Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modelco Gel Eyeliner

Great find from Modelco. Tiny sized eyeliner with a huge paunch.

Here's a fine eyeliner from Modelco. I saw it from Beautybar's freebie magazine. I had to place an order since they didn't have it on stock that time. A few days later the SA called me to say it was ready so off I went to collect another Modelco item. 

At first I was surprised to see how tiny it is. I expected it to be small but not that small! It is also very lightweight. I'm not complaining though coz the size is perfect for my always FULL makeup bag. 

Longlasting gel that doesnt smudge. Hassle free to use.

Clever packaging. With built in brush that screws into the lid

I like how they incorporated the liner brush within the cap. Super smart! Perfect for those who doesn't like to keep fumbling and looking for their brushes each time which is especially annoying when you're in a rush! 

All you have to do is click the end of the brush into the lid for a longer handle. That's all! Easy as 1-2-3! Handy and convenient for travelling.

A little goes a long way.

Gel eyeliner

This small pot could last for eons. No kidding!

The few strokes I applied on my lids barely caused a dent to the solid black gel. I couldn't even imagine how long before I could finish this thing off!  

Sharp tipped brush. 

I like this brush coz it defines my eyes with such precision. The gel is distributed finely and evenly. It also glides smoothly which is pure joy since I hate liners that seems choppy. If you want more dramatic eyes just layer it over. All you need is a steady hand for that enviably perfect stroke! 

But to those who hates holding a teeny tiny brush then this ain't the right one for you, you might just get frustrated trying to balance it with your fingers.    

No mess application

Super long staying. The swatch EVEN stayed on my hand until the next day.

I didn't have to worry about fading eyeliner even after a long day. It stayed put like a glue. In fact it surpassed even the strongest oily skin! It passed with flying colors and even more...

Great purchase

How could something so tiny contain something that could last for ages and at the same time be longwearing? 

Only Modelco's gel liner knows why...

   I am generally pleased with this product. It didn't flake nor smudge on me. Will I repurchase? Yes, at around $32 dollars it is WORTH every penny! But at the rate i'm going, the next pot will have to be several light years away!

Thanks a bunch for your time my sweeties! It's highly appreciated! :-)


Mara said...

How does it compare to other gel liners you've tried? :)


It's better in the sense that it really lasted without smudging my eyes and it glides so easily:-) plus the packaging is really smart

Pammy said...

The packaging is indeed smart! If it does not smudge and lasts for hours, then the $32 might really be worth it! :P I hope it won't dry easily.

ViOoOlicious said...

This gel liner is cute! If its 32 dollars it must be worth it! I love gels! I never heard of this brand before. Thanks! now I can go research on it hehe

Amandita said...

oh that looks like its a good gelliner... I m looking for a good gel liner, I kinda wanna get the MAC one or i think make up for ever but idk

Makavetis said...

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arsyparsy said...

wow looks great! now i HAVE to getmyself one of those!

Sara.H said...

I love the way you have reviewed it. I love the swatch :)
I am following you now

Christa said...

I've used Smashbox 'jet Set' Waterproof Eye Liner pot. It's great, once you get it on, but while you're applying, sometimes it flakes in the eyes. Ouch!! Then my eyes start to water and it's over. I might have to give this one a try.

Ere said...

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