myself because i believe i look good and more confident everytime i do so. I could spend hours and hours experimenting on various colors and shades to put on my eyes and lips. I mainly do it for myself, for other women and most especially for my man. But unfortunately he doesn't really dig my love for make-up. Whenever we go shopping, his face smirks at the exact moment that my face lights up at the sight of Sephora, Sasa, Beauty Bar, Watsons and the likes. I could almost hear the thought bubble on top of his head screaming " Oh no, not again. Please don't waste too much money there! You're fine the way you are...blah...blah...blah".

  My angelic side would simply purr and sweetly cajole him to go inside by telling him 'Baby, can we pleeeease just take a look? it's just gonna be a quick one?" Several hours later his face is already smug from lugging all my precious loots. Beauty shops are like La-la-land to women who are perpetually in the state of searching for that holy grail of a product, for that dream item that will complement their looks. We enthusiastically pore over each new item being displayed and marvel at the promises written at the back of each product. Endless hours of pure satisfaction which is utter torture to men who are stuck inside with their girlfriends.

  To them, looking at make-up is as exciting as staring at prehistoric artifacts or watching "The Brady Bunch" reruns. Same way that when i'm inside a car accessories store which is Candyland to most guys, i would automatically yawn at high-speed intervals just by looking at those alien-looking gizmos or whatchamacallit's. Looking at my man feigning his smile, i feel a tiny seed of guilt. I remorsefully ask him how i can make it up to him. I wanted to please him badly for making it out alive from Make-up-Landia. He just nods and says "Nah its ok, don't worry about me!".

  So i decide to reward him by going for the no make-up look the next time he sees me. Which means i have to take an extra effort on how to appear naturally ravishing in his eyes. Whew! With my face as forever the guinea pig i opted to use just the basics. No eyeshadows or any of the complicated contouring circus act. It's absolute mandatory that i use undereye concealer. I have raccoon eyes so it's one item i can't live without. I just dab a little under each eye and i instantly look fresher and not an insomnia victim anymore. Then i add a touch of blush on my cheeks by using benetint for that rosy glow. After which i curled my lashes for that extra oomph. For the finale, an oil control powder is the perfect product to remove unwanted shine and VOILA! make-up done in a jiffy! Fast and almost effortless.

  He absolutely loves it! He said i look better. A far cry from the kabuki look i used to have. Wait! thats not on my make-up look list! I was like "What! i went out with you several times already and you never even mentioned that my face was extra-white? how many times did i look like that? and where? and who saw me?..." Of which he just sheepishly smiled and said, " I didn't want you to feel bad dear". As simple as that and the conversation is over.

  I'm a happy lady now with minimal make-up. It even saves me lots of money from buying all those expensive foundations and creams which doesn't seem to do any justice for my skin. It's really true when they say less is more. And the best part is i've learnt how to be more confident, secure and comfortable with what mother nature has given me. Who knows how long this will last? no one knows but right now i'm simply loving it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Louis Vuitton Addiction


   They say a woman can never have too many shoes, and in my case...bags!. As far as i remember, i've been a bagaholic since i was still in college. My simple collection then consists of mostly Ralph Lauren. I cant wait till my next birthday or Christmas to pester my mom into getting me a new one. I'd feign obedience a few months before an occasion to get my precious reward. Immature as i was, i'd be so excited to tote my new bag for all my friends to see. 

That was only the infantile stage of my addiction.

    Then when i started to earn my own money from working, i gradually moved on to bigger and more expensive purchases. The R.L. collection was eventually forgotten and became just mere dust collectors. The floodgates were opened to Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Kate Spade, Coach and the likes. My hard earned cash was easily drained with each new loot. I'd get a certain kind of high every time i bring home a designer piece. My narrow brain would feel a sense of accomplishment whenever i stare at my collection which i almost treated like an altar. My siblings were off limits and not allowed to go anywhere near my babies. They know i'll wage war if something goes missing. And i bloody meant it!!! And my little world revolved just like that...

Then entered my first Louis Vuitton...and what an impact it made! What was previously intended as an additional variety for my collection became a collection itself. Like my sad love affair with R.L., my other bags followed suit. They too were abandoned and ignored. Slowly they faded into oblivion as my attention was solely focus on the next L.V. quest. I would have constant sleepless nights poring over anything about L.V. If only one can get an award for the most number of times one could visit their site, i would've been given a medal already. I breathed and lived for L.V. One bag became 2, 3, 4 until it almost reached 20. I even received a V.I.P. gift from being a loyal customer, a globe-trunk paperweight which i proudly displayed like a badge-of-honor. Each piece gave me a surge of adrenaline. The touch, feel and smell of its quality leather has the power to make me smile even in the midst of a bad menstrual cramp. I was a proud parent of these beauties and i could just marvel and gaze at them for days.

   My mother and bf started becoming alarmed at my growing obsession. But i blindingly ignored them for selfish reasons. I was becoming the epitome of shallowness. I wasn't in tune with reality anymore. I was living in this fantasy world where only bags matter. When my personal relationships started to get sour i was suddenly jolted out of my reverie. I have been unreasonable and materialistic for too long already. I didn't know i was already causing too much pain from people who deeply care about me. They saw me slowly wasting my life away into somebody with such an empty existence. I was feeding my greedy side with this addiction.

    It was then that i realized that i have to put an end to this madness. Material things are only fleeting and temporary. It cannot even hug or comfort me during times of sadness. There's more to life than being a slave to my own whims and desires. Like learning how to make my life more meaningful in many other ways. Enjoying simple joys and pleasures. Appreciating the beauty of even the most ordinary things. Making a difference in other people's lives...and most of all, valuing the love of those who surround me.

   I still appreciate beautiful bags, but now in moderation. No more excessive, extra and unnecessary purchases. I'm happily in bag detox now. I don't need truckloads of bags anymore to satisfy me, for i have found inner peace and contentment. And i can boldly shout and declare to the world that i could survive with even just one bag, my favorite Louis Vuitton bag of all Manhattan GM.

Thank you for visiting prettywittybitchyme:-) 

My Lasik Eye Surgery

                      "I can see clearly now...the rain is gone..." 

  I'm having a last song syndrome with that song especially after a lasik operation. All of a sudden the world seems newer, sharper and brighter. Amazing what modern technology can do. It's an exhilirating feeling after a lifetime of coping with a blurry and fuzzy vision. Being near-sighted almost felt like a curse. Contact lens helps but the trouble of putting and removing it is a really big hassle. I remember a time when i got so lazy to remove my contacts and wore them straight for more than a month. It's no brainer that i got hospitalized from eye infection. So i adamantly forced myself to religiously follow the contact lens rule.

  For several years i was very well aware of the lasik procedure. It was a tempting choice but i don't have the guts to do it coz i'm a scaredy-cat with anything that has to do with surgery. What more if it's about the EYES! What if something goes awry? or if the operation is botched? Crazy as i was i told myself i'd rather die if something bad should happen to my eyes...So i dismissed the idea and went on with my hazy life.

  Then one day i had a major epiphany. Deep inside i knew i wanted to have lasik. I should just stop stalling time and just do it! do it! and do it! So i found myself inquiring about the lasik procedure. No matter how anxious i was i felt that i am going to do the right thing to make my life easier. Plus, it helps to have a supportive partner who was able to talk me out of my apprehensions. I finally took the plunge...

  Going through a lasik procedure is not a piece-of-cake. Lot's of patience and sacrifice is needed even prior to the operation. One week before consultation i was advised not to wear my contact lens. It was really a bummer since i don't have eyeglasses and i felt like one of those three blind mice. For safety reasons, i mostly stayed at home because of the huge risk i might face if i go out. I certainly don't wanna be in the newspapers the next day as the hit-and-run victim who crossed the street and never even noticed the speeding car. I am not kidding when i mentioned i could barely see, coz even if i put my face near the television screen the images still aren't clear. So i killed time mainly by reading and reading until i felt nauseatingly sick.

  Finally the week was over and i was due for my consultation at the hospital. I underwent a series of eye tests to determine if i'm a viable candidate for lasik. I was like 'What? after mustering enough courage to try lasik and after a grueling week of no contacts i'm still not assured of a promising eyesight?!' After almost an eternity of waiting and fretting, the doctor finally emerged with the good news. Yes! i could proceed with the procedure even though they found out that my cornea was a bit thin. They told me to go back after two days for the actual operation.

  On the day of my lasik i was so freaking nervous! my heart was palpitating so bad. But there's no turning back now, and i just badly wanna get over it over with. I made a silent prayer before i entered the hospital. I was ushered to the laser suite room by the nurse where she asked me to don a surgical cap and a nightgown. Then she put some numbing drops in my eyes. She chatted me for awhile. Perhaps she could sense that i'm trembling inside. After a short wait, i was led to the 1st room. It is where the corneal flap is removed. The eye retainer clamped my eyes wide open and it felt so uncomfortable. The doctor instructed me to look at the green dot inside the machine and just focus on it. Then i felt some tapping in my eyes. I didn't like the feeling at all but it was tolerable.

  Unfortunately, the doctor told me she had to redo both eyes as i jerked out of nervousness. So i had to concentrate harder the second time. This time the nurse was already holding my hand to calm me and i didn't realized that i squeezed her hands so tight. Then off to the 2nd room. I was asked to stare inside another machine where i could see some zooming being done to my eyes. I just had to concentrate looking at the red and green light. I also felt the doctor adjusting something in my eyes. The procedure was a breeze! And then i heard the magic words..."You're done!" I've never felt so relieved. Well, immediately after the operation i could already see quite clearly. It's amazing and i'll never forget that exciting moment. The doctor told me that within 24hours my vision would still improve and that i should rest at home. I was given some eyedrops, medicines, instructions and a dark goggle-like shades to shield my eyes from glare.

  Then the nightmare began...When the anaesthesia rubbed off the pain i felt in my eyes was a total ordeal. I could barely open my eyes! as if there's something lodged in between my pupil and eyelids, an irritable poking sensation that's so uncomfortable. My eyes were tearing nonstop. I had to constantly put eyedrops every 15 minutes to relieve dryness. Opening my eyes felt so unbearable. I even cried and was kinda regretting the whole thing. Even with eyes closed i could still feel the searing pain. I told myself that i should've just been contented using my contact lens so that i didn't have to subject myself to this kind of torture. My paranoia was eating me for i was already dreading that maybe the operation did not go well and that my worst fears have come true. I got so tired that good thing i fell asleep.

  Come nightime when i woke up i didn't feel much pain anymore. I felt better and i could see the shows on tv all the way from my bed. The pain i went through was normal as my eyes were still healing. Sleeping actually speeds up the recovery period. The next day everything was back to normal except that my eyes were sparkling with joy. I was so happy i felt like dancing. No more contact lens, no more buying solutions, no more losing countless contacts containers, no more hassle, and no more boring daily routines.

                                         Hello new eyes

  Everyday i can't stop feeling this overwhelming gratitude of having the chance to see the world in a whole new light. Although i would never ever go through another lasik experience again, the experience was well WORTH it! I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weight Loss Drama-rama

   Dieting has always been a constant nemesis in a world filled with yummy temptations. Everywhere you go giant food advertisements seems to be calling out your name, luring you to come and take a bite. You get weak in the knees salivating over those delectable dishes. You can almost taste it, and feel it in your tongue. Closing your eyes you smile and say mmm...Then reality hits you and you realize that your waistline is no longer as svelte as it used to be. The weighing scale is no longer as forgiving and you remind yourself for the "nth" time that you are NOT one of those supermodels or lucky humans whose metabolisms work faster than a speeding bullet. How many times have you found yourself in this dilemma? perhaps countless times already. Its almost a neverending battle of the wills.

   I am one of those people whose frequent struggle is to watch what goes inside their mouths. Counting calories has become a daily habit. Although most of my life i've been pretty slim, there were several occassions when my weight fluctuates like crazy. One moment im skinny and the next thing you know i've already ballooned to elephantine proportions (exaggerating). I've been anorexic at 89 lbs, bulimic at 118 lbs, chubby at 135 lbs, neurotic, it, i've had it! I want to badly believe that my hormones are to be blamed coz' only then can i justify my "gluttonic" mode or starve-crazy side. 

   Yet i am fully aware that its my mind who's in control of everything. Like for example, i am being offered a jar of cookies, i tell myself that i will only eat one piece. But it's so damn good that i have to take another bite. I shouldv'e stopped right there and then but nooo! i decide that 3 more pieces wont hurt. After eating the fifth cookie i start feeling guilty and the voice inside me starts saying, "What the heck, what difference does it make now? you already ate 5 cookies so you might as well finish the whole jar!" In the end, the jar would always be empty then i'll begin to silently curse myself AGAIN for giving in...and the cycle goes on and on...

   In my "buffet-eat-all-you-can" phase, I often succumb to the irresistable appeal of mouth-watering dishes. I eat to my hearts content and only stop when my stomach aches. This time there's no restricting voice in my head that tells me to stop. I noticed that the ones with richer fat contents often taste better, while the healthier options are usually blander. But there's always a price you have to pay when you choose the delicious life. Sigh! I remember a few months back i reached my heaviest weight. I cannot fathom what i saw in the scale. I was 30 pounds overweight! Overeating, no excercise and Mcdonald's delivery every midnight sealed the deal. No wonder all my clothes were suffocatingly tight. I even accused the poor innocent washing machine as the main culprit for shrinking my clothes. It doesn't help when tactless acquaintances start noticing it and tell you pointblank in your face about how MUCH you've gain. The worst thing is standing naked in front of the mirror sideways and looking very much pregnant! I felt ashamed of myself. I finally decided enough is enough for my unhealthy lifestyle! 

   I googled some fast weight-loss tips and i chanced upon this so-called cabbage soup diet. I decided to give it a try. It sounds easy but it was definitely torturous for somebody who even dreams of foods. Just imagine eating cabbage soup for 7-days and you'll get the picture. But then i was able to religously follow the plan and actually survive (clap! clap! clap!). It sort of detoxifies the body for one week. I also noticed that it lessened my hunger pangs and i had to go to the loo a lot (mostly at night). After cabbage diet, i started to avoid softdrinks, cakes and the rest of the fattening food group. I mainly eat salad (usually with vinaigrette), fish, grilled vegetables and tuna now. I also drink lots of water and try to exercise by walking as much as i can. I noticed that i was losing weight. My pants size dropped from size 14-10. My clothes are looser and my stomach doesn't look like its about to give birth anytime soon anymore. 

   I realized that you dont need to buy expensive diet pills or starve yourself in order to lose weight. Just eating healthy and not exceeding 1200 calories per day is the key for me. It really works! Trust me,my pants are starting to get loose again and i might need to get a new pair soon...another size smaller.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I Wish My Dog Can Talk

   This is just a crazy example of my  random thoughts. I'm in bed writing another post and beside me is my one year old toy poodle named Chino. He is sleeping like a baby. And like any proud parent, i feel so happy that amongst the millions of poodles in the world Chino is the one that ended in my lap. He is so spoiled that most of the time he forgets he is a dog.

To cite why:

1. When you say no to him he tries to answer back with doggy mumble.
2.He is already barking at the door calling us everytime we tell him he is going out with us.
3.He sleeps on his back, snores and sometimes whimpers in his dreams.
4.He knows how to remove socks straight from the feet.
5.He always likes to be carried like a baby in one's shoulder.
6.He knows how to play hide and seek and when he is under the blankie, he doesn't move when
you call out his name and then acts crazy when discovered.
7.He loves watching tv.
8.He likes wearing his doggy clothes.
9.He is so sweet he sometimes acts like a cat rubbing his body all over.
10.He understands a lot of words.
11.He acts like a baby and when reprimanded does his trademark pussycat look a la shrek.

   But the most amazing thing is: he knows how to ride the elevator! He did it twice already and one time i was looking for him and he was still inside. I wonder if he waited for other people to open the lift and he went along.

   Haha! our dog is crazy! i am looking at him now and he is lost in doggy dreamland perhaps dreaming about bones and chickens. Sometimes i wish he would learn how to talk and that would be insanely amusing! imagine the first talking dog in the world. CNN, BBS and reporters from all over the world would flock at my doorstep going gaga of this doggie-phenomenon. And Chino will be the richest dog and with that we will donate to pound societies and charities. He will be the global ambassador of petdom. And I am the proud owner!

   Then tycoons like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett would wanna buy him. Or scientists will want to purchase him for experiments. And i will be tempted by the offers but my good side will prevail and i would totally say no to all the prospective buyers no matter how ludicrously huge the offer is. After all, he is the only talking-dog... my dog.

   Back to earth to me, i'm kinda getting too carried away with all these out of this world delusions and fantasies. But once in awhile its really fun to beat boredom and blues with random thoughts about funny scenarios. It's an amusing habit to combat stress and will make you smile visualizing those things. Try it when you have nothing better to do. Imagine your cat dancing like a ballerina or your pet bulldog as a newscaster, your pug singing operatic like Pavarotti or pigs dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Oh well that's enough loony for now.

Virgin Blogger

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   I've always been fascinated reading other people's blog that for the longest time i've wondered how it feels like to write one. After years of procrastinating i've finally decided to try it and thus im now a certified virgin blogger with my first post. Like any first timers, i dont really know yet what exactly do i want to do or convey. A million of ideas and thingamajigs are brimming in my skull right now. All those thoughts that have been pent up for like a gazillion years are screaming to be released out.

   I remember when i was younger, i used to write in my personal diary. I am especially fond with the ones that has a mini-lock so that i can be lost in my own world writing all my fears, dreams and thoughts without anyone ever intruding that private sanctuary. But to my dismay, my snoopy mom broke the locks and read all the most private and intimate things i wrote only for myself. All my excuses and lies were exposed! I was embarrassed and MORTIFIED beyond belief. She started to berate me with being a rebel of a daughter. Of doing things against her will and yada-yada-yada-yakkity-yak of seemingly endless sermons. 

   I was fuming mad because she invaded my privacy. I wouldn't even dare touch or read her diary even if she had one! Not because i already know that the contents are gonna be boring, but mainly because i respect other people's personal opinion. Our trust with each other kinda' diminished. So the next best thing i did was to buy a palm pilot and use that as my diary instead. It was a perfect idea that time. Especially with the code you have to input before you can open it means you are really safe guarded. 

   Although i was happy i kinda missed writing freehand and adding doodles and drawings which i cannot do with palm. But the worst thing happened when my palm broke down, so all of my ideas, thoughts and experiences went to waste as well! Sigh! Because of that i totally stopped writing diaries and i miss doing so. Blogging seems like another perfect vehicle to continue what i had previously started and to let the creative juices flow.

   So this is my first blog, and I'm so excited! I'll treat this as my semi-diary. It's definitely an uplifting and great avenue to express and release to the world the many sides of me. I'll definitely keep the ball rolling in the next few posts. Thats all for now. Tata!