Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weight Loss Drama-rama

   Dieting has always been a constant nemesis in a world filled with yummy temptations. Everywhere you go giant food advertisements seems to be calling out your name, luring you to come and take a bite. You get weak in the knees salivating over those delectable dishes. You can almost taste it, and feel it in your tongue. Closing your eyes you smile and say mmm...Then reality hits you and you realize that your waistline is no longer as svelte as it used to be. The weighing scale is no longer as forgiving and you remind yourself for the "nth" time that you are NOT one of those supermodels or lucky humans whose metabolisms work faster than a speeding bullet. How many times have you found yourself in this dilemma? perhaps countless times already. Its almost a neverending battle of the wills.

   I am one of those people whose frequent struggle is to watch what goes inside their mouths. Counting calories has become a daily habit. Although most of my life i've been pretty slim, there were several occassions when my weight fluctuates like crazy. One moment im skinny and the next thing you know i've already ballooned to elephantine proportions (exaggerating). I've been anorexic at 89 lbs, bulimic at 118 lbs, chubby at 135 lbs, neurotic, it, i've had it! I want to badly believe that my hormones are to be blamed coz' only then can i justify my "gluttonic" mode or starve-crazy side. 

   Yet i am fully aware that its my mind who's in control of everything. Like for example, i am being offered a jar of cookies, i tell myself that i will only eat one piece. But it's so damn good that i have to take another bite. I shouldv'e stopped right there and then but nooo! i decide that 3 more pieces wont hurt. After eating the fifth cookie i start feeling guilty and the voice inside me starts saying, "What the heck, what difference does it make now? you already ate 5 cookies so you might as well finish the whole jar!" In the end, the jar would always be empty then i'll begin to silently curse myself AGAIN for giving in...and the cycle goes on and on...

   In my "buffet-eat-all-you-can" phase, I often succumb to the irresistable appeal of mouth-watering dishes. I eat to my hearts content and only stop when my stomach aches. This time there's no restricting voice in my head that tells me to stop. I noticed that the ones with richer fat contents often taste better, while the healthier options are usually blander. But there's always a price you have to pay when you choose the delicious life. Sigh! I remember a few months back i reached my heaviest weight. I cannot fathom what i saw in the scale. I was 30 pounds overweight! Overeating, no excercise and Mcdonald's delivery every midnight sealed the deal. No wonder all my clothes were suffocatingly tight. I even accused the poor innocent washing machine as the main culprit for shrinking my clothes. It doesn't help when tactless acquaintances start noticing it and tell you pointblank in your face about how MUCH you've gain. The worst thing is standing naked in front of the mirror sideways and looking very much pregnant! I felt ashamed of myself. I finally decided enough is enough for my unhealthy lifestyle! 

   I googled some fast weight-loss tips and i chanced upon this so-called cabbage soup diet. I decided to give it a try. It sounds easy but it was definitely torturous for somebody who even dreams of foods. Just imagine eating cabbage soup for 7-days and you'll get the picture. But then i was able to religously follow the plan and actually survive (clap! clap! clap!). It sort of detoxifies the body for one week. I also noticed that it lessened my hunger pangs and i had to go to the loo a lot (mostly at night). After cabbage diet, i started to avoid softdrinks, cakes and the rest of the fattening food group. I mainly eat salad (usually with vinaigrette), fish, grilled vegetables and tuna now. I also drink lots of water and try to exercise by walking as much as i can. I noticed that i was losing weight. My pants size dropped from size 14-10. My clothes are looser and my stomach doesn't look like its about to give birth anytime soon anymore. 

   I realized that you dont need to buy expensive diet pills or starve yourself in order to lose weight. Just eating healthy and not exceeding 1200 calories per day is the key for me. It really works! Trust me,my pants are starting to get loose again and i might need to get a new pair soon...another size smaller.

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