Monday, October 11, 2010

Kiehl's Brightening Exfoliator and Cleansing Cream Review

I'm lovin' these products now!

Lately, I enjoy washing my face even more because of these two fabulous cleansers...the Brightening Exfoliator and Cleansing Cream! They fall under Kiehl's Dermatologists Solutions "Ultimate White" line, a regimen that targets to BREAK down pigmentation clusters and INHIBIT melanin formation for a brighter and more translucent skin. Both products contains Vitamin C, Plum fruit and Botanical extracts which are beneficial for skin whitening.  

   Sounds promising right? but more than that I looove using em' because of their citrus-y smell! It awakens my senses especially during mornings when I'm still half-asleep. I instantly feel energized and refreshed. Leaving me with that perky and happy feeling. Hurrah for that!  

This exfoliator really scrubs away dead skin cells

Micro-exfoliating beads

The beads on my skin

First off, it is recommended that you use this exfoliating gel only 2 to 3x a week as it can rather be too harsh or abrasive for everyday use. Only a pea size amount is enough for the whole face. It lathers well as you massage the clear gel in an upward circular motion. 

   You'd immediately feel those ultra tiny beads (micronized shells) go into action as they try to exfoliate dull and rough skin away! The micro granules are just superb in penetrating even areas that are hard to reach. It seems as if all those stubborn dirt bein' held hostage by my GIANT pores were suddenly released from captivity. Thus resulting in finer, smoother and cleaner looking complexion. I always like to caress my skin after every use coz' it feels sooo velvety soft and squeaky-clean! No kidding!

This cleansing cream is gentle on my skin
Which i really love!

Pearly white cream

Highly effective!

This brightening cleansing cream actually FOAMS which i super like. I hate using facial washes that seems to leave a sticky and oily residue on my skin. Makes me feel as if I'm still NOT clean enough. Hehe!

I use this everyday, morning and night. It delivers a high-performance kind of cleansing that draws out deep-seated dirt and impurities. Whilst at the same time being very gentle on my skin. 

It's potent formulation helps to minimize pores, whiten and brighten the skin for a healthy and even-toned complexion. I have to put a big CHECK mark on the things mentioned above as i think my skin looks especially NICER nowadays. Except the pores part...I have yet to see if there'll be any visible changes with the pore size in the following weeks and months to come.  

                  Oh and I've got a cute discount card too!

   So there you have it, two new additions to my regular skincare routine, these cleansers will definitely become STAPLE items in my bathroom for years to come... I'm so glad I tried these gems as I can see marked improvements on my skin more and more each day. My face looks BRIGHTER, healthier and more even. 

   Eventhough it's quite pricey both items are well WORTH it! They work well with the other brands I use. I never had any breakouts or experienced allergic reactions to it. Even Mr G who has super sensitive skin likes it. Thumbs up! Hehe! So if you're dissatisfied with your current facial cleanser it doesn't hurt to give these 2 a shot. Who knows you might get hooked to it too! 

   Ok that's it for now, I'll be reviewing Kiehl's Brightening Essence and moisturizer sometime soon. Thank you all for dropping by! :-) 
                     See Ya !


donnarence said...

i have that exfoliator and i love it.. it takes forever to finish mine is still 3/4 full. :D the citrusy smell is really nice

Pammy said...

The scrub looks really nice and non-abrasive. Nice review, thanks. :)

Rinny said...

The exfoliator looks really good! I've tried some of the items from Kiehl's before and have always had a good experience, I may have to check this out in the future :)

Polina said...

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its really stylish and interesting <3 xoxo

i follow you
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Teenage Bride said...

Sounds like a great product thanks for sharing