Friday, November 5, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow in Creme de Violet

Bold pinkish/purple hue 

If you're like me who's VERY much into lilacs, lavenders or anything from the violet family, then this shade is definitely a nice addition to your collection.

It glides smoothly and blends easily. Lasting power is ok and didn't really crease much. I use this for my middle lid and pair it with shades of pinks, plums and deep purples...the colors COMPLEMENT each other so well!

It has tiny golden shimmers

The pigment is infused with flecks of gold that gives a sparkle that is not over the top. Just subtle microglitters.

Swatch without flash

With flash

I only used Creme de Violet here

In certain lighting the glitters become visible

I would highly recommend using an eye PRIMER prior to this one to make the color really standout. Eventhough the shadow is ok worn alone, I noticed that the violet doesn't really stay true. It applies quite sheerly so I had to layer it over several times. But it's no biggie anyway!

Color is  FUN  to play around with!

Although the color is very pretty, don't expect to achieve the exact same shade from the pan. Color payoff varies depending on your skintone. Some might show up looking as if they have bruised eyes whilst some may end up with a VERY flattering eyeshadow. So better test it out first before purchasing it. Personally, I really like this shade:-) 

Will definitely repurchase!

Thanks for spending some time here ladies. I really enjoy sharing and posting stuffs for you guys. Cheers! :-)



donnarence said...

the color is really pretty!! i love purple/violet!! like the gold flecks/shimmer in it.. :D nice shot on the last picture.. :D

Emmaleigh said...

oohh wow! I'm not into the violet family, I'm more into the green or yellow but this shade that you got is a beauty! I like e/s that got those glittery effect when put on. I think it's great for pictures since it will highlight your eyes more.

and btw, re: the horror movies, Orphan?the one with the Esther kid?yeah I saw that! haha I didn't expect the ending to be like that. :D

Pammy said...

I love purple (and green) eyeshadows! This one looks really pretty. Too bad it does not stay true to its color. By the way, I love the shape of your brow. :)

Nadine Natalin said...

i love the color :) it's so pretty. good for day and night

Catamiaou said...


Christa said...

Such a sweet color..I usually wear more natural colors on my eye, but I should give this a try..looks so cute on you!!


Really appreciate all your sweet thoughts ladies:-)

amynaree said...

gorgeous color!

Beauty Addict said...

this colour is so pretty!!

Bitch said...

Purple or violet can shine on an
eyelid very special!!

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

i love the name. it sounds delicious! I also love how the shimmers are visible.

Mia said...

pretty purple color! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the color...purpleeeeeeee
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Alisa said...

That is definitely a great color! I love purples like that!