Saturday, October 9, 2010

Modelco Cheek and Lip Tint Review

Modelco's cheek and lip stain

I like the sassy packaging

Rosy Red shade

A tiny dot is enough

Just blend FAST

For that sheer color

That looks natural after awhile

 My red-stained fingers

Nice product

Price-1595 (around $30)

   As with any other Modelco items, I'm instantly attracted to their fuschia signature color. Very eyecatching! 

   I dig the pink and silver combination of the packaging. It has that funky, girly and edgy vibe. The tube feels so light that it got me worried if the contents inside were even enough. Everytime I squeeze the tube, a lot of air would puff out before the actual gel itself. As if I'm on my last few drops of the product already, i hated that feeling and to think I just opened it! Ok I know I sometimes fuss with even the tiniest things. The OC in me notices even unnecessary details. Oh well...that's just me:-)

   The transparent gel is almost watery in consistency. It is easy to apply and blends well on the skin. You just have to smudge it fast for that nice and even consistency. Since it is very sheer, you might have to apply another layer just in case you want more intensity.

   The color is pretty and looks natural. Like that sexy flushed look after a long strenuous workout. You can fool anybody that your cheeks are naturally rosy. This tint is a good alternative to my HG tint Benetint. In fact it is a good dupe. It looks and feels the same. Another plus is that it's longlasting! It practically stayed with me for hours and hours. 

   This product didn't wow me the way Benetint did. It is quite overpriced too. I cannot find the ingenious "twist" Modelco usually have with their products. There is nothing extraordinary about it that I cannot find in other more affordable brands. I don't think I'll repurchase this again. But if it will come with a cheaper price I might reconsider. I like this item but I also know I can live without it. I'd be happier to receive this as a gift instead! Overall, it's still a good product to try and I was quite satisfied with it.  

   That's it! Hope to see you again soon! Have a pretty weekend ahead ladies :-)



Pammy said...

The packaging looks so cute and really girly with the pink and silver color combo. I know that feeling when it's practically brand new and feels as if it's already on its last few drops. I wish I can make cheek tints work for me but I always manage to end up with clown cheeks. :P

donnarence said...

it looks so small but look so pigmented din..:D

Emmaleigh said...

I agree about the funky packaging :D I suck on cheek stain application, I feel like it's everywhere or sometimes the left & my right cheek doesn't match haha

the thing about cheek stains are, YES they last! esp during the summer and under that melting humidity, at the end of the day your cheek stain is still there not unlike most blushes.

Cindy Ellison said...

I like a stain. It reminds me of long ago when women stained their lips with berry stains. Stains tend to last with no smearing. Rather natural looking.