Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation Review

One of my all time favorite foundations!
My shade in Beige Albatre or 01
Clean, classy packaging with convenient pump
It blends divinely with my skin!

Price-2395 pesos (around $50)

   Enduringly Divine-Comfort Makeup
   14h Retouch-Free, Oil-Free-SPF10

*14h of ultra-perfection
   Ultra-wear transfer resistant, makeup that doesn't need retouching.

My take:

   This is one of my favorite liquid foundations. Why? because it is so hassle-free and easy to apply that I actually derive pleasure in putting this stuff on my face. It has "Soft Liquid" micro powder. The moment you spread the creamy fluid, you'd immediately feel it effortlessly blend so smoothly and seamlessly on your skin. Feels lightweight, comfortable and natural! True to it's claim, it really feels velvety-soft! I love touching my skin after!

   Makeup that glides well is the most important thing for me. I hate foundations that seems to get stuck, cakey or sticky on my skin that I have to vigorously rub it. That's a number 1 no-no and pet peeve! Add to that is 14 hours of ultra-perfect skin. How awesome is that! Thanks to Lancomes unique ColorKeeper pigments. It's ultra-fine coating pigments assures optimal level of super long lasting makeup wear. I did notice that all throughout the day my skin looked matte and even. The makeup still looked fresh, as if I just applied it. It never caked with my oily skin. Yes EVEN with my oily skin! A little pressed powder is all that I need to last me the entire day. 

   And the pigments are coated with an ultra-fine film which protects it from being transferred to your clothes. It just stays on the skin and not anywhere else! So less worry of smearing your makeup on your man's clothes especially during those steamy ultra-hot makeout sessions. 

   My complexion always looks bright, radiant and flawless everytime I use this. I'm not kidding! It's not one of those half-hearted "I think the makeup looks good enough on me crap!" There's no nagging feeling of uncertainty or there's something wrong somewhere thingie. You can face the day with so much confidence coz you know you're assured of beautiful looking skin. Even under the sun. This is what I feel everytime I use this. That's why I usually save this foundation during times when there's a special occassion and I don't wanna go wrong. 

   So there you have it. My personal experience with this awesome product. If you're on the hunt for a great liquid foundation, then this is a MUST try. The price is well-worth it. Thanks for dropping by again ya' all. See you again next time:-) hugs!


Monday, September 27, 2010

La Mer The Eye Concentrate Review

Price-9625 pesos (around $200)
Size-0.5 oz./ 15ml

   I'm actually over the moon when I finally got this. For the looongest time I've been mulling if I should get one or not. But everytime I do, the cheapskate in me just keeps on thinkin' about the many other items I can buy instead of just one jar. Hehe...I can have 4 Lancomes with one La Mer!

   So with closed eyes and a huge gasp, I gave in. I was poorer by around 200 dollars. How could such a tiny thingie like this cost so much! Well, it's La Mer that's why. And I've read and googled this brand for like a million times already. It's like the Rolls-Royce of moisturizers. La Mer was borne out of a brilliant aerospace physicist, Dr. Max Huber who suffered from severe chemical burns. He created an empire of a product originally intended to heal his own wounds.

   Everybody knows how darn pricey they are. But the amazing thing is that so many women aren't fazed by the expensive tag. They still grab em' coz they know it works and it's what makes every penny worth it.

   The moment my hand touched it I wanted to hold the box and the mini jar gently. It's like caressing a precious piece of art from a gallery. I didn't slam nor throw it like the rest of my toiletries. I treated it with tenderness. Tsk...tsk...product discrimination! Hehe!

   And there's nothing even fancy about the packaging. The mint green box looks simple and ordinary. Even the jar itself is not over the top or fussy looking. It's really just the contents that you're paying for. It also comes with a silver spoon. Which got me to thinking that hmmm...must be made out of real silver to compensate for the price(jk!).

   The silver ball tip applicator feels soothing and cool as you gently massage it onto the undereye area. It doesn't tug the skin the way sometimes a finger does and it ensures a smooth and even application of the concentrate. You only need to use the cream sparingly, as a little amount goes a long way.

   The cream itself is light, not too thick nor greasy. Just right with a faint pleasant smell. It contains the company's patented Miracle Broth to deeply condition and smoothen the eye area. It also aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles for those much desired healthy looking eyes.

   I immediately noticed that my undereye skin looked drenched and moisturized. Everytime I wake up, it looked as if I was able to sleep for a good 8 hours even when I didn't. A few weeks later I noticed that it reduced the puffiness around my eyes and it visibly brightened my dark circles! The area looked plumper and more supple. So my peepers looks less tired and well rested. Just what I need! And hydration also lasted all day long.

   I'm definitely impressed with La Mer's Eye Concentrate! No wonder so many are gushing about this "miracle" cream. It worked like magic on my skin. The steep price is totally worth it as one jar could last up to 4 months. My only regret is that it took me so long to wait and try this. I could just imagine how much better looking my eyes wouldv'e been had I started using this cream early on. But oh well, it's not yet too late to counteract the effects of late night outs and sleepless nights...La Mer will save the day!

   I'm glad I have this. It is the best eye cream for me. Beats out all the other brands i've known, hands down! I'm a convert now. My new Holy Grail! It will definitely become a staple product in my beauty regimen. It's the mother of all eye creams for me.

   It's best that we start taking extra good care of our skin while we're still young or else the  damages would be irrepairable. So if you're still on the lookout for an effective eye cream, look no more...La Mer Eye Concentrate might just be the answer to your prayers. I know coz it answered mine!(i'm not exaggerating here..he he!) :-)    

Totally looove this!

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By the way, here's a little sneak preview of  my upcoming product posts:

   I will make a review with some of these make up loots soon, gotta do some road test first
    Until next time again my sweet dear ladies:-)

UPDATE (Dec 15, 2010)

This is the state of my jar now...
I'm almost about to run out! Hu Hu :-(
I really really LOVE this!!!
But its so darn expensive!
It really made my undereye  look so much better...
So i'm scrimping on it

So dearest Santa you know what i want...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Belated Birthday Pics...

   September has been one helluva' rollercoaster month for me. From feeling really down with my grandmas demise to feeling high again when i celebrated my birthday last September 12.

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   So let me share a brief story about my birthday surprise courtesy of Mr G...

   A week before my special day, he saw how sad and devastated I was from losing Granny. So he tried his very best to console, comfort and make me feel better because he knew how deeply affected I the point that i wasn't even looking forward to my own birthday anymore.

   Despite all that he still continued to uplift my spirit. He constantly assured me that he will soon make me "smile" again. But he also warned me that there will be days when i'm not gonna see him, that he's gonna be out, that he will be very very busy and that i'm not supposed to know what it's all about. So i just let him be...


   Obviously, he's up to something! I knew he's planning some sort of a surprise coz' sometimes I can see traces of party papers peeking out of the many bags he's hiding from me. I also saw some nicks and paper cuts on his palms. Proof of hard work. Hehe!  Since he cannot execute his plan at home coz I'll be able to see it, he decided to transform our vacant condo into something else.

   And boy what a surprise it was! I wanna share to you guys some of the pics i took during my bday.

Here they are:
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Cute birthday candles...
Happy birthday to me!
A year older
And wiser
Or am i?

Mr G blindfolded me
and led me from the mini hallway to the sala.
I was totally shocked when i saw how different
the condo looked like.
He totally transformed it!
It was like i'm in another place.
It looked kinda mod and retro.
I half-expected Austin Powers and the Shagadelic peeps to pop out.

This is how the kitchen looked like.
All my favorite dishes were served!
Drapes and foil strips were everywhere.
It looked so fun, funky and "funtastic"!

I was just in awe with all of Mr G's efforts
He decorated the place according
to my taste and how i will like it.
The colors, style and even the
littlest details were really taken care of.

To add more drama
He even draped fuschia and neon green cloths on the hand rails.
The colors blended well with the balloons.

He literally filled the entire ceiling with balloons.
Patrick, Snow White and butterfly balloons galore...haha!
I felt like a kid lost in dreamland...

Birthday flowers.
My favorite flower.
In my favorite shade.
So thoughtful of him!

I loooved my birthday cake!
He specifically asked the fab cake maker, Penk Ching of Pastry Bin
to create a cake out of my favorite Louis Vuitton bag...Manhattan GM
How cool is that!
In carrot and walnut flavor which i like.
I was totally floored!

They even added cute makeup stuffs.
Candy eyeshadows, powders, liners and lipsticks!
Which i all ate after!
Except the bag coz its too big...and too pretty.
I just want to encase it or even use it. Haha!
Bye-bye diet!

Cake details up close
In side view.
You can even see the tiny stitchings.
The bag is also semi-open.
Just exactly how i use my bag.
I keep forgetting to close the zipper all the way.
And for it to be captured in a cake is just sooo amusing!

Say hello to the birthday cupcakes...
In mini bag and shoe designs.

The teeny tiny cupcakes looked adorably cute.
Scattered all around the place.
So feminine and girly looking!

It is just so me.
Im a high-heels girl.
The chocolate cupcake with mint frosting is yummy!
I ate more than i should...tsk...tsk...
But i cant help but be tempted
with such a sweet looking thing.

Mr G made an altar of my gifts.
I know it's a lot!
Well that's just how he is.
He loves to shower me with gifts.
Even when i tell him no need!
But i'm not complaining either...hehe

I loved all my presents
All well-thought of.
LV Alma Vernis MM bag in Pomme d' Amour, Charriol, I-Pad, Pearls,
Running shoes, Oakley shades, lilac PSP and assortment of makeup...
My sweet cousin and her hubby
also gave me a very nice gift, an
I-pad holder and protector.

My two birthday dogs Chino and Zoe
who both wore red just for the occassion also
had fun celebrating with me....
Now they both look so tired and conked out!

It's a wrap!
What a memorable and happy birthday!
I am truly touched with all the time, effort and love
Mr G poured just to make my birthday extra special.
I appreciate everything...
Honestly i wouldv'e been just as happy
Just holding his hand
Just being with him
loving him
Not just on my birthday
But each and every day...

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   Afterwards, we met up with my family for a dinner buffet at Spiral in Sofitel. So more food chomping moments ensued! I could barely breathe or walk after. Gotta hit the treadmill again soon or else...!

    T'was a perfect nightcap to end the lovely day. I had a wonderful time just being around the people who loves me the most. And that's all that i need!

Overall, my birthday was just...

Hope you liked my pics! And may you all have a great weekend ahead...hugs!

 To my Granny dear, in my heart I knew you were there with me...miss you so much! :-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodbye Granny...

Kathryn E Bennett

                                      candle burning
                         Image by

       Image by

                       Image by

 An ominous cloud loomed over my head last September 2, 2010. A sense of forboding fear suddenly crept into my system. Signalling that something inevitable is about to happen. Something sad and unknown. I can feel it coming. So strong. So heavy... I tried so hard to brush it off my chest. Kept reminding myself that I may be wrong... yet I knew deep inside my instincts rarely fails me.

   My intuition proved right. The thing that I dreaded to hear all my life has finally happened. Two simple but devastating words made me tremble to my deepest core--"Granny's dead!". She succumbed through cardiac arrest. She was 87 years old. I felt as if a bucket of ice-cold water was thrown at my face. I was suddenly jolted out of my safe cocoon. It seemed surreal. Like a bad dream. A bad joke. A big lie. A huge mistake. Tell me anything else except her death! She was supposed to be invincible, one of those people who simply must NOT die!


   She was a strong woman. A fighter! She barely got sick or hospitalized. Her stamina was awesome. Up to the last years of her life she loved to travel and see the world with us. At her age, you can still see the childlike expression living in her eyes. Even the smallest things makes her giggle. How we loved pampering her! She was our "big baby" and she absolutely enjoyed it! She was vibrant, lively and full of warmth. Just the sweetest! Words cannot even justify how much sunshine she brought into our lives. She was my source of comfort, my security blanket...a home within a home.  

   Then I saw her. Lying still...motionless. Her head stretched upwards. The same way when she gasped for her last breath. Her lifeless body all fragile and tiny. A far cry from the once vivacious lady we all knew. It broke my heart seeing her that way! That painful scenario will forever be imprinted in my mind...

   I wanted to scoop her, cradle her in my arms and make her feel my love. And then I remember thinking that she MIGHT still wake up. That she can't really be dead! I was touching, crying, kissing, holding and telling her "Granny I'm here! Please wake up! I love you!".

    I badly wanted to breathe through her mouth and rescusitate her. I wanted to shake her limp body and rouse her from death. But I was powerless...helpless. I just held her chest so tight that for a moment I thought I felt her heartbeat...only to realize that it's mine. :-(  


   Tears were flowing everywhere as my immediate family gathered at the ICU. Comforting and consoling each other's grief. You can almost cut through the thick air of emotion blanketing the night. The heavy rains were ironically in synch, weeping along with us. While the rest of the world was peacefully sleeping. 

   Meanwhile, the nurses seemed oblivious. Probably numbed and used to all the tears. The atmosphere was depressingly somber. At the far end of the room, I caught sight of another patient bravely fighting for his life. It made me think that death is like a thief in the night. You'll never know when it'll strike. Perhaps another set of family would arrive. Another round of heartbreak and tears. Another possible loss in this neverending cycle called... life. 

death prayers

   After sometime the dispatcher whisked Granny's body away. Covered in a blanket...that unmistakeable white blanket! Yet, a part of me was still in DENIAL. Still half-expecting that she'd open her eyes and say "Wait, I'm back!". And then I'd rejoice and say "I knew it!".

   But her cold and stiff body crushed all my remaining hopes... I no longer have her. I will never hear her sweet voice, see her cute granny goose face and touch her soft mottled skin again. She's gone... A painful reminder that we are all but mere transients on this earth, just passing by with our borrowed lives.  A wake up call that somewhere, somehow, sometime life has to end. And there's nothing we can do but accept God's will.

             Surreal Art

   I felt as if I was in the movies. Silently watching all these from afar. But this time I'm no longer just a mere spectator, i'm now a PART of it. And there are no scripts or lines to read. No chance to edit and rewind the scenes. I wanted out! But this is reality. Raw and uncensored. There's no director to shout "CUT!". The film of life just keeps on rolling, capturing every moment in it's purest form.    

   Time seemed to be at a standstill as we prepared for the funeral arrangements. You don't even know where you get the energy to move about, to do all the necessary things. Everything seems like a blur. A whirlwind of events. Coffin. Wake. Mass. Condolences. Reunions. Flowers...etc. I felt like a dazed zombie going through all the notions. A huge part of me just wants to stay home. To silently grieve and be alone.          


    Hearing sad songs just ignites the pain. I'd find myself staring at space...crying...anywhere...even at public places. Seeing random grandmas walking around makes me teary-eyed. It makes me miss my Granny even more. I cant help but feel a pang of jealousy for those fortunate enough to still have their grandmas around. 

   And looking at the cheerful faces of strangers on the street, makes me wonder. How could they look so happy? How could their lives look so normal?...while here I am feeling so sad.


    Happiness felt like it abandoned me a million years ago...when only last week I was still feeling high. But life HAS to go on for everyone, even to those whose worlds have seemed to stopped.  Now I'm stepping into the other side of the fence. Where strength, hope and courage intersperse with darkness, sorrow and longing. 

   Sometimes I find myself in chaos. Sad that she's gone. Happy because I know she's gonna be in heaven. As a human, I hated the limitations of the physical body. But as a Christian I know her spirit will live on. Been crying. Laughing. Trying to act normal. Crying. Wondering. Missing. Having constant flashbacks. Seeing Granny's face over and over. My interval of emotions are on an all time high!...that it's already draining me as a whole. 

   Then there were those times when she "visited" me. Making her presence known. Three days after her death I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a very cold sensation envelope me. It was so cold that it made me chill and shiver. I knew she was hugging me tightly... 

   Or when I saw that big brown butterfly perched outside the window. I knew it was her. Just watching over me. Perhaps she's tryin to comfort me, letting me know that everything's gonna be ok. That she continuously loves me...even from beyond.

Grandma's Memorabilia   

  Granny was laid to rest a few days ago, September 8, 2010. It was a bright and sunny morning. The cemetery looked so calm and serene. The trees were swaying along to the melancholic beats of the brass band. While the air's soothing breeze caressed my face gently as if it were Granny's palms.

   As the casket was being lowered to the ground, the trumpet sounds were drowned by the increasing wailings of those she left behind. Us. I can't help but sigh knowing that the person inside is someone very dear to me. 

   After sometime i realized that I have to accept reality. Release her. And let her go. Give her some sense of closure. A finality. Send her off to a better place where she can laugh and giggle with the angels all day long. 

   Though her earthly body is no longer with us, her memory will continue to live on. Her love will forever be etched in our hearts. And everytime i'll miss her, I need not look far. All I have to do is close my eyes and I know she'll always be there.

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I love you so so so much my dearest Granny...someday we'll see each other again!