Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kanebo Kate Lipgloss in PK-6 and Katre Restaurant

Hello beautiful bloggies! It's already February and it's the love month so I decided to do a post fit to use for Valentines day. Lovely pink lips courtesy of Kanebo and mouthwatering dishes by Katre Restaurant...

Sleek tube casing that looks chic and sturdy

As some of you know, I have a penchant for pink lipsticks and glosses. And this one deserves some extra credit. I have been using this for quite sometime now and I have to say it does a great job in giving me pretty polished pink lips or my "triple P". It can be worn alone or over any pink lipstick as it's nice sheer shade will easily blend and enhance any lip color.


Chose the PK-6 shade
I hate it when they use numbers or letters instead
So hard to memorize!
If i had it my way i'd call this Prismatic Pink hehe! ;-)

There's someting nice and unique
with this applicator
It contours nicely on my lips
The wand is pliable and bends accordingly 
to every "nooks and corners" of my mouth

Sheer and shimmery...

The color speaks for itself, it even looks better IRL!
It adjusts to my natural lip tone
The shimmers looks brilliantly pretty when hit by light
It is glittery in a pleasant way
Gives sort of an iridescent effect...

(^worn alone)
So get ready for lovely, moist and kissable looking lips :-)

I would love to try other Kate lipglosses from Kanebo as this one fairly impressed me. Though the lasting power is average, a few swipes here and there won't hurt! It has a great consistency that doesn't feel too thick or gooey. It is less sticky than the regular lipgloss which is actually the primary reason why i was bowled over by this. It is also super moisturizing so even the driest lips will feel drenched and hydrated. At the same time, it doesn't have a strong scent, so no need to worry if you are too finicky or sensitive with smell. The best part is it is very affordable! Sorry, i forgot the actual price as i bought this several months back but i do remember it being cheap. Hehe!  :-) For a Japanese drugstore brand, this quality product is great value for your money. I give it two thumbs up! 

Moving on, i rarely write about foods or restaurants but since Valentines day is coming, i figured why not post one of my favorite restos in Manila. They serve the most amazing Mediterranean-fusion dishes that will surely tickle your tastebuds. I love coming back to this place, the food is just sooo divine! A true fine dining experience that never fails to leave my spirit and tummy happy! :-) So if you're on the lookout as to where to bring your date/hubby this month of hearts, Katre is definitely a nice/cozy place to have dinner with your special someone.

Seared Tuna...my all time favorite
It has black ink squid rice-Yummy!
The food presentation is superb too

Roast Chicken

My window view

Cozy ambiance
Great date place

Cuisine: Mediterranean
Tel #: 373-4705
Location: #103 Dr. Lazcano St., Tomas Morato Quezon City
*open from Tues-Sun at 12pm-2pm/6pm-10pm

So that's it for now. Thank you again for dropping by and sending some sweet thoughts over. I DO appreciate each and every comment that comes my way. <3 <3 <3

Byeeee for now! :-)


Alex said...

The food looks amazing making me hungry!

Belle said...

The gloss looks so dazzling and pretty, i miss buying Asian cosmetics as its hard to find these stuffs in my place.:)

Reina (The Pink Fence) said...

happy love month to you :)

thats a pretty pink gloss! and the food looks so delicious.


@Alex-the food is really scrumptiously yummy:-)
@belle-I think ordering online would enable you to get easy access over some nice Asian finds
@Reina-advance Happy Hearts Day too sweety:-)

sugar sugar said...

Food posts always make me hungry! x) Especially when the food looks extremely delicious. I am going to TM one of these days to dine there LOL! :D

I also have many pink glosses. ^^ I saw Kanebo Kate on Ebay before for only 700 I think. :)

Vanity's Child said...

i want that shade lip gloss!!
by the way, i'm your newest follower, i hope you could check out my blog too. ;)

modniza said...

love this gloss!and food is so yummmiiiiii

Madiha said...

That gloss look really good on you & the food looks so yummy that it made me really hungry ;) BTW i must say you are very creative i always love the way you do your pics it makes your blog really unique! and that animated character at the end of your post is so cute :)

Pammy said...

That lipgloss looks so pretty that I want to snag it. :P Looks really lovely on your puckers.

And that roast chicken looks really yummy. :)

Anna Crystal said...

Unfair, I just woke up because my grumbling stomach told me to finally get outta bed and the first thing I see is your food post LOL hahaha

Bitch said...

Wish you a very great month
full of LOVE.


@Sugar-thanks for providing the price coz' i really cant remember it, do let me know if you actually go there and try their food:-)
@Vanity's Child-thank you for your nice comments and for dropping by:-)
@modniza-thanks dear, hugs!:-)
@Madiha-wow it warms my heart that you appreciate the effort i put behind each post, makes me smile:-)
@Pammy-i'm sure this will look lovely on you as well fellow pink lippie junkie:-)
@Anna Crystal-haha i too got hungry looking at my own food post haha:-)

gingerSnap said...

Kissable lips! I have many pink lipglosses but this one is different, perfect on your pout. And the food,
you make me craving for seared tuna.

rakhshanda said...

Such a lovely shade!! Looks great on you honeY:)

rakhshanda said...

Such a lovely shade!! Looks great on you honeY:)


@gingersnap-I definitely agree that this is a different kind of pink, it makes my puckers standout. You should try this too:-)
@rakhshanda-thanks Hun for the lovely message, appreciate it much:-)

Eva said...

Really pretty gloss!! It looks gorgeous on your lips!

mmm everything looks so good!

Marcy said...

That food looks so yummy!!


cocoabee said...

the lip gloss and food looks goooood 8)

& the girl in my header isn't me, she's a popular hong kong model who goess by "angelababy" i wish it were me though!

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

You have the most luscious lips! I envy you haha...The packaging reminds me of Laura Mercier lip glosses.

and lol to your triple p. I love pink lipsticks and lip glosses too!


@Eva-thanks 4 the nice compliment:-)
@Mary-i wish you could try these foodies if only theyre not far from where you are hehe:-)
@cocoabee-its really good!i bet you're equally as pretty!
@Becky-haha yay for my thick lips haha! thanks for the compliment pretty!

wintergurl said...

love ur blog . really enjoy read it .
the lips gloss really nice

Mimi said...

oh wow! that food looks so beautiful and delicious! i'm so hungry...

<3, Mimi

Beauty Addict said...

It looks so pretty and juicy!!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Marie said...

Amazing pigmentation, lovely shade too.:D

Thanks for featuring Katre, I will try to check this out when I come visit.:D

***** Marie *****

Jennifer said...

the food pics are making me drool! *stomach drums*

I love what you did with the photography of the lip gloss in the first pic <3 and it looks very plumping too!

Pop Champagne said...

yummy food post, and I love kate lip glosses, they're one of my fav. have a great weekend!

Karen said...

That lip gloss is so pretty on the lips!! No wonder you love it so much.. I want to find something to give me triple P lips too :D My gosh the restaurant looks cozy and romantic indeed.. hope you have another cozy, romantic Vday this year!

Merel ♥ said...

The gloss looks very pretty!
And I'm hungry after seeing the deliciouslooking food :p
x http://merlemoustache.blogspot.com/

Rinny said...

The lipgloss looks so pretty on you! And your food pictures are making me so hungry; everything looks really delicious *_*

Eugenia said...

MMMM the food AND makeup is making me drool!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The Kate lipstick is absolutely gorgeous. And you have such beautiful lips!!! :D

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nicee!i love this gloss.kahit na wala ako nito.pretty niya sa lips mo,and talk about food presentation...yumm

gyc said...

oh my goodness the food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! and that lipgloss really suits you... you have such nice plumpy lips! XD have a good valentines day ^^