Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modelco Lipstick in Abbey

A great find from Modelco's
Satin Lip Couture line

I was pleasantly surprised with this lippie
Wasn't really expecting much from it
I thought the mirror thingy was all its got
And that it's just gonna be another forgettable lipstick

But i was totally wrong...
This lippie feels so darn good!
It even has the feel of a more expensive lipstick

Say hi to Abbey

Clean white rectangular casing...
Easy to find in a sea of black lipsticks

Built-in mirror

I like this clever addition
No need to fumble for your compact anymore!
Makes lipstick application so much easier
Especially when you're always on the go

Super hydrating
(you can tell from this shot)

So soft, silky and satiny!
Really lives up to its' Satin Lip Couture line
I don't even need to apply balm anymore
Coz' its ultra moisturizing!

Swatch test

With flash on my lips

Without flash
(I know this pose looks weird
But i can't think of any other "lip poses"..hehe!)

The color is so lovely too!
It instantly brightens the face
Even with just one swipe
Its creamy texture evens the liptone
And it doesn't bleed nor crease
Only downside is that it's not longlasting
Lasted about 3 hours--tops!
But that's pretty ok for me anyway

Will i repurchase?

Absolutely yes!
I'm very happy with this product
This is the kind of lipstick that you have to try
In order to appreciate
It may not be as popular as MAC or Nars
But it truly is a great find

Ok, enough of the gushing!
Thanks for revisiting
Stay PRETTY!!!
Mwaaah!!! :-)

I'm thinking of doing something exciting  for you guys soon (maybe after the holidays)...

Stay tuned for updates:-)


nisa-chan said... the color! it's suit on your lips :)

Pammy said...

The color is so pretty on you. I think most colors are pretty on you anyway. Major plus that it's moisturizing! :P

Nadine Natalin said...

i love the color :) && nice review

Traveliztera said...

wow. built-in mirror=FTW.

I just bought two lipsticks awhile ago that were more into moisturizing because my last 2 lipsticks made my lips--uglier =(

Seeing how this particular lipstick came out on you is tempting me to try it too. :D
i really like the shade!


Thank you, the color is really nice especially when you see it in person:-)

Angie said...

the colour is beautiful and it look so even on your pretty lips!

<3 angie

gyc said...

wow the colour is so gorgeous! and it looks lovely on your lips ^^

Sara.H said...

The shade of this lipstick is so pretty :) Love it on you! ^ ^

Jennifer said...

thanks <3 i will! love what you did to the photos on you blog :D!

HitomiNeko said...

the moisturizing part sounds pretty good!

Read the story here, Please help. Thank you

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


Awww thanks so much:-)

Mooshi.Chui said...

wow... that colour is gorgeous!!!
and looks great on your lips

xx mooshi

Emmaleigh said...

the lipstick looks "hydrating", just by looking at the picture. I think, the colour looks good on you, sis. ;)

Beauty Addict said...

I never tried any models Own make Up... this lipstick looks so pretty on you! I might check them out!

Miss*Kimmy said...

That's a really cool case! I've never tried Model Co before, is it a new line?