Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad in Rose Tones

Hello there ladies, it's another weekend once again and Christmas is getting nearer and nearer. I hope you're halfway through or almost done with your X'mas shopping. As for me, i haven't started yet and i have no choice but to do it asap. I can't wait to cross off some makeup products on my wishlist *so excited!!!*  Plus i will be purchasing a few special items too...not for me but to share something back to my dear readers soon. Will keep you guys posted :-)

Moving on...

Comes with 2 sponge-tip applicators

These are almost the EXACT colors IRL

Classic eggplant casing

I was very excited the first time i got this because pinks and purples are my favorite colors. However, the moment i tried it i got extremely disappointed. Color payoff was quite bad (sans primer), it took me several tries before the color would actually come out. To make matters worse, fallouts were everywhere! I hated the marks it left under my eyes especially over concealer.It made my dark circles seem worse! So i had to be extra careful everytime i apply this which is unnecessary stress. Because of that i stopped using this altogether and secretly loathed Shiseido for creating such a crappy product. I felt duped!

Silky texture

Matte eyeshadow

-smooth silky texture
-lovely color combination
-lasted a long time (esp with primer)
-highly buildable colors
-didn't crease nor cake

-i hated those fallouts!
-had to relayer for color to pop
-compact is prone to fingerprints and marks
-never liked those sponge-tips
-quite pricey

A few months later, when i discovered the joy and importance of using eyeshadow primer, i decided to give this product another shot. Using MAC's Prep+Prime eye base, i sweeped the shadow all over my lids. This time around i noticed that the colors were more vivid. The silky powder blended well with the base. I was very happy coz' the palette won't be put to waste after all! Now i'm mixing and matching this quad with other shades and brands.

The lasting power is superb with primer! It lasted from noon til' midnight. The eyeshadow still looks freshly applied even after a long day's work. Because of that i started to like this product. I don't know if it's just me but there's something classic and natural about this product. Women who are too busy, who are not so much into makeup but likes branded stuffs, and those who are afraid to venture out of their comfort zones might actually like this. But to the rest who've been there and done that, this might just fall short. 

Will i repurchase?

Although i made this work for me, i still am not overly crazy about it. So i'm gonna pass. There are more brands out there that i think delivers better results. I just wish they made this more pigmented. Then that would've been a totally different story...

XOXO!!! :-)


sexylegsandbody said...

If a man's point of view is going to make a difference, I think it looks pretty amazing.

Thanks for your comment on my last post, we definitely have the same point of view on heels.

Have a stunning weekend.

Belle said...

Great review! i love pinks too, looks really nice on you


@Colin- yup heels def rocks
@Belle-thanks :-)

gyc said...

i like the casing more than i like the shadow! haha
and i haven't started christmas shopping either >.<! i've been procrastinating way too much. plus i have to get it all done by friday because that's when i break up for school!

EllysMakeupbag said...

I never tried any Shiseido eyeshadow, but id love to though :P

Anonymous said...

I never liked Shiseido eyeshadows. By the way off topic where do you get your Saluta? thank you


@gyc-haha nice to know there's still somebody who haven't started also
@Ellysmakeupbag-i think there are lots of better shadows there but this is ok though
@anonymous-i buy at beautyquotient- she has a multiply site, really nice seller

nisa-chan said...

nice ur eye make-up!! simple but pretty :)

Rinny said...

I've never used any of Shiseido's makeup line, besides the mascara base. It's a shame the color payoff is so bad, the colors themselves are actually quite pretty.

minnja said...

Beautiful :)))))))


Jannie said...

i really love the color combination of this palette. the pinks and purples look so pretty. sorry to hear it didn't work out for you in the beginning. i'm glad you made it work and your eyes look so pretty with these colors. i like the classic and natural look it gives out. it's very wearable for the daytime too. :)

thank you so much for the very sweet compliment you left about the warm colors look i did. it made me happy about the look.

thank you so much for the review on this product. the shiseido palettes have very attractive color combos, but i'll probably hold off. if only they could go down in price, it could be a consideration. :)

Anonymous said...

This may be OT but I just want to ask what eyeliner did you use in your pic? Is it liquid or gel? And what brand also? I hope you don't mind. :-) You have a great skin btw. Your shiseido eyeshadow looks quite the same with your Mac eyeshadow in Creme de Violet. :-)

Toni Tralala said...

I agree! The only thing I really like at Shisheido is the eyelash curler. It works wonders. <3


@Nisa-chan-thanks for the compliment:-)
@Rinny- yeah, the colors are really nice which is such a big drawback...tsk...tsk
@Minjja-thanks for the comment, will go check your blog out:-)
@Jannie-thanks dear, I always like how you apply your makeup. This palette is really wearable especially for daytime coz it looks so subtle. And I agree the palettes are so pretty but that's just about it hehe. Yeah I wish they'd knock down their prices but sadly that's not gonna happen anytime soon hehe:-)
@anonymous-hello thanks for taking the time out to comment here, I've been using Modelco gel liner. I made a previous post about it. I think it's really nice. And you're right the shadow looks kinda similar with Creme de Violet in pictures. Except that Creme has more
vivid color. Nice observation...hehe:-)
@Toni Tra la la- haha me too! Especially after trying this. But who knows they might come out with better formulations in the future. I've tried the lash curler before and it is my 2nd favorite after Shu Uemura hehe:-)

bettzy93 said...

I totally know what you mean, sometimes i myself purchase items i swear ill love and realize how much i actually hate them

Alexandra said...

i like the dark mauve color, it's so pretty

Anonymous said...

ALl of it looks so pretty(:
I don't really wear pink shadows but they look great here..
awesome blog, *new follower*

visit my beauty blog

Miss*Kimmy said...

I've just recently fallen in love with MAC primer .. it totally transforms eyeshadow for the better! I coulnd't believe it.

luckiebeauty said...

Gorgeous, I love pink colors!

But I have to admit..Shiseido eye shadows are not really great for the price! But their skincare = love!


@bettzy93-that kind of "feeling" really sucks, it often happens to me hehe
@Alexandra-thank you sweetie
@furkie-thanks for following, you have a nice blog as well
@MissKimmy-MAC primer really rocks, i am planning to get the paint pot in soft ochre soon
@luckiebeauty-yup Shiseido is better when it comes to skincare.Thanks for visiting:-)