Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thou Shall Not Judge

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   Oftentimes after a long day, I'd drop by at this quaint bistro near the place where I stay. I'd sit at the same spot, beside a huge bay window overlooking the street. I would order the same tuna salad and tall glass of ice cappuccino. This is my favorite time of the day. All my stress melts away as I relax and enjoy my meal while I do my idle pastime of people watching. 

   As I lazily munch on my salad, I'd analyze and imagine the lives of the people eating around me, the ones passing by or anybody that catches my eye. I'd put a name, profile and story to the faces I see. At times I feel I'm 99.9% accurate of my assumptions...or so I thought!

   It's such a fun pastime watching and deciphering other people's every move. And I am fully aware that I seem like a nutcase every time I do that. But I can't help it! My restless and overactive brain cells gets the best of me especially during times when I'm bored. My oversized sunnies conceal my prying eyes as I pick on interesting looking characters. The ones who stands out from the crowd. And from there my story begins...


Gold Digger

   A young sexy girl who looks like she has Bridgitta for a name enters the bistro with an old fellow who looks like an Uncle Bob. The sight of an elderly man and a young meat would immediately get me to thinking that she's a sugarbaby or a mistress. And they are out on a tryst. The pained expression on her face clearly shows her embarassment and disgust to be seen in a public place with such an ugly old fart. I see her nervously lick her lips as she musters enough guts to smile and pretend that she's okay. After all she needs it. She needs the money. Even at the expense of her tattered dignity.

   People turn to look. They give them a quick once over and you can tell that they are all thinking of the same thing. Just another sugardaddy and just another gold digger. Tsk...tsk... The old man looks from left to right, probably checking if the coast is clear. A bunch of guys openly leer over his trophy "girlfriend". I assume his ego must've tripled in size to be seen on a date with someone like her. He walks with his head up, proudly displaying her as he slowly ushers her to their table. She fakes a huge smile in order for him not to notice the shame in her eyes. They choose a corner spot near my table of which I can hear snippets of their conversations.

Girl:"Im sorry if I don't get to spend much time with you. You know that she hates seeing us together..." (the nerve to even use the poor wife as an excuse!) 

Old man:"Dont worry honey, I understand. Eversince your mom and I divorced all she wants to do is take you away from me too..." 

   What? Did I hear right? So i was wrong, they are actually father and daughter! And all this time I've already painted nasty pictures in my head. My dirty mind labeled them into something they're actually not. Shame on me! 
*my accuracy rate drops to 50%*


Fire having a gay moment 8D

   On another day, a cute couple enters the bistro. He looks like he has David for a name, and she a Stacey. They look so good together. The typical perfect duo. They sit on the table adjacent to mine and asked for the menu. While waiting for their order I noticed that they were unusually quiet. He kept reading his celphone while she kept checking the decors adorning the room. 

   A-ha! My theory is that this couple must've been together far too long that they are bored to death with each other's company. Maybe they are trapped in a loveless relationship. She barely looks at him and when she does, only to ask " What are you having?" of which he lazily answers "I'll just have brewed coffee". Then they're awfully quiet again. And he goes back to his "marathon" texting. They are not sweet at all and seemed so distant with each other. 

  Such a lonely sight! I don't want to end up like one of these couples who've been together forever and has nothing more to say. What if he's already busy texting and flirting with another girl? Poor Stacey or whoever she is.

   After awhile, a buff guy in tight black shirt joins them and gives him a light peck on the cheek. Then he sits beside him and HOLDS his hand. *Surprise! Surprise!* I almost choked on my salad...

   Just like that I realized I was SO wrong again. They are NOT a couple and he's gay. How could I have not known by the way they act? Perhaps because he looks so much like a David?! 
*Yet again my accuracy rate drops to a mere 25%.*


Optical Illusion

   Sometimes things aren't always what they seem to be. Our dirty minds instantly typecast other people base on how they look, act and dress up. We tend to put malice on anything and everything that's out of the ordinary. We classify individuals on how society perceives them to be. Even I am a victim to this as my sisters are often mistaken as my friends, my brother as my boyfriend.*major ewww!*, and even my fiancé as my brother...hehe! We shouldn't be too quick in judging other people. For looks can REALLY be deceiving! 

      I know I should put an end to this silly game i keep playing inside my head. And STOP labeling innocent strangers. It is wrong to pre-judge and assassinate the characters of these people whom I don't even know. Maybe next time I should just mind my own business and start concentrating on my boring salad instead...yes right! I'll do that exactly. Or better yet I should just head home and start doing RELEVANT things than to waste my time thinking about stupid craps! Okay, time to ask for the bill now! 

   And just when I vowed to do just that, a flashy woman in her late 60's enters the room. She instantly catches my attention. She looks like someone with a name of Madam Marguerite. Dressed to the nines with gaudy baubles covering her wrinkly neck and with major plastic surgery done all over her tight face. Her Botox must still be fresh. Behind her, a young goodlooking lad meekly follows with his head down...hmmm...

   With a faint smile on my lips I quickly called the waiter and asked for another glass of cappuccino.  :-)

Have a great Weekend


.hopeful. said...

OMG...I love this post! It is so true...I do the same...and i hate being judged but feel no remorse when I do the same to others. Excellent observations, though!

Angie said...

hahaha this was such a great funny post! :) it's hard to to judge people but we all do naturally as human beings i think. it's interesting how different the truth can be from our interpretations ! xD

Mara said...

Haha, loved it. Cheers to a great post!


Thanks for the lovely remarks! Really appreciate it that you liked my weird observations.haha! Hugs:-)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

loved reading your story. I feel like I'm actually there too. And I do that all the time as well. Observing people. If you don't mind me asking where is this place? Is it the one in the photo? Looks great:)


Karen said...

This was a really engaging post! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.. trust me that you are not alone in making assumptions only to be surprised afterwards ;)

.Alyspank said...

This is my first time ever popping by your blog, and I gotta tell you, I absolutely love the way you write. Has a very nice flow to it.

My boyfriend used to make a huge habit of people watching, and sometimes we'd even improv the dialogue we think they're having with one another. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style. It would make for a highly entertaining lunch hour.

-Weezy from