Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apple iPad Review

Isn't my wallpaper cute? hehe :-)

My iPod Touch looks like a mini-me version!

Default icons/applications

I haven't downloaded anything yet
But soon i will add games, games and games!


Very easy to understand settings
You won't even have to read the manual anymore!
(but better if you do...hehe)


I obviously haven't placed any contacts yet
Too lazy...hehe
But i'll start putting soon...hopefully;-)


This feature won't give you
much excuses to miss those important
appointments anymore...
Will keep track of your schedules
like a trusty old secretary


It automatically sorts out photos by events and dates
Very convenient for DISORGANIZED girls like me
You can also use this as a digital picture!


I use this as sort of a "digital scratchpaper" for blogging
or writing whatever that comes into mind
Comes in handy everytime i forget to bring pen and paper


Sending and receiving emails becomes a breeze
as i can do it anywhere that has a wifi connection


I especially like this function coz i can conveniently
LOCATE any place, anywhere in the world
No more getting lost!
Just type any address and the map will
instantly show you where...


You can download videos easily
and watch them wherever you are
Comes in handy when you're super BORED


I don't really use this at all
since i prefer using a separate iPod

I placed a clear plastic casing (Maclove) at the back 
to protect it from scratches

I had to buy a separate Apple SD card slot
Since iPad doesn't have one...tsk...tsk!
To be able to transfer pictures straight from my camera

I also got this hot pink padded cover (Javasparks) for further protection
Especially since i'm prone to dropping my things

Chino and Zoe posing with it

My beloved iPod Touch had to take a backseat when this baby arrived.
 I have to admit that the only reason why i wanted this
was because of the hype it received
But now that i'm using it
I fully understand why so many people love this!

Albeit the size, its features are very similar to iPod Touch.
Same interface, touch-screen  applications and look.
I prefer using this though coz' surfing is more pleasurable
with its huge screen

The battery life is excellent!
You could surf from midnight til' morning
And you'll still have enough left
Saves you the hassle from constant rechargings

It would have been awesome if
 only Apple added a built in camera...
But that's asking for too much already!
Nevertheless i'm very satisfied
Truly a great buy!

That's all for now
Thank you sweeties!
See you again next time:-)


Pammy said...

Ooh, you wall paper is super cute! :P

Eva said...

omg i'm so jealous i want an ipad! thanks for dropping by my blog! yes i super love everything i got too hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi how much did you buy the Apple SD card slot?


hello, thanks for dropping by. Sorry I dont really know the exact price of the sd slot coz its also a gift from mr g..hehe

Nadine Natalin said...

An iPad :) I want it by the way cute wall paper

Nelah said...

Great review, I have been curious to know about how good it is and what the flaws are.

Stop by and enter my "Dior & Urban Decay - Glam Those Eyes" giveway, if you are interested :)

Toni Tralala said...

That's absolutely adorable! I like the case! :)

I want a Kindle for Christmas. It's either that or wait for a new IPad to come out. I wonder what other features they'll add to it though.

It's really cute! :)

StyleFrost said...

Great review, so jealous, so want one!

Curves ahead makeup said...

loved this review you just made me want this more I'm getting it for Christmas !!! thanks

ps by the way new follower hope you can follow too !!

VildesVerden said...

I love my ipad hubby gave it to me for xmas