Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III:NYC

First of all, here's a big HELLO!!! to everyone
 Christmas may be over but i hope you guys are still feeling the yuletide spirit.

Finally, my very own UD Book of Shadows!
(better late than never hehe)

 I enjoyed doing the graphics for this post because i love both New York and Urban Decay
Reminds me of the good stuffs...

I was inspired to use street-art/graffiti as my theme
 for this one:-)

This palette is such a wonderful creation
because it is an art by itself
The integration of the city's landmarks, lifestyle and people (different races)
is what makes this makeup truly unique

 I've been lemming for this for quite sometime 
It's like a toy for a grownup lady

Since the time this product came out in the market i cannot get it off my head. For months i've been reading and drooling about this palette from other beauty bloggers. Sadly, Urban Decay is not available locally so these goodies are not easily accessible:-( Paging Sephora! Yoohoo?! 

It's amusing how this palette depicted NYC
with its cute mini collage/cutouts (complete with skyscrapers, Central Park, hippies, yellow taxi...etc)

 I could just stare at it for hours!

Btw, this pop-up girl caught our (me and Zoe's) eye-- Spunky! LOL;-)

Yes, i tested the pop-up lights in total darkness...
but got scared and quickly turned the lights back on!
So this is how it looks like--interesting huh?

NOTE: The pop-up collage keeps closing on its own-- the ribbon that supports it seems quite
short thus tugging it back. I had to keep holding it open (hassle) so i can take decent pictures. I was almost tempted to pry it as far back as possible just so it would hold still, but of course i didn't do that...hehe:-)

16 chic urban shades

7 Exclusive shades: 
Loaded (sparkly emerald green), Kush (green metallic with silver glitter), Rockstar (deep red-purple with metallic base), Money (metallic light green), Bordello (pale pinky-purple with shift), Radium (bright blue), Suspect (sheer sparkly beige) 

Existing shades: 
Perversion (matte black), Uzi (metallic silver), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (shimmery pink champagne), Last Call (shimmery deep plum), Maui Wowie (shimmery medium gold), Smog (deep coppery bronze), Snatch (shimmery pale pink coral), Haight (shimmery teal blue), Psychedelic Sister (shimmery bright purple--my favorite) 

Most of the colors that i like are in here

 Aside from its pretty packaging, rarely do i find a palette that houses most of the shades that i want. The shimmery colors looks even more gorgeous in real life! 
My faves are psychedelic sister, kush, radium and bordello <3

"Mi Amor UD!" 
Notice the shadow effect on the graffiti wall?...nothing, i just like it... hehe;-)

These eyeshadows are highly-pigmented. Even a single swatch delivers a rich and even coloring that stands out on its own (even without a primer). It is such a delight to sweep it all over my lids as it applies oh so smoothly! It doesn't crease or tug. The interesting play of various textures and finish makes this palette even more fun. You can achieve both neutral or vibrant looks with its versatile range of colors, depending on your mood. Staying power is also great.

Swatches on my arm

I noticed that uzi (metallic silver) has large chunks of glitters that is quite bothersome. It literally looks like the one being used for school projects-scary!I'm afraid that it might enter my eye and irritate me. So i'm gonna pass on this one (unless needed).

Also, after each swatch i would wash my arm with soap and water, and i noticed that i had a harder time removing perversion, loaded, kush, haight & radium. I had to repeatedly rinse and scrub my arms several times to fully remove the tough pigment stains.

It has 2 eyeliners and the iconic UDPP

I'm very happy with my Book of Shadows. It's a real cool item to own. The 7 exclusive colors makes this product even more special. It's worth every penny considering the amount of items you'll get with each box. The size is travel-friendly too. Like a typical pocketbook (slightly bigger) with the thickness of a regular Sidney Sheldon/Dean Koontz novel. Hehe! But for normal daily use, it can be quite frustrating coz' it's bulky size eats a lot of space especially when i'm using a tiny purse. Also i'm slightly worried that i might accidentally squish the fragile cardboard casing knowing how i just throw stuffs in my bag. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't ever happen...

I would love to collect more palettes from UD in the future Really really love this!...that's all for now folks

I'll leave you again with a doggy pic, this time it's Chino taken a few days before Christmas.
As you can see he looks so unhappy and bored here. We were forcing him to do a holiday pose...hehe:-)

Thank you for your sweet and precious time :-)


Pammy said...

Super awesome graphics! And I find the shot with the pop up lights kinda freaky. They're like terror paperdolls! :P Very pretty colors and I like Loaded and Kush the most. :)

EllysMakeupbag said...

Congrats on the palette! I would love the naked one, as most people:P

sugar sugar said...

muwahahahah!! i'm torn apart between this and the naked palette. it's just sooo hard to decide. >o<"

chino is so cute. :3 i love the pictures with him on them! i actually love all the pictures on this post. they're so vivid and full of life. xD

purplehatch said...

Waaa, i totally want this one. It's on my wishlist!!!:)

Angie said...

congrats! this palette is so pretty and pigmented. i want to work towards a UD palette someday :D

<3 Pandaphilia

modniza said...

wow,this palette is so,so beautyful!thank's for post.kisses


@Pammy-haha terror paperdolls! that made me laugh. Kush is really so pretty!
@sugar-i also want the naked palette but i'm trying to kill the urge really hard now:-)
@purplehatch-who knows Santa might still grant your wish even if its no longer Christmas
@Angie-i'm not sure if you received my comment coz the moment i pressed post a comment my google chrome acted up again, just in case, you look so freakin' sexy with that outfit!;-)
@modniza-thank you:-) that rabbit prediction is really so interesting:-)

donnarence said...

very nice palette and pictures!! how did you edit them!!galing...

Katrina Demecillo said...

wow...the pics are sooo breathtaking. and i totally agree with you minakichu. if i have one myself, i'd most probably stare at it for hours!!!

luckiebeauty said...

Love the pictures,the last one is hilarious hahaha!

The palette looks so great,can't wait to see makeup creations with it! ^^

Rakhshanda said...

Lovely palette!! Wish we had it in India:(
Nice shades:))

sexylegsandbody said...

Awesome colors, it looks fabulous, from a man's point of view anyway. (if that counts)

Thanks for the visit and the kind wishes, a prosperous new year to you too, hope all your dreams come true in 2011.

Take care, oh and I easily get by with around 6 hours sleep a night. But then, from a young age my work forced me to get used to less than normal sleep.


♔ Reina (The Pink Fence) said...

wow! a pop-up in a palette? thats a brilliant marketing strategy, caters more the young consumers. is this available in manila? i doubt cause i havent seen one in major stores.

id love to own one, maybe someday?

have a nice day ms. minakichu :)

Kaleido Mind said...

what a great palette--very pigmented!!:)

HitomiNeko said...

book of shadows huh.. that sounds pretty cool!!! ^^ reminds me of " charmed" the tv show that i used to watch ~ awesome pigmented colors~ nice!! ^^

@ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

@ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Mariza said...

i love these shadows!
where did u buy them?!

Toni Tralala said...

I have this too! Isn't it just great? I'm torn between this and the NAKED palette. I love them both! :) The palettes are so pretty that I don't even want to touch them. lol.


@Donnarence-hehe thanks, try pizap or FotoFlexer sis--free online tools. Super fun to edit stuffs there.:-)
@Katrina-it's really fun to look at it esp when i'm bored and sad hehe...jk;-)
@luckiebeauty-i'll try to create eye creations with it...hopefully hehe:-)
@Rakhshanda-i also wish we had it here in Manila(had to order it):-(
@Colin,whoa 6 hours is too short for me, i'd still feel groggy hehe:-)
@Reina-yup your right, not available:-( had to order from somebody i know--really wish we had UD here
@Kaleido mind-yeah i love the pigmentation of this:-)
@Hitomi-haha so cute this reminded you of Charmed TV show:-)
@Mariza-thanks for dropping by i had to order it from somebody which took ages to arrive here:-)
@Toni-it's a really happy buy for us and i also want the naked palette but at the rate i'm going something new will crop again so i'm killing the urge haha:-)

Fruity Lashes said...

the NYC shadow book is indeed really pretty. thanks for the swatches and pics.

btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely x hivennn.

Miss*Kimmy said...

I love all the UD palettes, and this one's pop up is super cute. Love it.

Rinny said...

Ooo this palette looks really good! I was never really interested in any of the UD Book of Shadows series, but after seeing your swatches, I really like a lot of the colors. And I never knew the palette lights up, that's pretty cool :P

C.Key said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I am really pleased about it. :> What do u think, can we follow each other?

CK from


Stacy said...

I skipped on these one because i have the BOSII and most of the colors here can also be found there. /great pictures though:)


@Fruitylashes-thanks for inviting me to your giveaway
@Jazzy E-*happy*
@Miss Kimmy-i agree,i get weak in the knees each time i see a nice casing
@Rinny-the popup light is quite useless though haha just an accessory but loove the pigments:-)
@C.Key-thanks for dropping by, i enjoy looking at your awesome photography:-)
@Stacy-this is my first BOS palette so i can't really compare but i also like the previous popups, the Alice was pretty cool too:-)

Belle said...

Happy New Year, hope you continue posting more awesome stuffs. I enjoy reading your blog:)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the swatches!

hope you've had a great Xmas and happy new year to you <3!

Anna Crystal said...

One day I know I will finally own either the Primer Potion or one of their palettes because I'm tired of seeing those beauties everywhere and thinking: "Sephora - why do you avoid Germany"

This is SO beautiful T_T And the pigmentation in insanse!

Anonymous said...

Hey just found your blog via google and i'm loving it!

♥Jannie♥ said...

this has got to be one of the cutest UD book of shadows ever. the colors are so pretty too. i especially like kush and haight. sorry to hear they are quite hard to remove though.

i was laughing when you mentioned you got scared when you tested the pop-up lights in total darkness. i know i would too. especially if i were to do it at 3am. lol.

hope you had a great holiday and i wish you a wonderful 2011. take care. :)

Jennifer said...

let me know if you do come to hk ^^ i'll show you around! xoxo


@Belle-thank you for the sweet wishes:-)
@Jennifer-i'd love to hook up with you the next time i go to HK, that would be so much fun!:-)
@Anna-i also tell myself that and guess what they really do happen haha:-)
@anonymous-gee thanks i really appreciate it:-)
@Jannie-i totally agree its so cute i just hope they wont release another bos soon, i'm the biggest scaredy-cat haha:-)

Anonymous said...

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Miss LV said...

Love this post, really want the book of shadows 3...

bettzy93 said...

i got one of my own & omg i love it

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