Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

Price-2880 (around $63)

One of Kiehl's bestsellers

I have been eyeing this little blue bottle for quite sometime. The POSITIVE reviews i've read about it has piqued my curiousity even more. So during my recent Kiehl's trip I purposely included this along with the Ultimate White brightening line which I currently LOVE! (I'll post about the essence and moisturizer soon).

Convenient button press on top of  the stopper

I like how it has that "old drugstore" product appeal

I find the midnight blue bottle with its gold letterings very nice to look at. It's like purchasing a medicine during the 1800's. It is so tiny that it could practically fit in the palm of your hands! Very convenient for travellers on the go. Also there's an air of simple dependability written all over it, like you can totally TRUST this thing!

Handy tube dropper

The medicine type dropper is very convenient in drawing out the elixir. Makes application easier and mess free.

It smells good too. The empowering scent of LAVENDER has a very soothing and calming effect which is perfect for bedtime.

Just 1-2 drops is enough

It has an oily feel which gets
absorbed by the skin after awhile

The oily consistency of the serum had me worried at first coz I already have an endless supply of oil under my skin and loading more might equal disaster. But I would DO anything for that extra soft skin...

So off to sleep I went with an oily skin and an extra SHINY face!  

You'll wake up to a softer skin...

Upon waking up I immediately caressed my face. Lo and behold! It really felt silky soft and SMOOTH! My skin was no longer greasy. It absorbed all the essential oils while I was sleeping. My cheek felt supple, taut and very much HYDRATED! I didn't even had any of those dreaded zits! (despite the greasy feel) Awesome!

Since I don't have visible lines yet, I can't really tell if it does anything for the wrinkles. And it's still too early to know the longterm benefits it has on me. But for now, i'm enjoying the HEALTHY feeling my skin has each time I wake up. It gives the kind of GLOW that you can only get from a well-rested and pampered skin.

So there you have it my personal take on this popular Kiehl's product. It's definitely a good alternative to your favorite creams and serums! It may be a bit pricey but this tiny bottle will practically last a long time. Thank y'all sweeties! :-)

Btw, to those who've tried it? How did you like it? 




Mara said...

Wow! How much was it?


It's 2880 pesos Mara, bought this at Greenbelt 5:-)

Mara said...

Nice! Not bad at all! I'll think of getting it for me and my mum though I'm not sure if it'd make a huge difference for me :)) We'll see :3 Thanks, Mina!

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

I love this one too! It last for quite a long time!! I think I've only consumed like 1/4 of it within almost 3 months. :)

i followed your awesome blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Its worth its price. Would try it... Eye Cream Reviews

sugar sugar said...

i'm also going to buy this mina. :) my little sister spilled out the tiny sample i got. :(