Monday, October 18, 2010

Lancome Blanc Expert Mineral Powder Foundation Review

Slim compact-995pesos (approx $20)
Powder refill-1895 (approx $40)

Great for everyday use!

On days when I don't feel like wearing too much makeup but STILL wanna manage to look decent enough, I whip out this pristine white compact for an instant I'm ready to face the world look. It BRIGHTENS and evens my skintone in a jiffy! Saves me a whole lot of time from all that primer, liquid foundation and pressed powder repertoire. All in one SINGLE step!

Powder refill

Simple but classy look

The perforations at the back of the compact is extra hygienic for sponge (great for germophobes!)
It's a breeze to replace the refill with the easy to open snap clasp

It contains White Sapphire and Neurowhite Complex that has skin lightening benefits

This is one of those rare mineral powders where I could literally see the LUMINOUS effect right before my very eyes! It has "white sapphire complex" which seems to minimize pores with it's light reflecting particles. Giving that TRANSLUCENT illusion on my skin. I always receive compliments about how nice my skin is everytime I use this. It's my "FAKE a flawless look" powder.

I just love it when companies come up with these ingenious/miracle sounding names to their products. It feeds my curiousity and heightens my excitement even more. It makes my skin feel PAMPERED especially with something that has a precious gem infused to it. Afterall, a woman deserves to be extra spoiled sometimes! Although i have yet to see the lightening effects on my complexion, it would be awesome if this thing could make my stubborn spots fadeaway as well... Oh well I think I'm asking for too much already. Hehe!  

My shade in O-02

I like the compact's huge mirror!

The powder is ultra fine
And the sponge is super soft!

Although the coverage is good, it is quite sheer. So it's not enough to hide and conceal all those blemishes with this powder alone. Best to pair it with a tough concealer to achieve that FLAWLESS look. But if you have relatively clear skin, this compact is "Fabulousity" with a capital F. You will GLOW with delight!

Swatch on my skin
Has that subtle hint of mineralized shimmer

The left side looks brighter and more luminous against my bare skin
Just so you'll get a clearer picture, I deliberately made the swatch thicker since my camera cannot fully capture the difference when applied lightly
It's super nice IRL
Just a little amount will do and you're all SET!

It basically lasted the whole day. But of course I needed to do my occassional touch ups every now and then in order to control the shine of my OILY skin. It didn't cake, chalk nor crease on me. My oiliness absorbed it in a way that it made my skin look DEWY after awhile and dabbing it with tissue is enough. Plus, I never had any breakouts while using this. It just wore like second skin giving me that healthy and radiant sheen.

So if you wanna see your dull skin transform into something luminous and vibrant, Lancome's Blanc Expert Minerale powder foundation will do wonders in just one SWEEP. It maybe a bit pricey, but what do you expect from a company known for high quality products? You get value for your money. And a really good one at that! 
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   So there you have it, I hope you liked my review. I'm leaving you with some snapshots of my dog Chino and his newfound girlfriend Miss Bromeliad! He loves to camouflage himself beside this plant. He feels mighty invisible hiding behind those leaves while silently observing us at the same time. They're almost inseparable! Hehe crazy dog! Take care you all:-)
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Mara said...

I totally love the Chino part! :))

AnnaYJia said...

I always love Lancome products and I think all kinds of their foundation are greats !

Pammy said...

Chino has a girlfriend! :P

Great review, I like the brightening part and that it made your skin dewy instead of oily. :)

nisa-chan said...

nice review dear ;)


Haha! LOL for Chino, he's my muse err my mascot. Thanks for visiting!:-)

Marie said...

Thanks for the review and swatches. This product looks promising!:D

***** Marie *****

audrey said...

thank you so much for your kind comment, i'm really happy that you like my designs:)
my skin isn't perfect lol i have skincare to do everyday because of my blemishes and i'm wearing makeup^^