Friday, October 22, 2010

Maybelline the Magnum Mascara Review

I like the yellow and violet combo!

Since i have very oily lids, it is quite a feat to find a mascara that has good sustaining power and doesnt smudge. So I was pleasantly surprised when Maybelline's Magnum mascara was able to address both issues.  

An affordable way to have pretty lashes
It's tough, effective and waterproof 

The Collagen Formula has secret ingredients which beefs and plumps up the hair 10 times more. Thus, giving the illusion of luscious thick lashes. And the oversized Magnum Brush coats even the smallest strand to ensure fine and even distribution.

I've always used basic black for my lashes

These bristles really elongates like magic

    One thing I noticed though is that you have to be quite adept in applying this so that it won't end up looking all clumpy. There's a way to do it though. And one way is to make the mascara dry a bit by waving it a few times before actually putting it on. Other than that everything is a-OK! 

My bare lashes looks so pitiful and short

With Magnum mascara they suddenly looked longer...hurrah!

-lengthened my lashes instantly
-made them thick-looking too
-didn't flake
-consistency is just right
-holds the curl well
-I like the bright yellow tube
     (so easy to spot!)
-convenient drugstore product

-tube is quite stubby 
-tends to clump (if not applied right)
-not quite easy to remove

   This mascara really works! It performed way beyond my expectations. Which is super awesome for a drugstore product. It can even work as well as my more expensive mascaras. I just love it when I find a cheap product that delivers results! 

   No smudge, no raccoon eyes and only thick lashes that stays all day long! What more can you ask for? So If you want natural looking lashes at a fraction of a cost, you should def give this a try. 

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   By the way here's another recent makeup haul which I'll post soon. Hmmm... all the products I need to review seems to be piling more and more. At the rate I'm going I sure do hope to catch up. Hehe! Thanks for dropping by! :-)



Pammy said...

I read somewhere that this is our version of The Colossal which is my favorite mascara. Too bad it clumps but this mascara really rocks!

masterofboots said...

i like this mascara too! haven't heard of the 'waving in air a bit' tip. will try it next time :)

donnarence said...

nice one.. humaba nga ang lashes mo.. :D i always loved maybelline mascaras

Toni Tralala said...

Hmm.. Your lashes did get longer! That product clumps really bad though.

I prefer Maybelline Falsies. :)

Cindy Ellison said...

Enjoyed reading this review, I will have to try this next time I need mascara. I wore false eyelashes to a Halloween party the other night and they were soooo uncomfortable!

Thank you, you have a great blog.

Nic Nic said...

Thanks for commenting my blog.

Your picture qualities are amazing there.

It's a great review, just wondering did it weigh down your lashes? It's just that I find that western brand mascara are too heavy for asian lashes like mine. I would def look into though it's not that cheap in japan I'd rather go for a Japanese brand otherwise cos they cost about the same. Your lashes look really thick and long there!


Thanks for the nice comments sweeties!
@pammy-it really rocks! Cheap but works:-)
@masterofboots-try it let me know if it works for you dear
@donnarence-This is one of maybelline products that works for me. Love it too!
@Toni-I just dry it a bit to avoid clumps hehe
@Cindy-you look great with your falsies and Halloween makeup
@nic as with my other mascaras it did go down a bit after awhile so I just use my curlash again then it's ok once again:-)

Bitch said...

How strange is this...
One bitch meets another!!
Great pictures and informations,

JENG said...

cant wait for your makeup haul, im so thinking what MAC lipstick did you get, Snob, Pink Nouveau, Myth, guess i'll just wait for your review. loveee reading your blog. take care

The Beautifier said...

Looks like a nice mascara to try! Loving your haul girlie! xoxo

Marilou said...

Gosh talk about a nice haul. Can't wait to see your reviews :-)

Nadine Natalin said...

havent tried maybelline's mascaras but yeah! i heard they're good and cheap. i think i should try

Ere said...

Wow! Your lashes did get longer. I find that western brand mascara are too heavy for asian lashes like mine.This is good brands of mascaras. Thank you for sharing.
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