Monday, May 17, 2010

Barbie Concealer

A very girly looking concealer from Barbie

The first compartment has medium and light brown shade

The second compartment has yellow and lilac shade

   While I was strolling at Gateway mall in HK I saw this girly kiosk at the cosmetics area selling Barbie makeup. I never knew that my favorite doll while I was growing up would create a line especially for us girls. I was floored! I had to make a double turn to check if what I was seeing was right. At first I was skeptical if the makeup was targeted only for little girls playing all grown up. But when I asked the SA she casually told me that it caters to teens, young adults and ladies. And i figured that since it's in the adult cosmetics area and not the toy section I might as well give it a try. Plus it doesn't help at all that I still have that inner girly in me which adores anything Barbie and pretty. So I purchased a concealer, eyeshadows and lipstick.

   The packaging looks so attractive. It has Barbies perfect face as a model of course. Who wouldn't want to look like her? It has two compartments. Each with different shades of concealers. The first compartment has a light and medium tone combination. You can use each color sparingly or blend the two for the desired shade. I mix mine coz my shade is in between. The second compartment has yellowish and purplish tones. The yellow to counteract undereye circles and the purple to correct reddish undertones or blemishes. I rarely use the second palette as I don't think it's the right color combo for me and the first palette is enough to do the job.

   The concealer doesn't offer heavy coverage. It suits the skin of young girls who barely needs any makeup. But it does a decent job in covering unwanted spots and dark circles. I use this on ordinary days when I don't have anything important to go to. I still rely on my trusty old cinema secrets concealer coz im already assured of its great coverage. Somehow there's still a part of me not entirely convinced or totally confident with this product. Maybe because it reminds me of playtime makeups for kids and I'm not taking it seriously. That nagging feeling is quite bothersome everytime I use this.

   But overall, this product is okay. It's a great gift for budding teens on the prowl for cutesy cosmetics. In fact I gave my niece one eyeshadow and she totally loved it. :-)

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