Friday, July 31, 2009

I Wish My Dog Can Talk

   This is just a crazy example of my  random thoughts. I'm in bed writing another post and beside me is my one year old toy poodle named Chino. He is sleeping like a baby. And like any proud parent, i feel so happy that amongst the millions of poodles in the world Chino is the one that ended in my lap. He is so spoiled that most of the time he forgets he is a dog.

To cite why:

1. When you say no to him he tries to answer back with doggy mumble.
2.He is already barking at the door calling us everytime we tell him he is going out with us.
3.He sleeps on his back, snores and sometimes whimpers in his dreams.
4.He knows how to remove socks straight from the feet.
5.He always likes to be carried like a baby in one's shoulder.
6.He knows how to play hide and seek and when he is under the blankie, he doesn't move when
you call out his name and then acts crazy when discovered.
7.He loves watching tv.
8.He likes wearing his doggy clothes.
9.He is so sweet he sometimes acts like a cat rubbing his body all over.
10.He understands a lot of words.
11.He acts like a baby and when reprimanded does his trademark pussycat look a la shrek.

   But the most amazing thing is: he knows how to ride the elevator! He did it twice already and one time i was looking for him and he was still inside. I wonder if he waited for other people to open the lift and he went along.

   Haha! our dog is crazy! i am looking at him now and he is lost in doggy dreamland perhaps dreaming about bones and chickens. Sometimes i wish he would learn how to talk and that would be insanely amusing! imagine the first talking dog in the world. CNN, BBS and reporters from all over the world would flock at my doorstep going gaga of this doggie-phenomenon. And Chino will be the richest dog and with that we will donate to pound societies and charities. He will be the global ambassador of petdom. And I am the proud owner!

   Then tycoons like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett would wanna buy him. Or scientists will want to purchase him for experiments. And i will be tempted by the offers but my good side will prevail and i would totally say no to all the prospective buyers no matter how ludicrously huge the offer is. After all, he is the only talking-dog... my dog.

   Back to earth to me, i'm kinda getting too carried away with all these out of this world delusions and fantasies. But once in awhile its really fun to beat boredom and blues with random thoughts about funny scenarios. It's an amusing habit to combat stress and will make you smile visualizing those things. Try it when you have nothing better to do. Imagine your cat dancing like a ballerina or your pet bulldog as a newscaster, your pug singing operatic like Pavarotti or pigs dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Oh well that's enough loony for now.

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K said...

Ow! How adorable. I've always loved looking at cutie little puppy with different breeds though I'm not really familiar with the names (of breeding). And this post just made me want to have one!!!