Monday, July 12, 2010

H&M Charmed By K Lipgloss

Long easy grip tube
I wonder who "K" is?
Wand sponge application
It has tiny gold sparkles
On my lips (without flash)

   "Charmed by K" by H & M is a sheer but shiny red lip gloss that makes your lips really standout. It has tiny gold flecks that sparkles especially when hit with light. The intense red color looks vivid and bright. It looks sexy and appealing on the lips. And you will definitely get noticed! 

-nice red color
-makes your lips shiny and sparkly
-lips feels moisturized
-handy long tube

-color can be too bright for some
-sticky/gooey feeling on my lips
-doesn't last long enough


   It's an okay lipgloss for me but I'm not totally crazy about it coz it doesn't have long staying power. If your the lazy type then forget about it.

    But for quick touch ups during clubbing and night outs it can be quite useful especially if you want to add a little drama to your lips as the brilliant color alone will surely make your lips dazzle even in the dark.

   It is one of those dispensable lipgloss in my collection. I can live with or without it. I can lose this without feeling too bad because of it's cheap price and at the same time live with it because of it's nice color, I use it as an alternative gloss when I'm bored with my other range of lippies.

    If you want another variety of lipgloss with an exciting touch of red color then this one is a go!...just don't expect too much so you won't get disappointed with it. :-) ta-ta!
Red Headed Kisses


donnarence said...

very nice color.. suits your fair skin really well.. i love red glosses..

sugar sugar said...

The color is very pretty. :3 I like the packaging.

Ashley said...

Thank you for the review! I think the colors too bright too for a gloss.

Karen said...

Cherry red lips! It's a pretty color that's not overwhelming. I'm more of a lipstick person but I do have some lip glosses that I like to add for some extra shine to my look :)

Rinny said...

I think that color looks great with your skintone. I didn't even know H&M had a cosmetics line!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

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Gillian said...

I used to have a lipgloss almost the exact same colour when I was younger, I have been looking for one to replace it with for ages. I think I will have to buy this one!

.hopeful. said...

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Miilo1218 said...

I like the colour.But i guess the quality won't be amazing.But i lovw the pictures.I had to follow please check out my beauty blog and follow back.

CarmenSays said...

hey, just wanted to say thank you for following me and complimenting my eyeballs lol ive been lurking here for a bit but never comment n such..I suck lol but I love your bog and your attitude! I've tagged you btw ;]xx