Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LV Mini Pochette Accessories Patch, an Award and a Beauty Tag

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of post. I have not been feeling well lately :-( Sigh! But i promise to be back on track soon. I really appreciate those who take time to visit, comment, tag and send me awards. Helps to cheer me up! For today 'll be showing another LV thing that i love...

Been loving this for so long!

Handy mini-size

Very cute pochette

Significant patches

Can store several small items, has a nice inner lining

I put a few of my knicknacks here

Chic way to store any stuff or whatsoever!

The first thing that attracted me to this teeny tiny bag is it's cute design which is a tribute to Louis Vuitton's rich history. The traditional pouch has been revisited with patches inspired from the archives. Each patch represent significant places memorable to the luxury brand. 

-golden-brass pieces
-zipper closure
-canvas and textile lining
-golden metal chain

I use this bag to store my extra knicknacks or stuffs. I sometimes carry it on its own when i'm too lazy to bring a regular sized bag. It also doubles as an alternate makeup bag when my LV cosmetic pouch is literally overflowing with cosmetics. This pochette helps organized my  normally messy bag. I am very pleased with this and i can see myself using this until i grow old:-)

Yey, i got another award again from 3 of the sweetest and most talented bloggers
Michelle-she posts great and clever ideas for makeup/accessories storage
Katrina-gives great reviews on affordable items for budget conscious people
Madiha-her gorgeous eye makeup skills are to die for

I'll be skipping the 7 things to know about me as i have previously answered it and i wanna tag again peeps who are interested.

Also, i got a beauty tag...


I got tagged by one of the fabulous bloggers i love, Eva of  Bella Chic. You should definitely visit her awesome blog:-)

1. Why did you create this blog?
       I want to share personal experiences from different makeups or items that i've tried and currently using. Put my 2 cents worth to it in the most honest way possible.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

       I mostly follow beauty/personal blogs. Also, those who follow me coz' i want to know better these awesome peeps reading my site. Learn a thing or two from them. :-)

3. Favourite makeup brand?

        I can't just name one, but i <3 MAC, NARS, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Lancome

4. Favourite clothing brand?

       H&M, Mango or Zara, actually i'm not to choosy or particular with clothing brands, as long as it fits and looks good then i'm good to go!

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

        Before it's concealer but thanks to La Mer the Eye Concentrate Cream, there's minimal need for it anymore. So my next best answer is a bright pink/rose lipstick. Instant face brightener :-)

6. Your favourite colour?

         Undoubtedly,bright pink--happy girly color!

7. Your perfume?

         I am super in love with DnG Light Blue and Narciso Rodriguez

8. Your favourite film?

         Malena-i can't get over how beautiful Monica Bellucci is and i love the movie's storyline.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

             I'd love to visit Mongolia-exotic and not too "touristy".

10. Make up the last question and answer.

What is your recent makeup discovery that you like-i just tried Maybelline's BB cream and i'm super duper surprised it worked for me, i love it! Two reasons, it made my skin look good and it's cheap.

I tag everybody who would like to try answering fun questions like this...

                  That's all folks thanks for visiting
                 Until next time sweeties! :-)


modniza said...

sooooo cool bag!!!!!love,love LV!!!

purplehatch said...

Wow this is sooo cute! i'd love to own one of these someday:)

Michelle said...

Here's another award for you! :)

♔ Reina (The Pink Fence) said...

that is a beautiful bag!

i hope you get better soon :(

Michelle said...

The bag is soooooo adorable! A departure from those classic LV's.

rakhshanda said...

Woww the bag is awesome!! Congrats on the awards:)

Anna Crystal said...

Seriously, I don't like LV at all, but the bags you got are always so cute and especially this print is SO pretty

sugar sugar said...

Mina I have never been a fan of LV but seeing your posts def. makes me reconsider that thought hahaha! x)

DnG Light blue is also my all time fave perfume.

Ohhh I'm curious why do you want to visit Mongolia?

♥ Sammi ♥ said...

Hiya! Just to let you know, I've changed my URL to

I've noticed that a lot of my readers can't read my blog anymore so please update any links. You may have to subscribe again via RSS/Google Friend Connect/Newsletter. Sorry about this, I definitely won't be changing my URL again. xD

Thanks, Sammi x

Cindy Ellison said...

First of all, I sure hope you are feeling much better! What a versatile Louis Vuitton purse with all the special features. No wonder it is a favorite of yours. The photos were excellent as always, I love the soft focus look and the golden colors.

Congratulations on your new recognitions! You deserve them! ♥


@modniza&purplehatch-thanks a lot:-)
@Michelle-yey, thanks for this one
@AnnaCrystal-hehe im glad you find the ones i choose cute:-)
@sugar-my LV fascination have somewhat simmered hehe, i chose mongolia coz i like to go somewhere exotic and not too touristy:-)
@Sammi-hello i'll definitely check out on it
@Cindy-i love reading your comments, your messages always warms my heart Cindy:-)

Pammy said...

Awww, get well soon dearie. Perhaps another LV bag can make you feel soooo much better? :P

That Maybelline BB Cream is nice, noh? And inexpensive too. :)


Thanks Pammy, haha another lv bag might make my pocket terminally ill haha! gosh i'm so in love with the maybelline bb cream! i've been neglecting Chanel and Lancome now haha:-)

amynaree said...

hope you get well soon :) the LV bag is really adorable, i'm loving the print as well!

HitomiNeko said...

awwwww LV... LOVE !!!!... mmm I want >_<

xoxo hitomineko xoxo

Eva said...

Aww hope you'll feel better soon :)
I love your LV collection soo droolworthy haha! Let me know what you think if you get the CCB i just love it!

kathy said...

water makes body healthier minakichu. then add a little bit of vit c, you'll be making your immune system boost up again! =)

get well soon.


@AmyNaree-thanks for your concern :-)
@Hitomi-it's really <3 !
@Eva-thanks sweetie, right now i'm in bag detox but will def let you know once it lapses hehe;-)
@Kathy-awww, you're so sweet! thanks for the advice. Will follow it:-)

The Beautifier said...

I really love your collection of handbags! You always come up with amazing ones! I am drooling over this one for sure!! xoxo

♥Jannie♥ said...

Congrats on all the awards you received. I liked reading the Q&As that came with the Love Your Blog tag. That's so cool you tried Maybelline's BB Cream. I've always wanted to try that, but I don't think it's available here.

Your LV bag is so cute. You have got to have one of the cutest handbags I've seen ever. :D This one is perfect for taking when you just want to carry a few things.

Thanks for the comment on my workout look with hearts. I may rock this on Valentine's Day or probably Late Valentine's Day, depending on when the BF visits. Hehe...

Take care. :D

Reese Milania said...

Love you LV bag, it's cute!!!

crystal glamour said...

love that LV bag too :)

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gingerSnap said...

I like your bag Mina! So cute..

Jennifer said...

omg the LV pouch is so cute and gorgeous!!!

Jennifer said...

p.s. thanks for your best wishes, i hope to recover asap!

Marie said...

Very nice bag!:D

I like Malena too, good movie.:D

***** Marie *****