Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LV Cosmetics Bag

   This handy and compact clam shaped makeup bag is a stylish way to keep all your precious makeup neat and organized. No more "I can't find my lipgloss or eyeshadow moments". It keeps all those extra clutter away! You'll definitely feel proud to whip this thing out in public places or powder rooms during those girlie 'retouch bonding sessions'. This is one of those designer things that you think twice about in terms of purchasing since there are loads of cheaper alternatives to choose from. But the money you'll splurge on this item is well worth it as you'll enjoy using this for years and years to come.

It has a flat pocket inside and can only hold a few items so I just choose which lipstick or eyeshadow I need to use for the day. I try to avoid putting bulkier items like eyelash curler or multiple compact powders coz it kinda deforms the shape of the pouch.  

I've had this pouch for the longest time and it's still as sturdy and goodlooking as ever. It's a great statement piece which shows that you give attention to even the smallest item that  goes inside your bag.

   This is one of those buys that still makes me smile knowing I made the right choice! :)    

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