Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chino Goes For A Drive

Chino: "Sshhh! Don't bother me. Gotta concentrate while driving!"
"I just sped thru red light, is that ok?"
HONK!HONK! "Stupid slowpoke drivers! Hurry up!"
"Nearing home now, whew! traffic was so gnarl bad!"


   There are moments when we take Chino out for a drive. Especially when he starts looking sad, restless and bored at home. It's one of his favorite treats. A joyride! He loooves riding cars so much that he goes crazy every time we say "LET'S GO!!!" because he knows he's going out.

   He is very attentive and likes to observe the sights outside. Sometimes it makes me wonder what goes inside his tiny doggie brain. What is he thinking? How exactly does he feel? Is his "happiness" similar to our human joy? It would be awesome if we can all read what's inside our dogs' mind! 

   I read that dogs are as smart as 2-year-old babies. True or not it sounds fascinating. Imagine they can understand up to 150 basic words. And are as capable as humans in deceiving?

You can check the link below: 

Dog Intelligence on Par with a Two-Year-Old Human

   Chino is such a wily dog. I'm not surprised coz he's a poodle which ranks second when it comes to the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds. He will insist and maneuver his way to where he likes to be. Not even the loudest "No!" from me could stop him from getting what he wants. He'll manipulate us by whining and crying. Sometimes he would even crawl from under the carseat or if not slowly inch his way when he thinks that no ones looking. Of which I almost always give in...tsk...tsk...And he has one particular annoying habit. He LIKES to sit infront.

                DRIVING TO WORK

Infront of the wheel!

   He loves to sit at the lap of whoever is driving. At first it was ok. We even found it cute. We just pretend he's a little boy eager for his car ride. But little did we know the dangers and hazards of it until we nearly figured into an accident. 

   Upon sudden brake, Chino was thrust downwards. And his body somewhat blocked the gas pedal area. So I had to act fast in retrieving him below coz we were momentarily stucked in the middle of a fast-moving highway. We could've easily gotten hit by speeding cars at the back. Man, that was really scary! 

   So that was the end of Chino's behind-the-wheels days. Good thing nobody was harmed. Eventually he realized that he could no longer sit where he wants to be so he stopped pestering us. He even found his next favorite spot. The passenger seat. 

   Only goes to show that he uses his brain in trying to manipulate which makes me doubt if I use mine for giving in...have I just been outsmarted by my dog? Arf...arf...Take care Ya' all! Hehe:-)

        Dog City Animation Desk


Friday, August 27, 2010

LV Ursula Strass Sunglasses

Presenting...my beloved Ursula Strass shades! 

   It was literally love at first sight the moment I saw this. I just knew it's the right one for me. And I was right. It just fits me to a T! Considering the fact that i find it quite hard to find sunglasses that will flatter my face. The style compliments me and enhances my best features. The frame size is also perfect. And not like one of those "it's-so-huge-I-look-like-a-bumblebee thingie". 

   Its rich brown color matches most of my bags and outfits. It basically goes with anything and everything. So obviously, it's one of my "I-can't-live-without" daily staples. A definite must-have! The brown acetate-framed shades has that adorable trademark monogram flower logo with Strass crystals at the hinges. Another distinctive feature is the tiny logo etched at the top of the right lens. The gradient lenses also provide total protection from harmful UV rays. 

      If only it doesn't look stupid to wear shades during gloomy weathers and evenings, I would've used it all day and night. This pair has been my constant companion in most of my travels abroad. So it really holds a special place in my heart. It makes each pose look effortlessly chic and at the same time making me feel glamorous from within. I'd feel incomplete without it... 

   This is truly worth its pricey tag! The perfect weapon from too much partying and sleeplessness. It's just the quickest and easiest way to hide those annoying dark circles and eyebags. And you can even go out without makeup and still feel confident coz you know you have it. It's like a security blanket or a bestfriend who wont let you down during beauty 911's especially when you dont want the world to see you at your worst. It will protect you from all kinds of annoying "Why-do-you-look-like-shit" stares and glances. No need to be too self-conscious anymore...and all done in STYLE! What more can you ask for? Hehe... Take care sweeties! :-) 

     Myspace Glitter Word Graphics Premade


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

H&M Eyeshadows in Paris Avec Moi and Ciao Ciao Venice

Nice compact packaging
Sparkly brownish pink swatch
Sparkly white swatch

   If you want an eyeshadow that's  subtle yet pretty. Then this might be the one for you. The colors looks so natural and blends well with the skin. It's like having a "no makeup" makeup look. The sheer rosy brown shade of Paris avec moi definitely accentuates the eyes.

   While Ciao ciao Venice's shimmery white color is also a great eyeshadow base or highlighter. I sometimes use this on my brow bone or at the corner of my lids to add an extra sparkle to my eyes.

-subtle and classic earthy shades
-buildable colors
-great silky texture
-finely milled powder
-no creasing
-nice packaging
-very, very cheap 

-didn't last longer than I expected
-not heavily pigmented
-little brush applicators suck!

   Well for such a cheap price tag these eyeshadows aren't that bad at all! You can experiment with as many shades as possible without denting your pocket. They are good for everyday use when all you want to do is look pretty especially with its decent and wearable colors. Also I didn't experience any allergic reactions or any eye irritations to it.

   I'd definitely buy more and enjoy a variety of looks that these shadows can deliver. If your still an amateur in eye makeup then it's just right to start with these lovely gems. Well, that's all for now. Til next time again my gorgeous ladies:-)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Toothache Sucks!


   Having a toothache really sucks! It's truly an agonizing feeling to all the poor souls who have experienced this crap. The pain alone will make you go nuts, to the point that you almost wanna get a screwdriver, pluck the tooth out and get it over with. Yeah, that bad!

    When you have toothache it seems like it's the only thing you can think of all day. You get heavily distracted by the uncomfortable feeling it brings. As if a nail is stucked and wedged in between your teeth. 

   Your mood becomes foul. You get all grumpy, irritable and edgy. You can't even enjoy your favorite food as those crappy nerve endings signals the brain to send an army of pain sensors to deny you of even one single bite of those heavenly sweets. Toothaches are like dormant volcanoes, you'll never know when they're gonna explode. And boy when they do, it's so powerful!        


Causes of Toothache:

Tooth decay
Mouth bacteria
Laziness to brush your teeth
Laziness to floss
And just plain laziness...

Tooth Fairy

   I hate it when it happens...I know there's no one to blame but me. Years and years of childhood neglect have crept up on me. As a child, I'm one of those kids who'd sneak candy bars to bed and eat them until i'd fall sleep. Sometimes I'd even wake up with a gum still stuck inside my mouth. I didnt take those brushing rules seriously. I would even lie to my mom that i've already cleaned my teeth while those tangy nerds are still melting under my tongue. My! my! my! I regret being that way. So stupid and foolish to think that no harm will come my way. I've always thought that the tooth fairy will do its job to take care of my teeth for me:-(


   Then when I entered highschool I started to feel that dreaded toothache. It's like "The Attack Of the Killer Cavities". A bittersweet vengeance from my rallying molars. As if they are in some sort of conspiracy by taunting and punishing me. My teeth have been breeding tiny minions called "cavities" that upon command will poke and stab my nerves for being irresponsible.  

   And how I hated going to the dentist!  I became one of those regulars who's been subjected to countless pastas and root canals. I would probably get straight A's in that department. My experience was unpleasant and traumatic. I felt as if I'm being tortured. Yet I have no choice since having a toothache is already torture itself. And a dental appointment was the lesser evil for me.

    Plus it doesn't help that i have this weird thing about my tongue. Everytime my tooth is being drilled my tongue wants to go to that specific area where the action is. Hehe! I even told my dentist about it so while scratching her head, she placed a cotton to separate my tongue from the drill.


   I remember sleepless nights from having a painful and throbbing tooth. My cheeks would get so swollen. It's like I've been kicked on my cheeks. I don't even want to speak. The pain sometimes even shoots through my brain. Makes me go mad, wild and crazy that i wanna bang my head to the wall. I'd keep pinching or rubbing the affected part in vain hopes of soothing the pain. Sometimes medicines and painkillers doesn't even work anymore. The psychological effect of having to wait until the next morning for the clinic to open adds more stress! Man, why can't all dental clinics be open 24/7 everyday? Hospitals should also have dentists stationed there all the time for emergency cases.

                            Clock Ticking

    Time seems to go so slow. Every second hurts.  I'd definitely choose fever, bodyache or asthma over toothache anytime. At least with those 3 I can try to sleep the pain away. If only it's not a sin to get a gun and shoot my mouth, I'd gladly pull the trigger!   

                              anime emo girl
  So what is there to do during emergency crisis? Unless you're a sadist who loves extreme pain, nobody in their right mind would succumb themselves to this kind of suffering...

  Luckily, all you need to do is head to the kitchen for some quick and helpful home remedies. These items could perhaps temporarily alleviate that excruciating feeling:  

1. Using Icepack: Ice offers excellent numbing properties. Hold the ice around affected area and try to compress it there. Most often, the pain gets reduced as it is excellent in suppressing pain at nerve endings.

                            ice pack

2. Cucumber: Get cucumber from any vegetable stores, cut it into thicker slices. Hold these pieces on and around the tooth that is painful and it will start working wonders to give that soothing effect. It is better if it's refrigirated. 

* as an added perk, you can also put slices on your eyes at the same time to banish those ugly eyebags. Clever time management!


3. Try whiskey- forget about the yuchy bitter taste for the moment. Gargle whiskey like a regular mouthwash. It delivers some kind of anesthesia to the affected area which lessens the pain. Just try not to swallow it coz being drunk with a toothache will tempt you to get a gun and shoot yourself without thinking twice.!


4. Oats: If toothache is experiencing the presence of abscess at gums then holding oats there can draw out the puss. The pain will be reduced. 

* you can also add sugar, swallow it and convert it to a low carb meal...


5. Garlic: Make a paste of garlic and add some rock salt to it. Make a homogeneous mixture to apply on the affected area. It gives a numbing effect.


    And lastly when all else fails,  it's high time that you visit your dentist. Ponstans, Flanax and these home remedies could only go so far. The best way to permanently end toothache is to have your teeth fixed once and for all. Don't wait for this miserable feeling to happen. 

   Be prepared for whatever the verdict may be. Whether it may be another pasta, root canal or tooth extraction, just grin and bear it! And say goodbye to sucky tooth forever. 

   So whatever happens, don't forget to brush your teeth...religiously. Brush, floss and gargle! Try not to be too lazy. Afterall, YOU are your own tooth fairy! And your Pearlie whites will reward you with that healthy, white and dazzling smile :-) 

                          Brushing his teeth
        Image by FlamingText.com

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CAT's Musical Experience

Cat's booklet which can be purchased at the lobby for 500 pesos or around $11.
Precious tickets...
Aisle "I" gave perfect view as its not too near the stage
I only managed to get one shot coz its not allowed to take pictures during the show
The "cats" keep mingling with the audience
Lea Salonga...AMAZING voice!!!
   I remember 2 summers ago while my family and I were in New York, my mom kept insisting that we watch CATS the musical in Broadway. But my sisters and I would hear none of it. We instead chose to just explore the vibrant place and bask in the endless energy that blankets the bustling city. We even teased my mom to instead convert the tickets to cash...of which she obviously didn't oblige.  
  Two years later, those cats will meow back into my life. This time in Manila. I have to admit that when Mr G invited me to watch Cats, I wasn't enthusiastic at all. A far cry from the excitement I felt with "Phantom of the Opera" or "Mama Mia". The prospect of watching cats sing and dance didn't appeal to me at all.
                              dancing cat

   So I googled the storyline to know what the fuss is all about. The cats have ridiculously long, silly and hard to memorize names.
Names like:


   The plot is simple. All cats gather in a junkyard. One cat has to be chosen by an old wise cat. One by one the cats introduce themselves and show what they've got by performing an act. A cat gets chosen. End of story.

The more I dreaded watching it... 

   What the hell do i care about cat stories? Im not even a cat lover eversince i was bitten by one. How boring I thought! Makes me wonder what it is about this play that makes it the 2nd longest running Broadway show? Hmmm.....


    Yet i found myself at the theater the night of the show. CCP's tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo was full. Whoa! So many cat lovers here! Maybe there's really something more to this show. Our designated seat was at aisle "I" which is just perfect. Near the stage but not too near that you'll end craning your neck from looking up. The show started right on the dot. 8:00pm. I heaved out a huge sigh and secretly wished I'd survive the whole 2 hours.

The cats set

   A sudden burst of explosion and lights revealed an old junkyard which will be the only background all throughout the show. The cats gather for a supposed Jellicle Ball in which they have to sing their unique traits and abilities that will enable their leader Old Deuteronomy to choose which of the cats will journey to the Heaviside Layer to be "reborn" to a new life. One by one the cats then do their respective acts. Singing long songs that reminds me of nursery rhymes. Halfway through the first act I began to feel sleepy. As if I was being lulled in some kind of a trance with their seemingly hypnotic melodies and gyrating cat dance. Then Lea Salonga as Grizabella, sang some parts which temporarily jolted me out of my near dazed existence. 

I was starting to get hungry, fidgety and restless again...

   After the first act, there's a 20 minute break. A part of me wants to go home already and a part wants to stay until the end. The latter won and boy I was glad I finished it!

                         Black cat animation

   The second part was better for me. It was livelier, more energetic and vibrant. The choreography was superb. Surprisingly I didn't get bored or sleepy this time. In fact I forgot all about my hunger! My senses feasted on the brilliant dazzle and spectacle of the performances on stage. The stunts were spectacular almost acrobatic, it somehow reminded me of the show i watched in Vegas- "Cirque de Soleil". The make-believe train was also a fun sight. Then a female cat sang a Tagalog version of "Memory". I found it so cool that they made a local translation of this popular song. People cheered and applauded upon hearing this. 

   Another favorite part was Rum Tum Tugger's scene. The slick and cool black cat captivated the audience with his dizzying cartwheels and maneuvers.   He was obviously one of the crowd favorites.
Rum Tum Tugger

   The highlight for me was Grizabella's rendition of "Memory". My goosebumps were all over as Lea Salonga started to sing. Her voice was crisp, flawless and simply AWESOME! Everyone was mesmerized by her enchanting voice. In fact I didn't want her song to end...Sigh! I wished I had that voice. Haha! She was heavily applauded of course! Bravo!

   And the "Mister Mistoffelees" is really fun and catchy to listen to. In fact until now we still have a last song syndrome with the chorus...

"And we all say:
Oh! Well I never! Was there ever
A cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffelees!

Oh! Well I never! Was there ever
A cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffelees!"

                          singing cats

   The show ended around 10:30 pm. We left the cinema in high spirits. I really enjoyed it especially towards the end. And what perfect nightcap to end the day with a yummy lambchop dinner from a nearby hotel.

    The musical which was extended due to popular demand will officially end this Sunday, August 22. So there's still time to catch the few remaining shows (provided there's still available tickets). My perception of singing cats changed. I realized that it's not as bad as I thought it was. The image of humans arching their bodies effortlessly in mimicking cats was so fascinating. In fact I even tried to emulate those feline moves inside the shower. But since my body is as stiff as a log I abandoned all hopes of ever becoming becoming one of those background cat dancers. Haha! 

   Going home I saw several stray cats. I wonder if they will congregate in some magical junkyard. I wonder if they will dance all night. I wonder if they will sing when no one's looking...tsk!...tsk!

Darn! now I'll never see those cats the same way ever again, maybe they are cool after all...meow!

                             Smoking Cat
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sally Hansen Lip Crayon in Rhubarb Frost

Lip crayon in Rhubarb Frost
Reddish grape color
Lipstick and liner in one
Raisin like stain on my lips

  If you're one of those girls who's always on the go and doesn't have much time to spare in primping up, then perhaps a liner crayon that can double as lipstick will do the trick.

   It's like a coloring book. Only this time it's your lips. After outlining your mouth, just fill in the rest with this mighty pencil and ta-da! Perfectly defined lips with even and rich color.

   A cheap but foolproof way for instant beautiful lips. Since i already have a wide array of pinks, I settled for something dark and maroonish for a totally different look. I have to say I liked how it looked like. Especially at night during those intimate candlelight dinners. Really makes those lips standout. It's also longwearing so no need to fuss about going to and fro the ladies room. Just relax, enjoy your dinner and let this liner do its magic.

*Don't forget to pat a bit of lip balm to counteract lip dryness. 

   When you want to feel bold and sexy, just whip out this amazing weapon and you're all set!You can pucker up all day and night! Have a great day! :-)