Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MUFE Eyeshadow in Irisee

Hello my dear readers, friends and fellow beauty junkies. I left Manila last Feb 3 and i'm back here in LA now for a much needed break. Love the cold weather but i'm starting to have colds due to the change in temp. I'm even sneezing as i'm writing this...sigh:-( I wish to be back in tiptop shape in no time at all. 

Right now i'm gonna post this shadow powder that i've been using for quite sometime now. It's a nice shade any purple lover would love to own...


This is my "go-to' powder whenever i'm not fully satisfied with any of my purple eyeshadows. It comes to the rescue when the color i'm wearing is not bright or vivid enough. I just layer it over and voila--eyes that instantly stands out! Sometimes i use this powder alone (as shown in the picture above) just for the color itself. The sparkly purple shadow never fails to add oomph and dazzle to my eyes. It shimmers beautifully in different lightings.

Finely-milled powder

Very pigmented

My only gripe is that application can be quite messy. As with any loose powder inside a pot, the finely-milled powder tends to scatter all over the place the moment i twist the cap open. So placing a clean tissue underneath the pot is VERY helpful. You can dab and wipe the excess pigments off it. And you won't have to worry about staining your shirt or your bag. 

Vivid color

After a sweaty afternoon
This is how it looks like

-beautiful color
-lovely shimmers
-long lasting
-compact pot
-pot will last for ages
-reasonably priced

-messy application



I would love to try MUFE's other colors too. A rainbow of these pots would be fantastic! Anything sparkly and glittery would be perfect for me. But for now i'm still completely satisfied with this purple pot so all those other colors can wait for the meantime.  

I leave you with a few snapshots i took here one lazy afternoon...

Btw, my flight was one of the bumpiest flights i've ever had. I normally brush off any turbulence, but 4 hours prior to landing the plane was shaking like crazy (for a long time). Man, i was clutching my seat tightly and  when i looked out the window it was still pitch black. I was telling myself that if the plane crashes and i survive, i don't want to be thrown in total darkness.  Just the thought alone terrifies me! I even saw my aunt fumbling for her life vest readying herself for the worst. Hehe. And to think she is already a veteran when it comes to long flights. Also, the lady beside me brought out her prayer book and even farted twice (out of nervousness). Yikes! 

It was pure relief when we finally landed. Thank God!... i can't wait to raid Sephora, Ulta and even CVS drugstore products again! 

Thanks for dropping by my site again. I look forward to hearing from you girls!



Jennifer said...

the swatch is so pigmented and pretty! although application is a bit messy with pigments and loose shadows :P this looks like it would last a longggg time!

Michelle said...

I have yet to get the hang of using mineral shadows. Mine ends up everywhere else except where I meant it to be. :))

purplehatch said...

I so love purple <3 and i'd really like to consider buying this if my budget permits:)


@Jennifer-yeah i think this would still be around even long after i'm gone hehe:-)
@Michelle-sadly, it's true i still have to practice being so careful applying this
@purplehatch-i think its obvious why hehe, i forgot the actual price but remember this being cheap:-)

Madiha said...

Wow thats a really gorgeous color! lovely pics as usual ;)

sugar sugar said...

eeekkk!!!! more pictures of mina's face please. *goes into fan girl mode :p

purple is so 2011. i love the color mina! :3 you can also transfer the product into a jar with a sifter so it doesn't spill as much.

i'm glad you landed despite the scary flight. always take care of yourself ok? :) hugs!

luckiebeauty said...

Woah your flight was something! But it's done.Phew!
And the eyeshadow looks so pretty,nice pictures!

Pammy said...

Lovely color, really looks great on your pretty peepers. :P

I hope you feel better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

your flight story was scary!

im glad you and your family are ok :)

gingerSnap said...

Pretty eyes! Mina show us your lovely face please.

Bitch said...

what a story.
Thank God you are on earth and fine.
Love your make-up advices..
So purple is the color of this
summer. I got to try.

rakhshanda said...

Woww such a gorgeous purple shade!!! So pigmented too:)

modniza said...

looks great!!!

Alexandra said...

i love that color


@Madiha-thanks sweetie:-)
@sugar-you just made me laugh hahaha maybe when im not shy anymore i'll do a reveal, yay purple is 2011 and thanks for the concern dear:-)
@luckiebeauty-all i was thinking was to land safely and go to Sephora and makeup stores hehe:-)
@Pammy-the color is really nice and thanks, i'm starting to feel better again:-)
@Reina-its really one of the scariest i hope i wont go thru all that terror again:-)
@gingersnap-hehe yes prolly soon haha:-) just dont laugh haha
@Bitch-aww you're so sweet i really appreciate it:-)
@rakhshanda, modniza and alexandra-thanks ladies, its really a lovely color, hope you get to try this too:-)

Eva said...

omg i looove that color!! ah i have a lemming haha!

Marie said...

That's a good pigmentation and sorry about your flight, glad you're safe now!:D

***** Marie *****