Thursday, May 20, 2010

Revlon Pink in the Afternoon Lipstick

This lippie has been with me for a long time

Dreamy shade

Light pretty pink!

   Revlon's  Pink in the Afternoon lipstick is one of my favorite shades. It has the kind of pink that makes me look like a virgin. Seriously! the color is impeccably pretty that you'll instantly bloom like an innocent maiden. Pure, delicate and untouched! Sort of never-been-kissed kind of thing.

   The color is so rich that it instantly evens out my liptone. It glides smoothly and easily. It's also moisturizing so I don't have to worry about icky dry lips. The bummer part is that it doesn't stay long, but for that gorgeous hue I'd gladly reapply it over and over again.

   Im glad I discovered this. It makes me feel as if I'm sweet sixteen again. I always look fresh and bright. The color is very flattering. This is my secret weapon when I want to exude immaculate perfection. With this lipstick i know that ill never go wrong. ;-)


clumsyliz said...

hi can you do a swatch on this!! thanks =) and can i add you on facebook =)

Anonymous said...

Nice pink!

Belle said...

I love the shade of this lipstick!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how different is PITA from Wink for Pink? They kinda look alike :)


^hi, wink for pink is lighter but you're right they kinda look alike:-)