Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MAC Red Lipstick Chic

Eversince i was young i could still remember how my classmates would rave about MAC products, particularly the lipsticks. I have tried different brands looking for that particular shade of dark red that would complement my skin tone. I definitely want to look classy and not trashy because different shades of red has the power to either make or break your look. Trust me, i've used a red lipstick that made me look like a slut. And since i never wanna commit the same mistake again, i just stuck to my usual "safe" fool-proof shades of pink, peach and beige (which i kinda find boring). Yet at the back of my mind i've always had that fascination for a bold, rich and dramatic red lippie. The kind that will unleash the sexy seductress in me (wink!). There has to be one out there that's right for me. Just when i almost thought my search was futile, i chanced upon MAC's "Dubonet" lipstick. I knew it was the one the moment i applied it on my lips. My face instanly lit up and i looked vampy-ish. Its matte formulation glides evenly on my lips. Plus it's long lasting so lesser reapplications. I just need to dab some lipgloss and i'm all set!. Ready to purrr "Come take me..." to my man.

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