Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm a Blogger Wannabe...and Proud of It!

We are all

   In blogging everybody is a wannabe...He/She is a wannabe...I am a wannabe...We are all wannabes...Isn't it amazing that today's technology gives us the chance to become our very own essayists, poets, editors, critics or know-it-all gurus...isn't it cool that thousands of unknown John/Jane Does can now be heard all throughout the universe?

   We can say whatever we wanna say anytime, anywhere and anyhow. The frustrated writers within us have found the perfect vehicle to vent out all our angst, anxieties, joys and life's mini-dramas without the fear of being rejected by snotty publishers or discerning magazine staffs. What was once inhabited and reserved only for the giants can now easily be accessed by us, mere mortals .

   We all need a sweet diversion from this crazy and mundane world. What used to be mere thoughts stuck in our brains has now hatched into something more feasible that can be of use to another person.  

    Even my appetite for magazines has somewhat waned as blog surfing alone provides countless hours of entertainment from real people with real stories. Unlike the pages of Vogue or Time Magazine where mostly the ones being featured are the Who's who of this planet. Hmmm...come to think of it, who will buy a magazine with your gardener or your next door grouchy neighbor on the cover? Certainly not me! or else the sales of these magazines  might plummet to below zero. So I just reserve buying magazines during moments when I feel too starved about what's happening in the outside world. But for the meantime let me sit back, relax and sip my favorite tea while I feast my senses in the kaleidoscope of blogs that captures my fancy.

     Blogging is the cheapest thrill! Its the ultimate free entertainment. I get lost and immersed in somebody else's life. I like discovering interesting journeys or adventures from unknown and ordinary people. You don't need to be in the leagues of Madonna or Tom Cruise to be heard. You just have to be yourself, plain and simple! And we're assured that somewhere in this planet, some restless insomniac or wandering mind will randomly encounter our precious blogs and read whatever nuggets of wisdom they could find.

   You can even write about eggs, stones or whatsoever and still somebody will read it. Heck, someone crazy might even like it! I believe that there's beauty and art in every object that surrounds us. It just depends on how we view or present it. It is thru blogging that you can share your deepest most personal feelings, wax philosophical thoughts or pour out all your boredom away!  

   Yes we are all wannabes...We all wanna be heard and be recognized. We all wanna be appreciated for even the tiniest effort we put in presenting the kind of blog that we all can be proud of. We all wanna be seen and acknowledged as we showcase our unique train of ideas and talents. We all want our opinions to matter. No matter how insignificant they may seem.

   There are millions of unsung little heroes in cyberspace. Writers behind great works that continues to remain anonymous or unnacounted for. These are the people who tries to reach out with their humble voices without expecting something in return.

    There will always be stories to tell, and souls to be touched. There will always be posts that are actually little gems waiting to unfold. And most of us who write not because we wanna get paid, write from our hearts because we care...and knowing that somebody will like our work is the most priceless thing that money can't buy.

We all

Wanna Be Heard!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smashbox Beauty Lipstick in Seduction

Smashbox Beauty's Image by

Simple black tube casing with easy grip

Nudish beige color

Great shade!

Looks pretty and natural on lips

   Im not too keen with wearing nude lipsticks. First, I love bright pink colors and secondly, Mr G tells me I look like a walking corpse. So as much as possible I try to shy away from purchasing nude shades. But there's something about it that I find so appealing. Blame it on J. Lo who looks magnificently gorgeous each time she carries that shade. I'm no J. Lo but there's a teeny tiny part if me that wishes I could pull of such color.

   Then enters "Seduction" by Smashbox Beauty. It definitely fits me. For once I don't look like a vampire ready to devour anything in sight. I still managed to look human enough to carry this shade. Mr G didn't even complain and I said i looked healthy and fresh. I loved this shade. It's a combination of pink and beige that doesn't look too pale nor too strong. Just right!

   On days when I don't feel like a Girly girl in pink lipsticks this is the one I use to exude that natural bronze look. I pair it with darker eyeshadows and the result is exquisite. It's rich color also evens out my liptone which is an absolute necessity for me since I have uneven lip color.

  The only downer to this lipstick is that i noticed that it dries my lips so I have to constantly reapply lipgloss or balm. I'm also not too fond of it's claylike smell. But other than that everythings A- okay!

   Im ultimately satisfied with this. Finding the perfect nude lippie for me is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. But once you find it, stick with it. That's exactly what I've been doing. No more envying J.Lo days for me coz I finally found my own nude HG! ;-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My 7.4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

My stunning engagement ring...whew!

It was in here where he knelt down on his knees and proposed...

He also gave me an engagement watch...Cartier La Bella Donna

The villa at Amara Resort in Sentosa, Singapore
He made the venue look so dreamy and magical!

Simply breathtaking!

   Little girls often dream of becoming real life princesses. I remember adoring Cinderella and wishin' that someday I'll be able to find my very own prince. But in reality I had to endure kissing several frogs before my knight in shining armour entered my life. I almost stopped believing, but deep in my heart I never lost hope. I knew he was just out there in this big and crazy world waiting for me.

   Then it happens when you least expect it. Cupid strikes during moments when you thought you've actually given up the fight. I was in a stage wherein I was loving myself more. Exploring and doing things on my own without the need for a man. I was having the time of my life! Looking for Mr Right became how to be Miss Right. My "men mentality" suddenly took a backseat as I discovered and embraced the joys of singlehood. It wasn't bad after all. I had all the time in the world to do anything I want without being restrained, constricted or tied to a chain. I cut the ropes that binded me from the pressures society imposes to singledom. So what if I'm still unmarried?  Id rather be single than be miserably stuck with a dog. I was tired of my old life. Finally I was loving the new ME! I felt free as a bird, ready to soar whatever heights i wanna reach.

   It was during that time when Mr G  entered my life. He got my number from my aunt when he saw my picture but eventhough we both came from the same country, we never had the chance to meet coz we both led totally different lives. So our friendship just remained just like that, thru SMS...which eventually dwindled to zero communication.

   But who knew that in one of my family's yearly trips to Vegas that he'd also happen to be there? I was hitting the Strip and the casinos like there's no tomorrow. Fate really has a funny way of twisting things. Just when I was happy flying solo his presence would suddenly change all that. I almost backed out during our first meeting at Ceasars Palace coz I didn't feel ready enough to meet another guy. But something inexplicable made me stay. Some unknown forces were trying to pin me down by making me press the send button of my celphone to say "Yes I'm here!".

   And the inevitable happened. We finally met and since then he has never left my side. We journeyed life together thru its many ups and downs.  Two different souls collided and merged. And the ironic thing is I found my him through the other side of the planet.

   Eight months after he proposed to me in Singapore. We were both studying there that time. It happened during one of those ordinary days that I thought was uneventful. But when I woke up he filled the bathroom with pink heart shaped papers, i was obviously surprised and asked what it was all about. He just told me not to probe any further and that he'll be busy the whole day. He said he will just come back around dinnertime to fetch me.

   I was nervous and fidgety the whole time I was waiting. What is he up to? Is he about to pop the question? Am I even ready? Or is he really gonna propose or am I just imagining too much? So many questions! All of which were answered that night.

   Inside the car he gave me flowers. Then he drove me all the way to Sentosa at Amara Resort. He rented a nice little villa with a pool. At first he made me wait outside for awhile. Then the moment I entered the door I heard Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" being played thru violin. The whole placed looked so dreamy and magical. Balloons, candles, confettis and mini gift boxes (all in my fave shades of lilac and pink) were strewn all over. There was even a large bouquet of flowers and gifts in the middle displayed as a centerpiece. Wow, I was really taken aback! I eventually found out that he hired a planner to organize this momentous event.

   He then led me to the room where in the middle of a canopy bed lies the BOX! This is it! This is certainly the moment! He opened the box and i saw a beautiful, stunning and brilliant ring...a 7.4 carat diamond engagement ring set in platinum with tiny diamonds on the side.He even topped the previous 3 carat diamond ring i received from a former fiance. Then he knelt down on his knees and asked me to marry him. I was touched and dizzy from all the flurry of mixed emotions when I said "YES!". Things were unfolding right before my very eyes. And he JUST slipped a ring thru my finger!

   We then hugged. The moment that I've somehow ignored is happening again. And the wonder why it is all materializing remains a mystery. I realized that the more I pushed love to happen, the more it became elusive so I just let nature take it's course. And this is what I got.

   His feelings are made tangible with this object that is symbolic. He chose me to be his bride someday and any girl would feel special. Anyway, irregardless of the circumstances or who am i with i knew that I could've gotten a toy ring and i wouldn't have cared, i could've been proposed to at a fastfood and it would have been fine. Just as long as it's with that special someone. It's not about how expensive a ring is or how extravagant a proposal setting is, it's about the love and loyalty that two people that spans beyond all the material things in the world. And that's all that matters to me...Cinderella or not!      

The Face Shop Premier Foundation

Out of curiousity i bought TFS's Premier Foundation
(can you spot my fingerprint? hehe)

The packaging looks good enough to stand beside my more expensive foundations

I was surprised at how well it blended with my skin

*The Face Shop's Premier Essence in Foundation has SPF 15.

What the box says:
    "This smart foundation with essential moisturizing ingredients evens out skin tone and covers up imperfections while providing skin caring benefits."

My take on this:
   The packaging is nice. The purple lid looks good enough to display along with my other toiletries. I also liked its size coz it doesn't look too big nor too small and I think one bottle could last me for a long time. The pump styled bottle also makes it easy for me to dispense the fluid without any messy spills. It's also cheap, priced at around 700 pesos.

   I chose the shade NB21 as I feel that the other shade is quite dark for my skin tone. Upon application the color is so rich that I only need to apply a small amount to cover my entire face. True to what it claims, it really evens out the skin tone! My freckles became barely noticeable.

   Im really surprised with this product. Perhaps because I didn't expect too much to begin with. The performance can be at par with far more expensive brands. I noticed that my face barely shone and a little powder is enough to control my oily skin. I love foundations that makes my skin look matte coz I look fresher and cleaner. I also didn't had any breakouts! I'm so glad I tried this product. I've been using it regularly. If you're on the lookout for a cheaper foundation that works, this might be the one for you:-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max Factor Pink Brandy Lipstick

I <3 this shade!

Been usin' it a lot...almost running out!

Making fun of Chino...

Skin swab tone

I love how it looks on my lips!

The satisfied smile!

   On days when I'm feeling dull, drab and blah this is the lipstick I look for to instantly add spark to my face. It's vivid pink color looks bright but not over the top. Just enough to enhance your face.

   The color is so rich and highly pigmented that it effortlessly evens out the liptone. It glides easily and feels soft on the lips. I don't see the need to apply lipgloss coz it's semi matte texture has that hint of sheen. It doesn't dry my lips too. The best part about it is it's longwearing formulation. The color is still intact even after each meals.

    I find this lipstick so flattering that I sometimes even go out without wearing any makeup except this. My perfect kind of pink that never fails to uplift my mood that sometimes I wish waking up with this color permanently tattooed on my lips. ;-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saluta Glutathione IV Review

I got 2 boxes of Saluta

Already getting used to the needles! teehee

   Eversince I was a kid I've always dreamt of having that perfect white skin. I was born fair to begin with but somehow I still wasn't satisfied. And it doesn't help that I have Chinese friends with alabaster glowing complexions which makes me compare my own skin tone. I also envy those celebs whose skins seems to shine a mile away, it's like they have those built in glowsticks underneath. I know I had issues with self-esteem and insecurities while growing up...

   Well back to the also portrays a big role in influencing the psyche with campaigns that says white is more beautiful. The rising percentage of consumers alone and the influx of whitening products shows the huge market following of whitening products. I have tried almost every product conceivable that pertains to skin whitening. I wouldn't even think twice about spending loads of money just to try which product might work best. I'm the perfect buyer coz I'm so gullible. Just mention the keywords whitening, glutathione and lightening I'd instantly grab whatever it is without any second thoughts. Everytime I travel I'm instantly on the lookout for items that promises brighter glowing skin. Aside from bags, a huge chunk of my money was spent on these things.

    I was a Tathionil user before and I was already quite pleased with the results. But when Saluta entered my sphere of awareness with the tagline- 'it's even better than Tathionil' i was like whoa! Sounds good! Those lines were like music to my ears. Naturally I HAD to get it and voilà! at the speed of light it was already at my doorstep. So I jumped onto the next craze.

   I bought 2 boxes first. Next step is to find a nurse who specializes in IV injections. So I googled and found Kathy. She is very good coz i hardly feel any pain. But I still can't help but cringe at the mere sight of needles. She   preps each vial in separate syringes. Glutathione first then vitamin C and lastly the placenta. I noticed that there are days when the vitamin C injection feels uncomfortable, there's that heavy tingly sensation that annoys me. Quick tip is to rub ice on the area while it is being injected. It instantly diverts and soothes the pain. The whole process is quick. After that you can go on with whatever things you need to do for the day.

   I use 2 vials of Saluta each time which totals to 1200 mg of glutathione. I religiously do it twice a week for faster effect. During the first month I hardly noticed any dramatic changes. But on the second month I was like "Yeah! This thing is working!". My skin was beginning to brighten and glow. I wanted to jump up and down and do my infamous chicken dance coz I was so happy. My money was definitely well worth it!

   Even Mr G who keeps telling me I don't need such things noticed some changes. During family pictures, my skintone was already similar to my mom's whose color is always shining coz she's super fair. Friends tell me I look whiter and more blooming. Hurrah! Saluta works!

   Although it's quite costly to maintain this crazy addiction, I still continue doing it coz it makes me feel better about myself. I know that you should love the skin your in but each person has a different preference and mindset over such things. To each his own...I don't see anything wrong with having that gorgeous bronze, caramel or tan shade just as long as it fits you. I appreciate beauty in any form. It's just that I feel that whiter skin suits me the most.

   Since i'm already satisfied with the results, I have decreased my shots to once a week. For maintenance purposes. I still get giddy and excited each time the medicine goes thru my veins coz I feel as if some wonderful and potent concoction is working it's way to do magic on my skin. It's not my goal to have Michael Jackson's ghoulish white complexion. I only want healthy white glowing skin and Saluta helped me achieve the closest I could get in my pursuit towards embracing that dream skin of mine. :-)

Ready...Get set...Glow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoe Doggie Album

She looks so cute in her pink ribbon
Loving her doggie bone
Posing in her nappies
Back view...her cute tail sticking out of the doggie diaper
Which she absolutely hated and tried so hard to remove
Zoe wanting to get up the bed again...she'll keep barking if you ignore her

Some of her grooming essentials
Sleepy time..nite!nite!

   Here's a quick snapshot of Zoe after her misbehaviours. She always makes me happy even when she just chewed the handle of my LV Manhattan. And she just recently left a long trail of chewed up napkin...gross! which she stole inside the trash bin. Crazy crazy dog. She's growin' up quite fast. With the way im treating her i feel like I just gave birth to a healthy puppy girl( knock on wood). Mr G even asked why I'm documenting her every move. Well I feel like a proud mama. I know someday I'll be a good mom since I'm already exhibiting signs of maternal instincts. Haha! Please Zoe start acting like a lady already! ;-)

   Hope y'all enjoy her recent pix. I wanna buy her more girly clothes and accessories. Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate the time. Love ya all!

puppy and water

Galliera PM

   Each of my bag has a story to tell. This Galliera PM was my birthday bag when I celebrated it in Kuala Lumpur with my family and Mr G. I remember frowning at all the gifts i got. I just wanted a bag! I wanted it more than any of the jewelry and trip i get as a present (yes I was that sick during that time, my obsession was out of control!). I somehow felt incomplete without a new bag. Thus, the grouchy monster in me emerged again.

   So the next morning in order to pacify me, we all went to LV Suria KLCC. I made sure that going to LV was the most important itinerary of the day. Then my mom started to  dissuade me again from getting another bag. Of which I didn't agree. We were literally arguing in front of the SA. Yep, in the end I won but I remember feeling guilty coz Mr G wasn't pleased with my immature display of childishness. I can almost see all the tsk...tsk...tsks coming out of his head.

   Well that mini drama didn't stop me from enjoying my bag. It's my birthday anyway so I should be happy instead of being stressed out.

    Galliera PM is very handy and convenient for me. It's relaxed style and slouched look is perfect for everyday carry all. It is lightweight, large and roomy so lugging all my stuff is easy. Even my laptop fits inside! I also particularly like the gold metallic LV plate in the middle. It adds a nice and classy touch to the bags design. It has an inside pocket and celphone holder as well. The D- ring is also a plus. Overall, it's a great bag!

   Looking back I knew I seemed as an ungrateful bitch to everyone. I was so selfish not to even consider the time and effort they all put just to make my birthday special. But there I was solely concentrating on meaningless things. In fact I'm so ashamed of myself. Good thing I was able to knock some sense back to my head or else i'd still be drowning from my bag syndrome.

   Nowadays my mom and Mr G are happier with my current disposition and I'm trying hard to maintain that positive outlook. My bank account seems healthier too. It made me realize that too much of everything is baaa!!!  Moderation is the key. I still enjoy getting bags once in awhile but I no longer do it on a twice a month basis. So that's my little Monogram LV Galliera story for the day. Hope you all have a great day and thanks for visiting my site. Love and kisses... ;-)  

Monday, May 24, 2010

PH 338 Review

One box has 90 tablets

Sweet tasting easy to swallow tablets

   I fell in love with these tablets the first time I tried em' that's why I'm so happy when my new order arrived again yesterday. After feeling quite low coz I pigged out, my PH338 saved the day!

   How could I not love thee when I immediately noticed that elusive glow veiling my skin. I was like wow! This product really works! I've always been an addict when it comes to whitening thingies because I've always wanted to achieve brighter and clearer skin. I'm constantly googling and on the lookout for pills or tablets that will answer my prayers. I'm already quite fair to begin with but it wouldn't hurt if I want to have even lighter and whiter skin.

   PH338 is made in Japan so I'm assured of it's efficacy. I have read a lot of raves and positive feedbacks about this product. It's even considered as a celebrity secret for maintaining their shining and flawless complexions.

   Each tablet contains 100mg of pure glutathione. Which is very pure and potent. Thus readily absorbed by the body. It comes in blister pack so each tablet is guaranteed safe and fresh.

Benefits include:
- delays aging process
- gives that rosy skin
- detoxifies the liver
-lessens pigmentation, marks an melasma
-evens out skin tone
- and of course whitens the skin

   I have tried several brands out there but is often dismayed with the dismal results that I get. This one is a real value for your money coz you'll see the dramatic changes and transformation your skin will undergo right before your very eyes. Heck, I was able to achieve that with just one pack what more with continuous use.

   I get so excited everytime it's ph338 pill popping time. It's like I get closer and closer to my dream skin. The best part is everybody is noticing it. Family, friends and even acquaintances. They tell me I look blooming and glowing. Hehe...And im like...flattered...blush...and then...wink...wink! It's already a definite staple as one of my beauty secrets and I'll keep using it for a long long time perhaps until the next best tablet comes around (if there'll be)! :-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Bulimia Drama

Chanel Burger


Coke Can

Chick eating man

   I just chomped a huge burger complete with two upsized fries and regular coke. And just this morning I ate 4 glazed krispy kremes. Man I feel sloppy! I feel as if i've gained a thousand pounds. Every yummy morsel must have disintegrated and multiplied over a million times in my tummy by now. To be distributed in my arms, hips and waist. Which will result to another layer of unwanted fats. Why can't they all just settle and proliferate in my bust area???

   Well it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and watching marathon dvd's won't be complete without munching on something. But why oh why did I allow myself to be tempted by no-no foods when it comes to satisfying my crazy urge? Well all because it's freaking ! It's so damn hard to resist those foods when it's right in front of your face.

   I seriously wanted to vomit. I've had issues before with Bulimia. I binge then purge after. It started during my adolescent years when I realized I had pacman's appetite. My metabolism then was working overtime but now it's as slow as a turtle. I would eat to my hearts desire any food that I like then stick my finger down my throat to puke all that i've eaten. I even developed a technique to easily do it. I think about all the yucky things in the world and my purging becomes a breeze. It's a really gross and disgusting habit. You'll reek and stink badly. Mouthwash and a little spritz of cologne is always essential. I used to do it at home and even at the restaurant. Immediately after dinner I excuse myself to go to the loo. And that's when it happens. Nobody knew until I was discovered.

  One time my aunt from US stayed in my bedroom and I just quickly finished doing the 'deed'. In my panicked state I forgot to flush the toilet bowl. When she used my bathroom I heard a loud shriek and she was like 'ewww what the hell was that!'. She immediately told my mom and my dirty secret was finally exposed! As expected, I got a major lashing from my folks and an endless litany of the dangers of Bulimia. Like a guilty dog who just stole a bone, I meekly nodded and feigned obedience. I promised not to do it anymore. Promises that went out of my nose coz I still continued doing it.

   I wanted to be extremely skinny and slim wasn't good enough for me. In fact before I developed bulimia I was anorexic. I just luckily recovered from it coz I saw how ugly I looked. It was as if im staring at a dull and lifeless skeleton in front of the mirror with all my ribs jutting out. It was like seeing an image of a holocaust survivor...So when Bulimia entered the picture I managed to revive some healthy glow back to my life by eating again. But as my appetite grew so did my pants and I hated it.

   I admit that I also fell victim to the distorted concept that media feeds to the society. Growing up, I had Kate Moss as an icon. Her waif figure is scattered in almost every magazines and billboards. I admired her. Wanted to be like her. And it doesn't help that the slogan 'Thin is in' has influenced my unsteady frame of mind. I thought that's what's ideal. I wanted to stay skinny without the dangers of anorexia so I thought bulimia was the answer.

   But I was only fooling myself. I started to develop some sort of chest pain. I also experienced severe stomach cramps and ulcer. I started doing some research on my own and was horrified at the extent of damage it can do to the body.

Bulimia effects:
-tooth enamel erosion, dental cavities  ( who wants ugly teeth?)
-swelling and soreness in salivary glands
-ruptures of the stomach, esophagus
-abnormal buildup of fluids in the intestines (yikes!)
-electrolyte imbalance
-irregular heartbeat that in severe cases could lead to heart attack (major yikes!)

   The worst part is i cannot even share this to my mom coz I already promised to stop. I know if I continue doing it I could die. And what, all for the price of that stupid vanity!! I got so scared that I decided to put an end to all this madness.

   Im glad I did and eventually I bounced back to normalcy with a healthy dose of perception. It's not an easy thing to do but gradually I recovered. Sometimes it's hard to fight those inner demons especially when your mind is so strong. Like this afternoon, I heard those voices again telling me to purge all those fat-laden donuts, burger, coke and fries. I was almost tempted but I fight it each time by remembering what I read and the urge to do so instantly vanishes.

   Besides it's not everyday that I pig out and today is a Sunday! so I might as well give myself a delicious treat... Which is exactly what I just did. Life is too short to deprive myself of some flavorful joys. A little treat won't hurt every now and then. And I won't ever ever let that nasty Bulimia ruin my life again. End of story :-)

Do you also have a little bulimia story to share?

Thanks for visiting :-)