Saturday, September 18, 2010

Belated Birthday Pics...

   September has been one helluva' rollercoaster month for me. From feeling really down with my grandmas demise to feeling high again when i celebrated my birthday last September 12.

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   So let me share a brief story about my birthday surprise courtesy of Mr G...

   A week before my special day, he saw how sad and devastated I was from losing Granny. So he tried his very best to console, comfort and make me feel better because he knew how deeply affected I the point that i wasn't even looking forward to my own birthday anymore.

   Despite all that he still continued to uplift my spirit. He constantly assured me that he will soon make me "smile" again. But he also warned me that there will be days when i'm not gonna see him, that he's gonna be out, that he will be very very busy and that i'm not supposed to know what it's all about. So i just let him be...


   Obviously, he's up to something! I knew he's planning some sort of a surprise coz' sometimes I can see traces of party papers peeking out of the many bags he's hiding from me. I also saw some nicks and paper cuts on his palms. Proof of hard work. Hehe!  Since he cannot execute his plan at home coz I'll be able to see it, he decided to transform our vacant condo into something else.

   And boy what a surprise it was! I wanna share to you guys some of the pics i took during my bday.

Here they are:
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Cute birthday candles...
Happy birthday to me!
A year older
And wiser
Or am i?

Mr G blindfolded me
and led me from the mini hallway to the sala.
I was totally shocked when i saw how different
the condo looked like.
He totally transformed it!
It was like i'm in another place.
It looked kinda mod and retro.
I half-expected Austin Powers and the Shagadelic peeps to pop out.

This is how the kitchen looked like.
All my favorite dishes were served!
Drapes and foil strips were everywhere.
It looked so fun, funky and "funtastic"!

I was just in awe with all of Mr G's efforts
He decorated the place according
to my taste and how i will like it.
The colors, style and even the
littlest details were really taken care of.

To add more drama
He even draped fuschia and neon green cloths on the hand rails.
The colors blended well with the balloons.

He literally filled the entire ceiling with balloons.
Patrick, Snow White and butterfly balloons galore...haha!
I felt like a kid lost in dreamland...

Birthday flowers.
My favorite flower.
In my favorite shade.
So thoughtful of him!

I loooved my birthday cake!
He specifically asked the fab cake maker, Penk Ching of Pastry Bin
to create a cake out of my favorite Louis Vuitton bag...Manhattan GM
How cool is that!
In carrot and walnut flavor which i like.
I was totally floored!

They even added cute makeup stuffs.
Candy eyeshadows, powders, liners and lipsticks!
Which i all ate after!
Except the bag coz its too big...and too pretty.
I just want to encase it or even use it. Haha!
Bye-bye diet!

Cake details up close
In side view.
You can even see the tiny stitchings.
The bag is also semi-open.
Just exactly how i use my bag.
I keep forgetting to close the zipper all the way.
And for it to be captured in a cake is just sooo amusing!

Say hello to the birthday cupcakes...
In mini bag and shoe designs.

The teeny tiny cupcakes looked adorably cute.
Scattered all around the place.
So feminine and girly looking!

It is just so me.
Im a high-heels girl.
The chocolate cupcake with mint frosting is yummy!
I ate more than i should...tsk...tsk...
But i cant help but be tempted
with such a sweet looking thing.

Mr G made an altar of my gifts.
I know it's a lot!
Well that's just how he is.
He loves to shower me with gifts.
Even when i tell him no need!
But i'm not complaining either...hehe

I loved all my presents
All well-thought of.
LV Alma Vernis MM bag in Pomme d' Amour, Charriol, I-Pad, Pearls,
Running shoes, Oakley shades, lilac PSP and assortment of makeup...
My sweet cousin and her hubby
also gave me a very nice gift, an
I-pad holder and protector.

My two birthday dogs Chino and Zoe
who both wore red just for the occassion also
had fun celebrating with me....
Now they both look so tired and conked out!

It's a wrap!
What a memorable and happy birthday!
I am truly touched with all the time, effort and love
Mr G poured just to make my birthday extra special.
I appreciate everything...
Honestly i wouldv'e been just as happy
Just holding his hand
Just being with him
loving him
Not just on my birthday
But each and every day...

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   Afterwards, we met up with my family for a dinner buffet at Spiral in Sofitel. So more food chomping moments ensued! I could barely breathe or walk after. Gotta hit the treadmill again soon or else...!

    T'was a perfect nightcap to end the lovely day. I had a wonderful time just being around the people who loves me the most. And that's all that i need!

Overall, my birthday was just...

Hope you liked my pics! And may you all have a great weekend ahead...hugs!

 To my Granny dear, in my heart I knew you were there with me...miss you so much! :-)


Dolls Factory said...

that looks like the best birthday ever girl and the gifts..OMG

Emmaleigh said...


I loved the cake! is there anymore leftovers?! ;)) haha and it's really romantic if a guy does surprise their gf/fiance/wife sometimes, it makes us feel really special that everything was well thought off and given a lot effort to it.

Ged said...

belated! you're such a lucky girl!

donnarence said...

that's a lot!! happy birthday.. godbless

Purple&Green said...

Awww.... Mr. G is sooo sweet! You're very lucky.

Catamiaou said...

I'm so sorry for your granny :(.
Your birthday party seems to be amazing ^__^ thanks for sharing!

Mara said...

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY. Glad you had a wonderful time. Mr.G = awesomeness. I'm rooting for you guys!

The Beautifier said...

Hey hunny! Belated Happy Birthday to you!

I love love love your bday cake! and those are some great bday presents!! you're very lucky, girl! xoxo

StyleFrost said...

What a wonderful surprise! Well done Mr G with all those lovely presents and cakes, geat pics! Love the LV bag and jealous of that ipad! x


Thank you my dearest and sweetest ladies. Really appreciate your warm comments. It makes me happy! Wanna give one big hug to you all:-)

Rinny said...

Aww that is so sweet of your hubby to put so much effort into the planning, gifts, and cake! You are a very lucky lady! Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthday girl!!! Mr G did an amazing job on everything.. the cake is really something crazy (good)! Much blessings to you & your man :)

Toni Tralala said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you! It made me smile to see how you made your entry sound so much like Carrie in Sex in the City.

Those are presents that will make any girl swoon! The effort he put into transforming your condo is admirable. What a sweet man! :)

Try the buffet in Marriott. My family frequents the place because of the great food! Mom's a casino junkie so that contributes to it as well. lol.

Belated Happy Birthday again, missy! :)

Toni Tralala said...

By the way, I tagged you in a post. I'm hoping that you'll do it! :)

Leovi said...

Gracias por seguirme, el colorido de tu blog inspira mi creatividad.

Dolls Factory said...

Great to follow you

healy said...

salivating over your party. . happy beerday!seems that your so kikay! wish you luck:)

blackshirt13 said...

Just browsing through your blog when i stumbled upon this birthday post. A very VERY belated happy birthday to you! ^_^;

I was really touched even just reading your post. Your fiancée is amazing! I am rendered speechless. All I can say to both of you is KUDOS! =)