Friday, November 12, 2010

Mary Kay Lipstick in Hibiscus

Deep maroon/burgundy shade

Has color marker
on the cover so you won't
have to doubleguess the shade inside

Flower inspired name

Swatch swab

Vivid and bold color
Pardon the smears
Was in a rush when i did this hehe!

The color will STAIN your lips
long after you remove it

I'm not really fond of Mary Kay and dark lipsticks. 
But when somebody i knew offered me some of their products, i couldn't find the heart to say no. 
She gave me this lipstick as a freebie since i bought quite a number of items which included  Melacep mask, toner, essence, Microdermabrasion Kit (sooo goood!), and a few makeup...
All of which i'm still trying and will be reviewing soon.

Going back, this lipstick isn't really my cup of tea.
This may be a lovely color to some but personally i would NEVER buy this on my own.
Why? coz it doesn't suit me at all. 
I think it even made me look TEN years older haha!
But since it's free, who am i to complain?  
I figured, i'll just make a post about it for those who might actually like this crimson shade.

-rich vivid color
-color stays true
-glides easily on the lips
-has vitamin C and E (against wtinkles)
-super longlasting (leaves stain on lips)
-didn't feather and bleed
-very cheap

-don't like the smell
-color is not for everyone
-the stain can be quite hard to remove

Will i repurchase? nope!

I'm thinking of giving this away to my mom who usually sports burgundy hues.
The lipstick is not bad on its own, it was actually good considering it has a lot of plus points. 
But I wouldv'e liked it better IF it was in another shade...
 The only way i could ever wear this color is by BLOTTING the lipstick off 
so that it would leave a nice "wine-stain" like effect on my lips. 

Anyway, i did enjoy taking pictures of this lippie coz the vivid color photographs really well! Hehe!
Ok, that's it for now thanks again for taking the time out to visit my site.
Really means a lot!
See ya all! :-)


Pammy said...

A lipstick that makes you look older is a big no-no except when that's the look you're aiming for. Thanks for sharing. :)

Stacy said...

I like this shade, the color looks great!

Marie said...

I think it's a lovely shade and I do appreciate your honest review.:D

***** Marie *****

Abby Q. said...

I agree that it is an older lady color :) But it still looks great on you!

Angie | said...

these look so great on your lips! they have a nice shape to them

<3 angie