Sunday, November 14, 2010

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream Review

 2 in 1 product

Gel like consistency that blends well

I use this both as moisturizer and concealer primer
Light and fast-absorbing
This opaque gel has the kind of consistency
That instantly sinks into skin
Leaving it soft and smooth
Makes concealer application so much easier
As it glides like silk
 Which lessens unnecessary undereye tugging

Creamy gel

Though it didn't do much for dark circles
I noticed that in time
It helped in de-puffing my eyes
Made them look firm and well-rested...
And the silicone base gel filled the fine lines as well
For that even-toned look

Concealer without the cream

With MAC fast response cream
Concealer blends even better

I consider this as one of those products
that is GREAT to have but i CAN live without
I think that regular eyecreams can achieve a similar effect
at a fraction of a cost

Will i repurchase?

Hmmm...perhaps yes
when i have lots of extra moohlahs to burn
The small white tube will last for a long time anyway
As only a small amount is needed...
But for now i'll enjoy using this
up to the very last drop!

Gotta go now! Thanks for visiting sweeties! :-)


Pammy said...

That sounds like a nice eye cream. And if it did a good job in depuffing your under eyes, than it must be a good product. :P

Nadine Natalin said...

looks like a great product :)

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness :) Have a great day, doll.

Catamiaou said...

I really should try MAC products


Thanks pretty ladies, there are really lots of nice MAC stuffs to try:-)

Anonymous said...

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wrinkle cream reviews said...

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B said...

I just saw this featured in a magazine and, although I'm looking for an eye cream/primer, I wanted to know how it performs since it's not cheap. After reading your review I really want to try it now!