Saturday, August 8, 2009

Make-up Maniac

As i stare at my dresser i couldn't help but cringe. Perched atop is a multitude of different make-ups and cosmetics. I often find it hard to comprehend how much money was spent and blown away just like that. All for the price of vanity. What's baffling is that i don't even get to use them all. And even if i did, some products are only used onced and that's it! I was prompted to buy those items coz when i tried them on i thought i looked so damn good. Only to realize that the magnificent store lighting is the reason why i looked so flawless. But i still can't stop buying.

  It is such a waste and a pity everytime i find myself in the same situation over and over again. Do i really need all these crap to make myself look and feel better? Modesty aside i know i'm not bad looking, but why hide my face with loads and loads of paint? Issues of self-esteem often arise. Perhaps a deep-rooted insecurity have stemmed somewhere within my subconscious mind which sprouted into this kind of frenzy. Or maybe i feel so naked and raw to expose my bare face which is connected to what i really feel inside.

  So i turn to make-up to try and MAKE UP for all my imperfections not just physically but emotionally as well. When i look at the mirror i feel i have a thousand alter egos...depending on my mood. And make-up is the perfect ally to execute the character of the day. There are days when i go for the pretty in pink just a hint of blush virgin look. I use this when i want to appear sweet and conservative to the world. Then there's the dramatic classical look where a red lipstick is all that it takes to spell S-E-X-Y. Sort of the vampy vava-voom aura on days when i feel sensual. There's also the tricky barely-there 'au naturel' make-up look which is quite ironic because this type actually needs the most tedious kind of application just to achieve that natural look. But there are also days when im raging inside so i go for the bold, gothic look which always ends with me looking like Bozo the Clown.

  I am the type of woman who definitely enjoys revamping and beautifying myself because i believe i look good and more confident everytime i do so. I could spend hours and hours experimenting on various colors and shades to put on my eyes and lips. I mainly do it for myself, for other women and most especially for my man. But unfortunately he doesn't really dig my love for make-up. Whenever we go shopping, his face smirks at the exact moment that my face lights up at the sight of Sephora, Sasa, Beauty Bar, Watsons and the likes. I could almost hear the thought bubble on top of his head screaming " Oh no, not again. Please don't waste too much money there! You're fine the way you are...blah...blah...blah".

  My angelic side would simply purr and sweetly cajole him to go inside by telling him 'Baby, can we pleeeease just take a look? it's just gonna be a quick one?" Several hours later his face is already smug from lugging all my precious loots. Beauty shops are like La-la-land to women who are perpetually in the state of searching for that holy grail of a product, for that dream item that will complement their looks. We enthusiastically pore over each new item being displayed and marvel at the promises written at the back of each product. Endless hours of pure satisfaction which is utter torture to men who are stuck inside with their girlfriends.

  To them, looking at make-up is as exciting as staring at prehistoric artifacts or watching "The Brady Bunch" reruns. Same way that when i'm inside a car accessories store which is Candyland to most guys, i would automatically yawn at high-speed intervals just by looking at those alien-looking gizmos or whatchamacallit's. Looking at my man feigning his smile, i feel a tiny seed of guilt. I remorsefully ask him how i can make it up to him. I wanted to please him badly for making it out alive from Make-up-Landia. He just nods and says "Nah its ok, don't worry about me!".

  So i decide to reward him by going for the no make-up look the next time he sees me. Which means i have to take an extra effort on how to appear naturally ravishing in his eyes. Whew! With my face as forever the guinea pig i opted to use just the basics. No eyeshadows or any of the complicated contouring circus act. It's absolute mandatory that i use undereye concealer. I have raccoon eyes so it's one item i can't live without. I just dab a little under each eye and i instantly look fresher and not an insomnia victim anymore. Then i add a touch of blush on my cheeks by using benetint for that rosy glow. After which i curled my lashes for that extra oomph. For the finale, an oil control powder is the perfect product to remove unwanted shine and VOILA! make-up done in a jiffy! Fast and almost effortless.

  He absolutely loves it! He said i look better. A far cry from the kabuki look i used to have. Wait! thats not on my make-up look list! I was like "What! i went out with you several times already and you never even mentioned that my face was extra-white? how many times did i look like that? and where? and who saw me?..." Of which he just sheepishly smiled and said, " I didn't want you to feel bad dear". As simple as that and the conversation is over.

  I'm a happy lady now with minimal make-up. It even saves me lots of money from buying all those expensive foundations and creams which doesn't seem to do any justice for my skin. It's really true when they say less is more. And the best part is i've learnt how to be more confident, secure and comfortable with what mother nature has given me. Who knows how long this will last? no one knows but right now i'm simply loving it.

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