Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Lasik Eye Surgery

                      "I can see clearly now...the rain is gone..." 

  I'm having a last song syndrome with that song especially after a lasik operation. All of a sudden the world seems newer, sharper and brighter. Amazing what modern technology can do. It's an exhilirating feeling after a lifetime of coping with a blurry and fuzzy vision. Being near-sighted almost felt like a curse. Contact lens helps but the trouble of putting and removing it is a really big hassle. I remember a time when i got so lazy to remove my contacts and wore them straight for more than a month. It's no brainer that i got hospitalized from eye infection. So i adamantly forced myself to religiously follow the contact lens rule.

  For several years i was very well aware of the lasik procedure. It was a tempting choice but i don't have the guts to do it coz i'm a scaredy-cat with anything that has to do with surgery. What more if it's about the EYES! What if something goes awry? or if the operation is botched? Crazy as i was i told myself i'd rather die if something bad should happen to my eyes...So i dismissed the idea and went on with my hazy life.

  Then one day i had a major epiphany. Deep inside i knew i wanted to have lasik. I should just stop stalling time and just do it! do it! and do it! So i found myself inquiring about the lasik procedure. No matter how anxious i was i felt that i am going to do the right thing to make my life easier. Plus, it helps to have a supportive partner who was able to talk me out of my apprehensions. I finally took the plunge...

  Going through a lasik procedure is not a piece-of-cake. Lot's of patience and sacrifice is needed even prior to the operation. One week before consultation i was advised not to wear my contact lens. It was really a bummer since i don't have eyeglasses and i felt like one of those three blind mice. For safety reasons, i mostly stayed at home because of the huge risk i might face if i go out. I certainly don't wanna be in the newspapers the next day as the hit-and-run victim who crossed the street and never even noticed the speeding car. I am not kidding when i mentioned i could barely see, coz even if i put my face near the television screen the images still aren't clear. So i killed time mainly by reading and reading until i felt nauseatingly sick.

  Finally the week was over and i was due for my consultation at the hospital. I underwent a series of eye tests to determine if i'm a viable candidate for lasik. I was like 'What? after mustering enough courage to try lasik and after a grueling week of no contacts i'm still not assured of a promising eyesight?!' After almost an eternity of waiting and fretting, the doctor finally emerged with the good news. Yes! i could proceed with the procedure even though they found out that my cornea was a bit thin. They told me to go back after two days for the actual operation.

  On the day of my lasik i was so freaking nervous! my heart was palpitating so bad. But there's no turning back now, and i just badly wanna get over it over with. I made a silent prayer before i entered the hospital. I was ushered to the laser suite room by the nurse where she asked me to don a surgical cap and a nightgown. Then she put some numbing drops in my eyes. She chatted me for awhile. Perhaps she could sense that i'm trembling inside. After a short wait, i was led to the 1st room. It is where the corneal flap is removed. The eye retainer clamped my eyes wide open and it felt so uncomfortable. The doctor instructed me to look at the green dot inside the machine and just focus on it. Then i felt some tapping in my eyes. I didn't like the feeling at all but it was tolerable.

  Unfortunately, the doctor told me she had to redo both eyes as i jerked out of nervousness. So i had to concentrate harder the second time. This time the nurse was already holding my hand to calm me and i didn't realized that i squeezed her hands so tight. Then off to the 2nd room. I was asked to stare inside another machine where i could see some zooming being done to my eyes. I just had to concentrate looking at the red and green light. I also felt the doctor adjusting something in my eyes. The procedure was a breeze! And then i heard the magic words..."You're done!" I've never felt so relieved. Well, immediately after the operation i could already see quite clearly. It's amazing and i'll never forget that exciting moment. The doctor told me that within 24hours my vision would still improve and that i should rest at home. I was given some eyedrops, medicines, instructions and a dark goggle-like shades to shield my eyes from glare.

  Then the nightmare began...When the anaesthesia rubbed off the pain i felt in my eyes was a total ordeal. I could barely open my eyes! as if there's something lodged in between my pupil and eyelids, an irritable poking sensation that's so uncomfortable. My eyes were tearing nonstop. I had to constantly put eyedrops every 15 minutes to relieve dryness. Opening my eyes felt so unbearable. I even cried and was kinda regretting the whole thing. Even with eyes closed i could still feel the searing pain. I told myself that i should've just been contented using my contact lens so that i didn't have to subject myself to this kind of torture. My paranoia was eating me for i was already dreading that maybe the operation did not go well and that my worst fears have come true. I got so tired that good thing i fell asleep.

  Come nightime when i woke up i didn't feel much pain anymore. I felt better and i could see the shows on tv all the way from my bed. The pain i went through was normal as my eyes were still healing. Sleeping actually speeds up the recovery period. The next day everything was back to normal except that my eyes were sparkling with joy. I was so happy i felt like dancing. No more contact lens, no more buying solutions, no more losing countless contacts containers, no more hassle, and no more boring daily routines.

                                         Hello new eyes

  Everyday i can't stop feeling this overwhelming gratitude of having the chance to see the world in a whole new light. Although i would never ever go through another lasik experience again, the experience was well WORTH it! I wouldn't trade it for anything else.


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Anonymous said...

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Angie said...

whoa! this is awesome. i've always wanted lasik but i am too scared XD surgery freaks me out

chez said...

as I was reading your article, i felt like I too had the lasik treatment. The truth is I also wear glasses. Not contact lense though. My vision is still good, but it's not perfect.

Anyway, congratulations on a successful operation.

God bless!

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chez said...

congratulations on a successful operation.


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