Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze Review

Price-2,200 pesos (approx $40)

Such a gorgeous looking brick!

Versatile shade

This multipurpose brick is a CONVENIENT product to own. It can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, blush or bronzer...the possibilities are just endless! But its huge and somewhat bulky casing  is quite bothersome. It consumes a lot of space in my makeup bag. Also, the powder tends to scatter all around the rim of the casing everytime i sweep my brush which is quite annoying coz i have to keep wiping the edges. But anyway, those are just minor tiffs and i could totally live with that!

Stunning color combination!

Individual swatches

The vertical strips of shimmers looks very pretty to the naked eye!
And the myriad of colors looks so deliciously good beside each other. .. 

I often use the lightest shade as a HIGHLIGHTER under the brow bone, side of the nose or at the corner of my eye. Then I use the 2nd and 4th colors as eyeshadow BASE and mix it with deeper shades. The rest I just play around with! On lazy days I even use the darkest color as eyeshadow itself, I just line my eyes, add mascara and I'm good to go!          

Mixed together
You can see the gradiation
from my bare skin
(under flourescent light)

On my cheeks
You can see the golden glow!
(under soft light)

The glimmery powder casts a soft glow that ILLUMINATES the face instantly. Its super fine shimmers gives a natural kind of sunkissed look. This would look extra fab on a perfectly tanned skin. The blended shade is lovely, not too orange and not too brown. Just a gorgeous GOLDEN shade.


I noticed that only a few light strokes is necessary to achieve that glow as too much can make the face look extra shiny. Which is bad news if you're already suffering from oily skin like me. I made that embarrasing mistake the first time i used this coz' i got too excited, i ended up looking like a greaseball!

Overall, I'm VERY satisfied with this brick. Its many functions compensates for it's pricey tag. In fact, you are even saving more coz it's like having MULTIPLE products for the price of one. Will I repurchase? Yes, but in another shade. I wanna try the pink one next time.

Btw, if you noticed i finally decided to watermark. But not with all the pictures. I'll just choose which ones i like coz' i have the tendency to get lazy putting a mark on each and every shot..hehe!
Ta-ta! See ya:-)


Pammy said...

It looks pretty on you! I can't help but notice your nice skin and pretty lips. :)

Stacy said...

Hey it is just gorgeousness!


Thanks ladies, appreciate your sweet comments:-)

Yen said...

The shimmers look so nice.. THey're amazing on your skin.. :)))

Marie said...

Amazing pigmentation, looks great on you!:D

***** Marie *****

Angie said...

your skin and lips are just too gorgeous. the shimmer looks lovely!

<3 angie
(ps i'm having a giveaway!)

Jannie said...

the shimmer brick colors are GORGEOUS. i love the swatches. i also just love multi-purpose like this. it looks really nice and radiant on your cheeks too. :)

i just had to tell you this. you have very beautiful skin. :)

clumsyliz said...

wow nice!! I love it. all around n siya hahah.. tama ba ang term..its been a while po. dami bago posts!! sisimulan ko sa una hehehe


Hello clumsyliz and Merry Christmas! Haha pino-po ba ako!haha All around talaga siya:-) worth it and forever pa siya before maubos. Nice to hear from you again sis:-)

roseannetang said...

wow, the bronze looks amazing on your skin! I might add that to my collection!! I totally shouldn't buy anymore makeup tho haha. I did a review on the rose one too, thought you might wanna check it out, i think its a great highlight too Great video hunny! I did a review on the rose shimmer brick, thought you might want to add that to your stash as well :)