Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Delicieuse Lipstick

Hello 2011! 

I hope everyone had fun during the holidays:-) My clothes feel a little bit tighter now. Eeek! I think i gained 5 freaking pounds! Even my cheeks feels heavy, it's like i'm carrying two sandbags (one on each side of my face). I totally forgot my diet and binged during the holidays. It's so hard to resist food when there's a wide array of yummy dishes staring back at me. Time to D-I-E-T again! And i'm "seriously serious" Haha!

For this post i made it look classic vintage since it's
Oh well...Chanel
I had fun playing with the pictures (again) hehe:-)

A "delicious" lippie to own

This lipstick was part of my wishlist because i saw an acquaintance wear this shade at a party several months ago and since then it sort of got stuck in my head. Every time her name pops up its not the face i remember but her lipstick. So i made it my mission to get one too (jealous much haha)!

Classy packaging that pops open when you press the gold logo. 

The casing's black and gold combination looks so posh! And i like the clever way Chanel infused a spring mechanism on the cover to ensure that it securely latches on the tube. Extra points here since i hate loose caps that gets lost in my bag and smears lipstick stains all over. One of my biggest pet-peeves!

An elegant lady's must-have

For some reason the color makes me think of peach-mango nectar 

Shimmery swatch...

Sorry i just had to include Zoe's face on the perfume bottle
After all French and poodles go together haha! ;-)

This is almost the exact same shade irl

Delicieuse is a soft peachy nude lippie that can also look a bit coral on certain lip tones (darker). It applies quite sheerly but is buildable. It is not your typical creamy lipstick as there's a slight waxy feel to it. Same feeling i get when i wear my NARS Niagara. There's also a certain rose scent to it which i deem as the "scent of a luxurious lipstick". Haha! Some women might not like it all but i DO love it! 

How it looks like on my lips

It has fine gold shimmers that looks beautiful in any light. This shade makes my face look brighter and fresher. The color is perfect for everyday use. Looks so subtle and natural. Lasting power is also good. One observation though is that under soft yellow light (at night) it is not as noticeable. Also, it's quite drying after awhile so lipgloss is a must!

At 1750 pesos or around $30 dollars, the price is a bit steep. I could almost buy 2 MAC lipsticks with that! I just wished it wasn't as drying on me. But overall, i like it. I like it's pretty color. Great addition to any lipstick collection. Right now, i'm eyeing other shades from Chanel, Jersey Rose or Coquette from their Spring 2011 collection. Gosh! i don't want to start another obsession with these Chanel lippies, i'm really trying very very hard to kill that urge! 

While i was writing this post i caught Zoe stealing the box and chewing it. Tsk..tsk..good thing she didn't choose the actual lipstick or else... Bad girl!

Here's the proof:

Have a fabulous year ahead! :-)

Je vous remercie pour votre visite! :-)


purplehatch said...

Wowza I love it!:)

MariaMuse said...

chaneell i love itt


Hehe it's really pure love:-)

fashion doctor said...

fabulous lipstik!love chanel!kiss

Belle said...

The color looks so nice and wearable. Love the pictures and your little dog is so funny i'd spank her if that happened to me! :)

Dinorah ♥ said...

This color is friggin gorgeous! I love it!

Dinorah ♥ said...

LOL girl I know what you mean!
It's so hard to stay away from that delicious holiday food. Haha.

lol your doggy is so cutee.


@Modniza-i'm starting a love affair with Chanel hehe:-)
@Belle-i don't have the heart to spank her tsk..tsk..that;s why she gets more spoiled
@Dinorah-haha i really hate it every time i succumb to temptation, food is my weakness aside from makeup haha:-)

Anna said...

I so love playing around with my Allure in 'Insolence' as well. *click* *pop* *click* *pop*

It's so much fun!

Pammy said...

Mina, argh! I was actually checking out that lipstick earlier but decided to pass on it and got a lipstick from Dior instead. But now, I read your review and how it looks so pretty on you, and BAM! You got me lemming for this lipstick again. I think we like the same shades of lipsticks. Haha! :P

Jean said...

OMG, I never thought Chanel will looks like this. Its beautiful and girl gaining weight is not a sin, it was just food are simply irresistible...:D

Amber said...

thats a really pretty color!


@Anna-LOL for the click pop click thingy :-)
@Pammy-haha i coud'nt agree more! that is why i enjoy looking at your loots coz' you've got most stuffs that i'd love to buy especially pink lipsticks. Im excited for your Dior review:-)
@Jean-it's really so irresistable that i feel that all the diet and exercise i did for the whole year was thrown out the window in a flash! :-)
@Amber-thanks Amber, i totally agree:-)

Sara said...

WOW, Amazing color :) Thanks for sharing it ^ ^ and it looks so pretty on you too


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Hey this is such a pretty shade!!! Lovely:))

VildesVerden said...

Looks like a really nice colour

sugar sugar said...

you and pammy seem to be getting quite attached to brands such as channel haha.

love the color on your lips! too bad it's drying. :( will be def. staying away from this now. (thank goodness there's a reason for me to stay away!) LOL!

zoe looks too innocent LOL! xD

Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow it looks gorgeous! Your pictures are amazing!

Henar said...

Chanel lipsticks are my favourites :)


@Sara.H-thank you dear, happy new year too:-)
@Rakhshanda-it's really nice you should try it:-)
@VildesVerden-it looks even better when you see it irl :-)
@sugar-haha it's getting quite addicting, you might get hooked to this color too-btw your disqus comment wasn't working when i visited awhile ago:-)
@gaby-thank you gaby for your very sweet comment:-)
@Henar-i totally get why you love this too:-)

jeng (muse) said...

i think, i need to visit ms. jane -- again, lovely shade.

Dinorah ♥ said...

Minakichu; I passed an award to you. (:


JOCEE411 said...

such a beautiful color! love ur blog! heard of u thru DINORAH's blog!! new follower!! :)

xox jocee

Anonymous said...

Chanelishious! ^^,

Eva said...

Pretty lippy! i want to try chanel lipsticks^^

Marie a la Mode said...

That Chanel lipstick color is beautiful! And your Zoe is quite the cutie ; ) Happy New Year

Kim Axani said...

I REALLY want to try a Chanel lipstick .. they do look so luxurious!! I love how the wording is etched into the lipstick .. I might be scared to use it!

Anonymous said...

This shade is so nice to try, thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

how was your new year minakichu? i was bummed coz i tried to wish you a happy new year on dec 31st, but it was soo rainy in our place, so the internet signal was no where to reach. i planned to blog hop the entire holiday season, to greet everyone on NYE. EPIC FAIL!!!

anyhoo, one time my coworker offered me a cheap chanel lipstick. i am pretty sure there was no CHANEL engraved in the stick itself. you know, just like what you have up there. i think that was a knock-off. do all chanel lipstick have that engraved thing? well i have no idea coz i don't visit their corner in the mall.

Unknown said...

So pricey, but I would buy it just because the color is so pretty and the packaging looks so luxe haha

Gem said...

WOW! What an awesome blog!! I love all the styles you do on your posts ..... you got yourself a new Scottish follower :)

I am gonna def be including you in the blogs I love section of mine :)


@Jeng-thanks girl
@Dinorah-i super appreciate the award, thanks so much:-)
@JOCEE411-thanks for following sweety
@Janina-it is indeed delicious:-)
@Eva-you should def give these fab lipsticks a try:-)
@Marie-haha Zoe is a cute brat:-)
@Miss Kimmy-you'll def be pleased to try them coz it looks good on the lips
@anonymous-thans for dropping by
@Katrina-belated happy new year! i hope all's well with you. My other Chanel lipstick doesnt have an engraving, i think it depends on the lipstick line like this one's under the rouge allure, you should try this:-)
@Rinny-the color is what made me buy it despite its price hehe:-)
@Gem-thanks so much for liking and following my blog i really appreciate it:-)

gingerSnap said...

The color is so pretty.