Monday, January 10, 2011

The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer and Sexy Mama Anti-shine Translucent Powder

Price: Mary-Lou Manizer: 895 pesos ($22)
Sexy Mama Anti-shine Translucent powder:775 pesos ($19)

Hello pretties, how are y'all? i missed posting for a week coz' i was swamped with so much work. I cannot wait to de-stress and bloghop again:-)

For this post, i played with several images and came up with my own concept (just for fun)...

***Mary-lou Manizer***

This is one of those products that i've been wanting to try but never got around to actually buying. Why? because i'm already "cursed" with oily skin, and any product with the word shimmer would instantly make me quiver *rhymes;-)* The last thing i need is another layer of unnecessary shine.

But all of that changed when i used  Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, it was like a wake-up call that "Hey! even oily-skinned girls like me can glow without looking greasy". So when Mary-Lou Manizer re-entered my sphere of thought,  it became easier for me to purchase this item without feeling doubtful or least bit apprehensive. 

Love the cute tin can 

Smooth texture

Shimmery swatch

This versatile product can be used as a shimmer, highlighter (on the cheekbones, chin, nose,brow bone or decolletage), and eyeshadow. 
The pale gold shimmers doesn't overpower at all! 
It looks so subtle, so wisps of light tenderly kissing the skin
It's pearly beige/champagne shade will match most skin tones beautifully, leaving you a sheen that seems to radiate from within.
 It gives 
you that dreamy candlelit glow that you usually only get during romantic dinner dates. 

It is buildable so you can control the amount of sheen that you desire. Best to apply lightly since it's highly  pigmented. Too much can make your skin look unnaturally shiny/chalky. The coverage is sheer yet it doesn't accentuate fine lines because the light-reflecting particles diffuses blemishes and minor imperfections. I also didn't get any allergic reactions or breakouts while using this. A huge hooray if you have uber sensitive skin. Plus, it's paraben and talc-free!

One pan could probably last me for ages. As i only need minimal amount with each use. This is fast becoming my favorite item, i can't help but smile everytime i look in the mirror and see how dewy soft it looks on my skin. No wonder Mary-Lou has so many guys lining up the wall!

***Sexy Mama***

Before trying this product i was actually crossing my fingers that this will work for me since i've been on the lookout for a cheaper alternative to my T.LeClerc powder. One that I can use on a daily basis without putting a huge dent on my wallet and at the same time without sacrificing quality. One that can still make me look "oh-la-la-ish" even when I'm doing the most unglamorous thing. One that would make me stop feeling guilty everytime i use my Lancome or Chanel when all i'll do is just go to the deli to buy bread.   

Handy-sized compact

Soft buttery texture

Blends oh so easily on my skin

Guess what? Sexy Mama covered all that and even more! The moment I applied this powder on my face I knew that I am holding a keeper. True to it's anti-shine claim, it is an awesome oil-buster! It left my skin fresh and matte looking even with just one swipe. It's like pacman gobbling those pellets, only this time it's made of oil. Sorry for the weird comparison I just dunno why I keep picturing that image whenever I sweep all those grease away! Haha! It left my face shine-free for several hours which is a major *weee* considering how fast my face gets oily!

And there's more great news, I can use this powder alone (without foundation or anything) and still be able to go out and face the world with confidence. It's supposed to be translucent but I really cannot explain how it manages to make my skin look even and nice. It is great coz' i can practically skip using other stuffs on my face and still look as if I'm all made a most natural way! Whoa! how cool is that?

. Who know's this might actually bring out the inner Sexy mama in you? Cheers to that! ;-)


Under natural daylight

 Under halogen light...
I only used Sexy Mama and the Loumanizer here

Okay enough of the gushing, i'm very pleased with these two products. I love the catchy names, affordable price tag, cutesy casing and coquettish 40's sexpots that adorn each and every packaging. But most of all i love the kind of quality these stuffs are made of. I highly recommend these things. I'm so excited to try more products from The Balm. And it's not hard to understand why...these goodies could easily give more expensive brands a run for their money.

Also thank you to the sweet Dinorah for this wonderful award. She is such a cutie:-)

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7 Things About Me:
1. I am an obsessive-compulsive person (i think hehe)
2. I finished interior design 
3. I am a voracious reader but recently i've been too lazy
4. I hate crowded places
5. I love drinking energy drinks
6. I love artsy-fartsy stuffs
7. I am very moody

Instead of only 7 i want to tag anybody who is interested
Just make sure to let me know hehe...

Thank you for taking the time to read this :-)
*Hugs to everyone*


Belle said...

I also have that luminizer and i swear it makes my skin look shimmery pretty:)

Rakhshanda said...

so the products..thanks


Thanks sweeties, it's really pretty and worth it:-)

donnarence said...

do a full photo fotd!! your lips and nose ay pang dyosa!!hihi nice i love the mary lou manizer...

luckiebeauty said...

Those products look so cool!
(Thumbs up for the presentation!)

I really like the''Mary-Lou manizer'' powder!

Nadine Natalin said...

thanks for the review :) I'm going to try the Sexy Mama looks like a great product.

K said...

Hi mina! I really like your creativity in blogging :)

Makes me want to grab those the balm goodies myself! (including time balm! have you tried that?)


@Donna-haha lalo naman ako nasa-shy niyan haha! but i'm happy i finally tried this after a long time:-)
@luckiebeauty-aww thank you for the sweet comment*smile* i really appreciate it :-)
@Nadine-Sexy Mama is nice you should try it, well up to now i still cannot forget the rice paper you reviewed coz i want to try that too:-)
@K-thanks for noticing my work,i really enjoy artsy stuffs, even sa blog naapply ko haha. Btw, i've tried time balm and i like it too, that's my 2nd backup concealer hehe

Madiha said...

Wow this Loumanizer gave such a pretty glow to your face!

modniza said...

pretty glow!love it!

purplehatch said...

The glow looks so nice! i want this but this is way out of my budget:)

Cindy Ellison said...

Your skin looks beautiful in the photo! What a great and creative post with such high quality photographs. Also, love the "pulp fiction" 1950s style of the Sexy Mama packaging.

You have a first class blog! ♥♥♥

Rakhshanda said...

you are really very your name MINAKICHU? what its meaning?

Eugenia said...

Your skin looks so glow-y! Awesome reviews!

Jennifer said...

omg your skin is GREATTT!!!

i recently got Lou-manizer too but was thinking it's a bit too shiny hahahaa i might change my mind about it now!

Hollie said...

wow! that's such a pretty suble glow... looks great on you.

btw, love your blog...Just followed you!

sugar sugar said...

my sis has the mary lou manizer. must play with it mwuahahahah! :D

dear, your posts aren't appearing on my feeds. i hate blogger. >o< will try unfollowing then following you back.

btw, i gave you a blog award here -


@Madiha-indeed it did hehe:-)
@modniza-the glow is even better irl
@purplehatch-someday you'll get your own goodies too don't worry:-)
@Cindy-whoa i really do appreciate your sweet compliments, thanks so much:-)
@Rakhshanda-thanks for the flattering remark, coming from a pretty girl herself, my name is Mina hehe:-)
@Eugenia-thanks for the compliment:-)
@Jeniffer-wow thanks for noticing my skin, i apply mine as teensy bit as possible hehe:-)
@Hollie-hello, thanks for the kind words and for visiting my site*hugs*
@sugar-you SHOULD play with it and thanks for the awesome award sugar:-)

The Beauty-Addict said...

great blog you have here! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too!

gingerSnap said...

gonna try the glow of Sexy mama;)

Rinny said...

I've never tried any of the Balm's face products, but these both look very good. The highlighter in particular is very pretty. It really gives you a nice glow :)

Emmaleigh said...

oh, you got a new layout?since when?haha I was really gone for too long, wasn't I?

Anyway, it was you on the header, right? (the pic was similar to the blog post pic you used here). Anyway, you're so pretty!! I finally have a face (half a face :p) to match with the name and the wittiness. :p

you're so flawless!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Shimmery skin always looks nice for a day out! ^^

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, very informative, thanks for sharing. Thanks also for dropping a line on my last post.
The mystery girl is Cameron Diaz. Dont worry, I would also not have been able to tell.

Thanks again.
Have a super day.

Katrina said...

pretty pinay! :D
full face photo please? :)

~new follower :3

kathy said...

i envy your talent in art, minakichu. i think art and OC are good combination. =)

keep it up!

bettzy93 said...

When you first posted this blog i was so curious about this products:) And OMG i went to La Curazao last week and they had them, they caught my eye but they were kinda price-y so i was like lets gets reviews on them first. I am so going back to purchase them:)