Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Overnight Eye Mask

My sleeping baby Zoe as my muse

   While I was busy browsing thru some beauty stuffs at Sasa I asked the SA which product she would recommend that's best for undereye circles. She excitedly pointed out Methode Swiss Thermal Overnight mask. Hmmm... quite pricey! no wonder she's giving me all that sales talk spiel. Well there's no harm in trying anyway and it's made in Switzerland(also famous for flawless Swiss skins) so I bought one.

   But when I got to the counter, the cashier gleefully told me "Oh you got this! Very good product!". Of which another SA added "Good buy!". I was like Whoa! Is there some sort of conspiracy thing going around here? Why are they so giddy about this? Besides no need for all that hard sell since I was about to pay anyway. So I was left to wonder why amongst all my loots and hauls they are only gushing about this particular item.

   Because of those SA's I cannot wait for dinner to be over so I can wash my face and apply this eye mask. Here's what's written at the back...

To use: Hold upright and slowly depress the pump with your thumb to release the product, then glide the expert applicator under the eye, from the inner to the outer corner. *easy part, done in a jiffy*
For optimum relaxing action, it is recommended to follow the Methode Swiss Relaxing Eye Self-Massage Program. Leave on overnight.*what?too lazy to follow that*
   The mask has a gel like substance with green specks that melts upon contact with skin.

It promises to:
-smooth out the wrinkles of the eye contour
-visibly reduce dark circles
-leaves eyes re-plumped, younger&tighter
-makes the skin more elastic and younger looking

*it is suitable for those who have dry skin, fine lines or dull skin tone around the eye zone or dark circles.

   Thermal Oxygen Complex, Swiss Thermal water

Suitable for:
   All skin types

My verdict:
•since I still don't have wrinkles around my eyes, naturally I didn't notice any smoothing or contouring
•surprisingly, it did lighten my circles! approximately a shade lighter
•my eyes also looked re-plumped and energized even after late night outs!
•the fragile undereye zone looks more taut and fresher

   Well, those SA's were right. It's really a good product. For I saw noticeable changes. This product is perfect for insomniacs like me who still wants to look decent the following day. Since I rotate my eye creams, I use this on days when I lack sleep coz im assured of not looking like a panda when I wake up. Its quite pricey at $61.90 but I still think it's well worth it. I'm about to finish mine and if my budget permits, I'd still love to get another one.:-)    



The beautiful life of Angela said...

awww your dog is so cute!! he really took the "overnight"-thing literally..adorable


The beautiful life of Angela


sugar sugar said...

They should get Zoe to endorse their product. Sooooo cute! :3

Great review!

This is an interesting product. Will definitely check this out when I start getting dark eye circles and wrinkles around my eyes which I hope wouldn't be soon. x)

Jorge Alexander said...

süßer hund )

Jorge Alexander said...

u are so cute, danke, danke :D

clumsyliz said...

where did you buy that? ahaha i like!! mahal ata? im sure!. ikaw pa hahhaa joke lang

clumsyliz said...

pag nalulungkot ako dumadaan talaga ko sa blog mo.. hehehe. =)


Awww clumsyliz touch naman ako with your message.. .Don't be sad na:-)

erin said...

hi! this is my first time to comment on your blog, i'm interested in the methode swiss eye mask, is the price in USD or HKD? thanks a lot :)

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Hi Erin, the price is in US dollars, I forgot the hk dollar equivalent of these. I just had to check in google for its price again:-)

erin said...

Hi Minakichu,

Thanks for replying. I just asked my bf to check it in Sasa HK, the price is HKD384 :). Btw, love the purple LV epi bag, it's the first time something from LV caught my eye.


Hello Erin, nice to hear from you again. Can't wait to go back to Hk! Your bf's so sweet to check it out for you. Next time I buy I'll keep track of the prices, hehe.:-)

Anonymous said...

i have this product too and it really helps with my dark eye circles!! pity it's quite expensive :(

Anonymous said...

Bishan SaSa now having promotion if you buy any item you can buy this eye mask at $39.90. hurry while stock last. This is also recommended by the salesgirl. I will try it tonight. Hope it smoothen my dry, wrinkle, dark circle eyes due to late sleep.

Anonymous said...

Methode Swiss is owned by Sa Sa hence the excitement of all their SA's