Friday, October 15, 2010

Smashbox Eyeshadow in Megapixel

Eyeshadow trio

Cute and compact casing

Shade in Megapixel

Tan, magenta and eggplant shades

Swatch on my skin

Price-1550 (approx $30)
Size-0.079 oz. 2.25g

   I like eyeshadows that comes in sets. It is very convenient coz the colors are already coordinated. Saves lazy gals like me from major guesswork about which shade goes with which. Makes application a breeze! So I was instantly smitten with Smashbox eyeshadow trio.

   The shade Megapixel is a combination of tan, magenta and eggplant colors. It is a popular seller and has even won a Sephora award for best eyeshadow. Whoa!

-pretty colors
-expertly coordinated shades
-highly pigmented
-buildable colors
-cute compact size
-barely creased

-quite pricey for a tiny eyeshadow
-needs a separate brush
-powder can become messy

My take:

   Im very pleased with this high quality eyeshadow. It survived even my unforgiving oily lids. It really lasted all day! And the color stayed and looked the same. It has that perfect shimmery effect that is subtle and not over the top. Made my eyes pop out nicely. Pretty!

   If you wanna create beautiful eyes effortlessly just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Use the lightest shade as the base. Sweep all over the entire lid.
2. Contour the crease area with the medium shade for added definition.
3. Lastly, use a liner brush to define the eyes with the darkest shade.

   VOILA! lovely peepers in no time! Super easy and super fast. You can create the hottest looks even if your not a professional.

   This is a smart buy coz you get everything you need in one tiny portable pot that's also travel friendly. It takes so much less space for 3 diff shadows! Very handy! I highly recommend this product. You won't get disappointed at all. In fact I wanna try more combos from Smashbox. Totally worth it!

    Ta-ta! See you again next time. It's Friday once again. Time really flies so fast.  Hope you enjoy your weekend:-)

Have a Happy Weekend


donnarence said...

fotd or eotd pls!!you know what feeling ko you are such a goddess sa thumbnail mo pa lang eh..ang ganda mo na.. hehe please post soon.. <3

Cindy Ellison said...

Love those shades, I like the sets, too. I like the detail in the way you described it, I want some of my own! It is important it has staying power, that is a major plus!

Thank you, have a wonderful weekend ♥


Haha Donnarence you are so funny! I'm super shy and I don't even know how to apply expert eye makeup like you do. I'll just look funny so I'm happy posting products na Lang. Haha! :-)

Nadine Natalin said...

i love smashbox products especially their primer and blushes but their eyeshadows are my least fave