Sunday, December 26, 2010

LV Alma Gold Mirroir and December haul

Prepare to be dazzled by Alma Gold

You'll need to wear your sunnies or you'll get blinded by this..haha!

I cannot think of a more fitting time to post this bag than this holiday season. This is my third Alma bag, i don't know why i keep getting this style especially since i'm the shoulder bag type of girl..Well i got this sometime in December two Christmases ago. This is one bag that i salivated over for a looong time. I was torn between the silver or gold. But settled on the latter as Mr G said the silver looks like a tin foil bag. I had to wait for a month as  LV Raffles in Singapore only carried the silver version and the gold one had to be shipped from another country.

(Pardon the poor quality, was still using my crappy old cam when i took these shots)

I remember the first time i held it, i was so in awe with the color, texture, smell and it's exquisite craftsmanship. There's a kind of  indefinable high as i slowly trace my fingers on its smooth embossed logo. What a rare vintage 1983 Merlot bottle is to a wine aficionado is what this bag was to me then...

Huge GM size

The monogram vinyl is so brilliant that it shines even from afar!

It has the typical Alma features:
-integral closure by double zipper
-golden brass pieces
-textile lining
-one inside flat pocket and a phone holder
-studs at the base for bag protection
*this bag is very delicate and prone to scratches that's
why i'm always extra careful when i carry this which is hard
to do coz' i'm naturally a careless person..he he

Exquisitely done embossed logo and fine details

Sadly, as much as i like it i rarely use it. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes i feel embarrassed to carry this. It basically screams for attention, it's just too loud and too much of a bling-bling bag for me. Sometimes i get weird stares when i use this hehe. I really don't know what i was thinking that time. Plus it's not easy to match this bag with just any outfit. It has the tendency to make me look eccentric when not worn the right way. So i find myself using this only during the holidays, parties and "dressier" occasions. Though it looks flashy, it can still be worn casually by wearing jeans, plain white long-sleeves or polo and minimal accessories. It tones the whole "glitzy" effect down.  

The last time i visited the LV website another Alma caught my eye, a Monogram Vernis in a beautiful pink blush shade.--Rose Florentine. Sooo pretty! I wish i got that instead *sigh*  but i still love my gold bag and i'm in a big bag detox now so no plans of getting a new one in the near future.

Now here's my December haul/treats...

I'll be doing a review of some of these products soon...
A few of the items in my wishlist are now realized but i also had to do some changes coz' some of the items/shades that i want are either out of stock or not available locally like the YSL lippies/palette, Chanel Rose Petal blush and Bobbi Brown Mini Bright lights palette. :-( But i finally got my very own UD NYC palette already! yohoo!

Thanks for visiting again sweeties
Hope you're enjoying the holidays:-)


donnarence said...

huwaw minakichu that lv bag is super ganda!! and bright too.. hehe love your makeup haul din.. :D merry christmas

sugar sugar said...

luvin the bag!!! although the pictures almost blinded me. :P LOL!!
i totally get what you mean by it being too loud hehe. but it's still PRETTY!!!

love your makeup haul as well! will be looking forward to your reviews. :3

purplehatch said...

OMG!!! that bag is so stunning! but i don't know if ever i'll be able to carry that ever hehe:)

Angie said...

that bag is so bling! haha love all your goodies too :) happy holidays!

<3 Pandaphilia

Jannie said...

merry belated christmas. :D and whoa! that is one of the most GORGEOUS handbags i have ever seen. wow. you're so lucky to have this one. i've been wanting to have something louis in like forever. haha... this is glamourous. i am looking forward to the upcoming reviews, by the way. take care and i hope you enjoyed your holiday. :)

modniza said...

the's dream...merry christmas!


Thanks for your nice comments:
@Donna-it's really bright that it's like an oa bag na hehe
@sugar-it really is blindingly bright haha
@purplehatch-thanks for your sweet comments i just visited your site and followed you back:-)
@Angie-my google chrome is having a hard time accessing your blog now. Thus making it hard for me to leavea comment on your nice new beige lippie-sigh!Yikes!
@Jannie-thanks sweetie, your Ben is such a sweetie too:-)
@modniza-thank you for visiting and following, i followed you too:-)

Pammy said...

That bad is gorgeous! I don't think anyone can miss seeing that gorg bag when you go out. :p

Nice haul too! Drool-worthy. :P

♔ Reina (The Pink Fence) said...

you have an expensive taste ❤
all are very pretty to look at!

merry christmas to you and to your family!

Belle said...

This bag is too pretty but way too expensive for me. Anyway, i'm excited for your makeup haul reviews:):):)

Expensive Pink said...

Niceeee!! <3

Beauty Addict said...

wow, that bag is awesome! I agree with you, it's hard to wear it but it is so pretty....
I can't wait to see your new reviews!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Hope Adela said...

awesome bag! =)

Marie said...

I think gold is a good choice!:D

Looking forward to reading your product reviews!:D

***** Marie *****

Nadine Natalin said...

you bag oh! so wow! :) HAHAHA!!!

bels said...

I love louis vuitton! I like it! I love your blog

visit my blog

merry xmass!!

MsShamz said...

loveeee this bag, its flashy but oh so pretty!! great blog :) i'm now a follower! come by mine if you can. happy holidays hun xo

The Beautifier said...

OMG! I have fallen in love with your LV handbag! Its looks so ROYAL! xoxo

Rinny said...

The LV is beautiful; it'll definitely draw eyes when you walk into a room carrying it hehe. Great haul btw, can't wait to read your reviews :)

jadore said...


MissAnnnn said...

Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

Your blog is awesome! I am following it and I hope you will follow mine too!


Toesthattwinkle! said...

That bag is GORGEOUS! I would kill to have such a beauty! I love reading your blog and check out my giveaway!

gyc said...

the bag definitely is bling bling! it's like a bag made out of gold. i'd keep it a safe and lock it away LOL! it looks too expensive to use! if you can pull off wearing that bag than i salute you.. it looks really.. BLING BLING! if i saw someone carrying that on the street i'll probably be blinded by the brightness haha! and wowee such a big haul - looking forward to your reviews! hope you had a wonderful christmas!

Alisa said...

I love your bag! It's soooo pretty! Great choice!

Anna Crystal said...

OH MY GOD! This must've cost like 24,000$!?!?!?!?!

shatzlaine said...

not for faint hearted indeed! luv it!