Sunday, July 4, 2010


   Hello dear ladies, I was tagged by the sweet Nora-Schu. You can check out her interesting and lovely blog.

My questions are...
1- Which cosmetic line do you think has the best packaging?

   I like YSL makeup. For me they look classy and elegant.

2- If you have a tattoo(s), what is it and why did you get it? If you don't have one, what would you get and why?

inside my ankle

   I don't have one but if I did I'd put it on my ankle and I'd choose this design. I just find it so cute and dainty. I love stars coz for me they symbolize my dreams and aspirations.

3- What celebrity do you think your most like, whether it be personality or looks?

Monica Bellucci

   I love Monica Bellucci. I find this Italian actress so beautiful. Her beauty is timeless. I love her movie "Malena". I could identify with her in a sense that she exudes class, mystery and allure. Traits that I admire in a woman which I try to emulate.

4- Do you have any pets?

   My two adorable brats Chino and Zoe, the cutest poodles in they eyes of their master, haha! I treat them like humans, like real babies that's why they act so spoiled.

5- What is your favorite movie?

Sliding Doors

   I believe in destiny, fate, chance and the power of how a mere fraction of a second could totally change one's life. If my aunt didn't meet the love of my life and had us introduced, I think I'd still be lost in this world.

6- Do you stick to one genre of music?
or do you listen to a whole variety? If so, what are your favorite genres?

   I dont stick to one genre but my two most favorites are RnB and classical music.

7- Who/what is the love of your life?

   Mr G. The very reason why I wake up with so much meaning and hope. We are so alike yet so different, we complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. I could just go on and on gushing how wonderful it is to be loved by someone like him. Hehe:-)

8- What's your favorite gadget?
(cellphone, camera, ipod..etc)

   My I-touch, I'll die without it! Haha. I sleep, eat and blog with it. Wonderful creation. It's so small and handy. But soon I'll be getting an I-Pad so I have yet to see if I'll love it more than my I-touch.

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Angie said...

thank you for the tag! this looks fun!

nisa-chan said...

thank u for the tag dear :) it's honor for me

Mia said...

Hey! Nice blog! First time visiting. :)
I haven't watched sliding doors yet but reading your entry makes me wan to watch it! :)

sugar sugar said...

Thans for the tag> :3 I would really want to make a post about it but I can't access my blog right now. :( I dunno what's wrong with blogger. >o<"

I will try to post tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to post by then. Again, thank you. :3


Nora-Schu said...

Enjoyed reading this! :)

Ms. Wedgie said...

Thanks for the tag sweetie pie! I'm gonna do my post now! :)


libys11 said...

these are awesome things to know about you! :D

Animated Confessions


Thanks for dropping by sweeties. Sure had fun answering this:-)

Rinny said...

Thanks for the tag! I love filling these out lol

pumkyn said...

great answers!

perhaps one day you could tell us how your aunt met Mr. G? XD