Saturday, February 19, 2011

MACWonderwoman Amazon Princess Blush, Russian Red Lipstick and Susie Cakes

Hello, i've had a busy busy week here so i barely drop by and check out blogs. Now i can't wait to go back to bloghopping again. Weee!

My post for today is about MAC's sexy superhero...Wonderwoman . Up up and away!

Don't you love to become like Wonderwoman
Sexy, gorgeous and have super awesome powers!

Last week i went to Macy's and i saw the latest MAC Wonderwoman collection. So i immediately checked out what stuffs they got. I know i don't really need any of their items nor am i lemming for anything from this collection but for blogging purposes i bought 2 items that i like...tsk...tsk...

The packaging instantly attracted me coz' the "cartoon-y" effect amused me. It's like one of those fake toy makeup sets that you get while growing up. Plastick-y with bright colors.

After a few swatches i decided to get the Amazon Princess blush and the Russian Red lipstick. I also wanted to get the Star Studded quad eyeshadow from the collection but decided against it coz' at $40 i opted to buy Soft Ochre paintpot, concealer in N30 and a Chatterbox lipstick (which i'm loving so much now coz' people compliment me with that shade). I'll do a separate post with my other loots. And i'm planning to get more MAC stuffs too. hehe...

So here's my pick of the blush...

Amazon Princess blush retails at $24

I was standing at the MAC counter for quite sometime debating to myself if i should get this  or the Mighty Aphrodite. I find the deep blue pink with gold pearl a bit different to my usual peachy coral blush shades that Aphrodite has. So for a change i chose this one.

The packaging reminds me of  Shiseido's huge white face powder

L-pink with blue undertone
R-deep plum shade
(my skin is a bit dry due to the weather...sorry)

The colors combined together

How it look like on my cheeks
I'm using Bourjois Rose Toubib lipstick here

I have to say that the staying power of this blush is excellent. It almost lasted me the entire day. I use the pink as a blush and sometimes i mix them together to create a more dramatic effect. You can control the amount that you want depending on the look you need. Another good thing about this is that it can also be used as an eyeshadow with the pink as a base and the mauve as crease color. So it's basically 2 in 1 product. The color is vivid at first and then tones down after awhile. 

This blush could probably last me for years! so i have to veer away from buying similar shades as this one is enough for me. I'm quite happy with this one. I won't repurchase anymore coz' the container alone is already hard to finish and it's a limited edition as well!... Hehe:-)

Now let's move on to this sexy lipstick shade...

Russian Red lipstick retails at $15.50
It's so easy to spot this lipstick in my makeup bag!

Very bold and daring kind of red

I would've loved to use this shade last Valentines (was also my mom's birthday...Happy Birthday mom!)...but since i'm a thousand miles away, i'm gonna save it til' i get back home. Haha! I don't know why but lately i'm into using dark, bold lipsticks. Yes, for almost 2 weeks i've been using several kinds of mauve, deep red or burgundy colors. The shades that i don't usually use. That's why when i saw this, i didn't think twice about buying this because i thought it would be a nice option for my growing dark lipstick collection.

I guess they must've named it after those bloody-gorgeous Russian women hehe

Matte formulation

Without gloss

I added Wet n'Wild Diamond Brilliance clear gloss

This lipstick made my lips standout even from afar. Everytime i pass by mirrors, the first thing i would notice is my bold red lips. I feel that i could even stop cars with this shade. Haha! The bluish red color is something you cannot possibly ignore as it screams for attention. I only apply this lightly on my lips so it won't look too intense and then i coat it over with a clear gloss. That way it can still be wearable for daytime. Other than that this shade is also perfect to use at night.

Lasting power is good but the formulation is also quite drying so gloss! gloss! gloss! I won't repurchase this too coz' there's still a wide array of other reds to experiment and choose from. But overall, this is still a nice shade for me coz' it instantly brightens my face and the color looks sexy too. :-)

After a tiring day at the mall, we walked to this famous bakeshop at the back of Macy's that sells yummy cupcakes. My aunt swears that it's so delicious that i'm gonna love it. Honestly, i don't have a sweet tooth so i wasn't too excited. But i  like how quaint and cozy the place looks like! 

Well i'm glad i tried this coz' until now i still remember the sweet, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the frosting. The cupcakes are simply divine! Even somebody like me who's not so much into pastries is suddenly craving for one of those fantastic treats! If you happen to be around the area do try them and you'd simply love these delicious goodies! :-)

Cute quaint bakeshop at the corner

Welcome to Susie Cakes

Super pretty assortment of cupcakes and sweets

Cake corner

The famous Red Velvet cupcake--to die for!

I forgot the name of this yummy chocolate cupcake

That's all for today... 
Sorry it's quite a long post hehe
Again, many thanks for your sweet time!
Until next time pretty peeps
I still have too many loots/new products to post:-)


purplehatch said...

Hey,i love the effects and cool shots!I like the Amazon Princess too.It looks great on you.The cupcakes made me hungry too:)

Anonymous said...

i love this haul!

i am contemplating about getting something from this collection or just wait for the upcoming cute collection (i think april or may).

the cupcakes look delicious! from the photo, i can tell that it has a very creamy frosting!


@ourplehatch-gee thanks sweetie:-)
@Reina-i think it's better to wait for the cute collection coz' the name alone makes me want to wait too. The cupcakes are superduper yummy!:-)

Anonymous said...

I bought the mascara from this collection and it's just okay. The Amazon Princess was also on my mind and i'm still quite undecided but seeing how pretty it looks on you is making me tempted to go get one for myself.

Jennifer said...

amazon princess looks great on your cheeks!!! :D

rakhshanda said... are like a wonder woman princess looks great on your cheeks!! love love this post.

Pammy said...

Ooh, a quarter face FOTD. I can't wait to see a half or a full face FOTD! Pretty! :P

HitomiNeko said...

oOOo so lovely! XD

Thx for the nice comment~ I am glad you appreciates my design ^^

The MAC Wonderwoman packaging is eye catching~ I actually never read the comic but I think it looks pretty cool~ The colors you pick are cute ^ ^ love it ~

xoxo hitomineko xoxo
*Deco Mirror Giveaway*


@anonymous-i saw the mascara too but didn't buy it coz' i have another brand i'd like to buy in my mind:-)
@Jennifer-hehe thanks dear:-)
@rakhshanda-haha how i wish! you are always so sweet to me:-)
@Pammy-lol yeah i'm slowly getting there, thanks Pammy hahaha:-)
@Hitomi-i really dig your designs--keep it up! and thanks for the nice compliment:-)

Mimi said...

russian red is really such a beautiful color! i can't wait to see your other loots! and yummmmm, red velvet! :D

<3, Mimi

Jennifer said...

oh wait, MAC WW has come out in malaysia already?!! lol we're still waiting for it! the blush looks tempting :D

Amber said...

That blush is very pretty, unique. I like the lipstick too a Matte Red is always sexy!

Cindy Ellison said...

What a fantastic blog! I am loving the new features you are using on your blog. First of all, the photo of your face with the blush was simply beautiful ... flawless skin!
Love the packaging of the new Wonder Woman Mac products. You are making me want to get out my red lipstick. :-) Thank you for informing us about these new products.

I could sure use one of those cupcakes right now. What a cute shop it was. ♥ Cindy

Madiha said...

that blush looks lovely on you! :)

Anna Crystal said...

So looking forward to the WW goodies I'll get, probably two glosses, lipsticks and Aphrodite's Kiss (?)!

Hollie said...

Beautiful Pictures! I love the blush you got especially the Deep Plum shade. an Oh the lipstick (Bourjois Rose Toubib lipstick) you are currently wearing is Beautiful!

hmmm Cuppy Cakes! yumyum...

inge luciana said...

what a great haul!
I saw it in mac's website, and really love the packaging.

and really love the red lipstick, perfect!!

Rinny said...

I love the blush duos from the collection, but I'm not a really big fan of the "superhero" theme of the packaging >.< The blush looks gorgeous on you though!


@Mimi-it is really a striking color! a showstopper hehe and yeah lots of hauls coming up!:-)
@Jennifer-i'm pretty sure it will come out there soon anytime..gosh now i'm also tempted to get the Aphrodite
@Amber-such a sexy sexy color:-)
@Cindy-gee thanks for liking my effects hehe, i think this shade will suit you perfectly Cindy and when you go to LA do visit this cute bakeshop:-)
@Madiha-thanks sweety:-)
@AnnaCystal-now you're tempting me to getmore stuffs from WW..tsk..tsk
@Hollie-thanks dear and the bourjois lipstick is one of my favorites amongst my many lippies hehe:-)
@ingeluciana-yeah the packaging is amusing and something new to the eye, this is one nice shade of red i agree:-)
@Rinny-yeah it's either you love itor hate it thing with the packaging. Thanks for the compliment hun:-)

mskyou said...
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Karen said...

I love that perfect pink glow of Amazon Princess on your cheeks! I actually really wanted that shade as well.. but it was sold out online by the time I took a look. :( Russian Red is really pretty red, I love that it's bright but totally wearable.

Andrea D said...

I Love the blush!!
I am your newest follower..Check my blog out. I post random stuff but alot of it is beauty centered.

Hope 2 hear from u soon,

gingerSnap said...

Finally I saw 1/4 of your pretty face. luv the pinkish cheeks!

Marie said...

Nice haul and pictures.:D

Russian Red is my favorite and it looks great on you too.:D

***** Marie *****

Jannie said...

you look cute with your wonder woman makeup and sunglasses. :) i pre-ordered the amazon princess blush, but it never arrived when i picked it up. i got the reflects bronze glitter and heroine lipstick instead. the blush color suits you very beautifully. as for the susie cakes, they look delicious. :)

Anonymous said...

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Aru said...

lovely buyings!! *-* I really like russian red!! ^_^

Janine said...

ooo I love cupcakes! These are making me hungry!

sugar sugar said...

you look so gorgeous mina! i love the lipstick and the blush on you! i hope i can still buy something from this collection when it gets released here LOL! x)

Anonymous said...

То come off with a whole skin.