Friday, May 7, 2010

I LVoe Chino!

This is Chino when he was still a puppy
So adorable and sweet looking!
He loves to pose and play with some of my bags
Now he's getting bigger, wiser and smarter

He is still every inch as cute then as he is now...
He loves to make those silly antics...
And crazy moves...
He is truly one lucky little doggie (posing with his toys).

   Chino is the original apple of our eyes. He came at a time when I was longing for a puppy to snuggle and hold.  It's been two years since he first bought joy in our lives. He was a fearful but obedient little puppy. His only aim in life is to please his masters and act cute. And boy he's good at that!

   There have been days when he misbehaves but he still makes it a point to make up by doing his sorry doggy maneuvers...pouty face with head hanging down. So in the end he gets it his way. He's been with us to some of our travels Singapore, Jakarta and now recently Manila. He is always present on all the special occassions and events in our lives. Chino never fails to cheer us up when we feel down. He is a spoiled rotten little cutie, always pampered with toys each time we get back from a travel. He only eats chicken. He's favorite is Mcdonalds. He loves to pose and play dress up with his clothes. We treat him like a baby that sometimes we forget he's a dog. Everytime my fiancé spanks and scolds him he turns to me coz he knows I don't have the heart to make him feel bad. He really is living the doggie life!

   Now that a new puppy named Zoe arrived, he's been acting jealous and moody lately. He's so use to all the attenion and he sees her as a threat. What he doesn't know in his tiny doggie brain is that we got Zoe as a playmate for him. We just want him to be happy. Now he's all clingy and needy and it breaks our heart to see him like that. He's such a territorial little dog and he wants all the love he could get all to himself. We just hope that in time he'll learn to adjust and go back to that playful little Chino that we once knew.

   Chino, I know it may sound silly. But always remember your "mommy" and "daddy" loves you so much! No matter what happens you'll always be our little angel and we'll never find another dog like you. - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..


shatzlaine said...

Love the dog,. and the LVs,. it's like heaven for bag addict like me,.

Dea アンドレア said...

Cute your dog!