Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ferragamo Shoes in Nobel Jelly and Varina Bow Ballerina Flats

   I'm not really fond of wearing flats coz I'm the high-heels type of girl. I even cringe when I'm given inch high shoes. I could trek, run and do walkathons with my heels on. So naturally, my closet is filled with 2-3 inches of wedges, heels and stilletos.

   Why don't I like flats? coz in my family I'm basically the smallest. At 5'4 they consider me a shorty. My two younger sisters are 5'7 and 5'8. My brother and dad are 5'11 even my mom is an inch taller than me. My aunts and cousins are like Amazons too. They literally looked down on me. Although i know my height is average to the outside world, I still felt like a midget when im with them. And it doesn't  help that growing up they used to tease me about it. Made me wonder if I'm actually adopted. Hehe...

   So I invested in shoes that will actually make me look taller. I would bypass aisles that sold flats and sneakers. But there's always a part of me that sighs coz I find these shoes so cute and chic. I felt sorry for myself for missing out on these styles. I inwardly envy the tons of girls who pass by wearing flats looking oh so cute and adorable! I just feel that i cant carry or pull them off.

   Then one day Mr G told me  "You're always in heels don't your legs get hurt from using that everyday?"
    In a defensive tone I said "Not at all! I'm so used to it already. In fact I don't  even feel like I'm wearing heels."
    Of which he replied "Oh I see...hmmm by the way why don't you try wearing flats? I've been wanting to see you in one for the longest time and I think you'll look good in it."
   Not sure if what I was hearing was right I asked. "Are you serious?".
   He nodded "Yup! yup!"
   I was like "Uh-oh!".
 Okay, I know I love him but to wear something I'm uncomfortable with is a sure challenge for me. Being the sweet and obedient gf that I am...ehem! I mustered enough guts to wear flats for him the next time we go out.

   So I decided to purchase my very first flats at Salvatore Ferragamo. A brand known for their iconic shoes. I wanted it to be a special occasion that's why I bought two flats. The signature Varina Bow Ballerina in black which is definitely a classy color and the Nobel Jelly in Pastel pink coz I liked it's dainty feminine color and metallic looking bow.

   The first shoe that I bravely wore is the Varina. I know tons of women who swears how comfy it is. But I found it so hard on my feet. I dont have naturally slim feet and I made the huge mistake of choosing the narrow size in high hopes that it would actually make my feet look slimmer.

    At first I waddled like a duck. I'm so not used to wearing flats. I felt  awkward. It's like letting a sneakers girl wear stilletos. But this time it's the other way around. I'm like a toddler learning her first few steps. Sounds weird right? it's true, years of wearing heels has gotten me off balance. The last time I wore flats was during highschool when heels is of course prohibited. Even the Havaianas slippers I use at home is elevated.

  But I have to say the shoes looked good on me, on my outfit. The classic bow and shiny leather oozed class and sophistication. Nevermind the fact that I felt like hell walking around the mall with red bumps and sore multiplying by the minute with each torturous walk. The shoes felt so tight and were squeezing my toes like sardines. I silently prayed that I don't look funny trying to sashay pretending as if there's nothing wrong. I was just glad when the day ended and cannot wait to have a blissful foot massage.

   The next day I wore the Nobel pink jelly flats. It's made of soft material which made my feet happy coz at least they can decently walk. During the first few hours I felt so comfy. It's like wearing chic slippers outside. I even bragged to Mr G that I can walk all day. But sadly, I ate my words. After awhile the heel at the back of my feet began to hurt. The backside of the shoes was scraping my skin. I started to walk like a limp duck again. When I can't tolerate the pain anymore I asked him if we could go to the car to check on my feet. I even wanted him to carry me already.

   What i saw made me cringe. Poor feet! I didn't get any new sores on my toes this time but I had red ugly and painful blisters at the back of my feet. The backside of the shoe was quite sharp which caused all the unsightly scrapings and wounds. He had to rush to the nearest Watsons to buy first aid shoe plasters and gels. Our lovely day was cut short by my stupid feet!

Something is obviously wrong...

 My theory::

a) my feet's dimensions must be so unproportionate to the width height of the shoe structure, i should've chosen the wide size tsk..tsk...
b) I must have abnormal bone structure at the backside of my feet which I never knew existed until i tried the Nobel pink jelly.
c) I should've chosen one size bigger than my actual size 7.
d) flats is simply not for me        

  When I told my friends about this experience they all just gave me a big laugh. It's like WTF am i talking about. It's their HG's when it comes to flats and they swear in unison that it's their most comfortable shoes ever. Well so much so forth for the nonexistent sympathy I got!

   So thats my sad experience with flats. Now I'm back to wearing high heels again. I just feel bad coz I just put these lovely shoes to waste. Aside from  eating my wallet they also ate my feet. As for Mr G, Sorry at least i tried!

 Moral of the story:

• stick to what you believe is best for you.
• wear something that pleases you and makes you feel good about yourself
• don't force it if it doesn't fit, unless you wanna end up with blisters all over
• make sure the shoe adheres to your feet, do a double or even triple check...don't worry about looking stupid parading all over the boutique as you try em' on.
• don't buy something you're halfhearted about.
• opt for cheaper but quality shoes when you're totally not sure about it, at least it won't hurt your pocket when you decide not to use them anymore
• don't sacrifice comfort over style  

That's all folks! Thanks for dropping by!



donnarence said...

ouch for that blisters.. very nice pink flats though..


Haha major ouch! Thanks for dropping by my pretty sis:-)

Megan said...

OMG I hate wearing flats.....I was born to wear high heels too!


Glad you feel the same way Megan. Heels rocks!

Missfittgirl said...

They really do rock! I wear them every single day to work, and everyone is always asking how I do doesn't even bother me:)


Missfittgirl, I think you look hot and sexy even without heels!:-)

LADY JOAN said...

aww sorry if you got blisters wearing them.. but those flats are the cutest!! I simply adore flats and these are to die for!


Thanks Lady Joan, my feet are the killers for these cute shoes...they're like screaming "No we wanna wear heels only!" haha:-)

Anonymous said...

Looove those shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

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