Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MAC Prep+Prime Eye Review


I initially wanted to buy a primer 
From another brand
But it was out of stock
So instead I chose MAC

My shade

This is one of those products
Where you have to try your luck
Coz' it's either 
A miss or a hit
Love it or hate it
Sort of relationship 

Compact casing

The small pot
Could last for a very LONG time
As you only need a little dot 
Of this sheer and creamy prime  

Glittery lid

For attention detail whores like me
These tiny shimmers
Adds a little oomph!...
And a little glamour
To boring old covers

Sheer, creamy texture

Silicone based cream dries to a silky powder finish

It has a creamy consistency 
That has a tendency  
To crease immediately after 
Or during higher temperature
So just BLEND, BLEND, BLEND away
And everything will be okay


WITHOUT primer

Mac Primer
Color is more intense

Overall, I'm generally pleased with this product. It's still not HG material with the creasing issue. But it delivers in other aspects anyway and gave me decent results.

Points to Consider: 

1. It evened my lids well enough to prep it for the next step.
2. The pigments glided more easily on the silky texture of the cream.

3. It lasted the whole day on me (coz I'm basically confined in cooler areas).
4. I sometimes use this on my LIPS too as primer for my nude lippies...a PLUS!
5. But the main reason that I like this product is because of its ability to make the colors of my eyeshadows POP out and make it look more VIVID and vibrant!

I might repurchase...but knowing me I'll hook up with other brands first. And besides this pot could last me for ages. So i'll worry about that later! Ok that's it for now...Btw, I made this post kinda rhyme just for fun. He-he! Enjoy your day sweeties! See you all again soon:-)

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Liasbubblebath said...

Great review! The best eyeshadow pimer I can think of is the Urban Decay one!

donnarence said...

nice review!!it really made the e/s POP!! :D i can't wait to ransack mac when I become a lawyer.. hehe


Hmm wanna try UD I've heard of that a whole lot too.
:-)Whoa I could just imagine how many mac loots your gonna get after each trial Donna! hehehe:-)

Toni Tralala said...

*hmm* This looks like something I would purchase. I love how detailed you are with your reviews!

I haven't really found the right one for me so this is a prospective one!

Christa said...

Primer is definitely something I'm using more and more. My eye makeup especially is pretty kaput at the end of the day..with creases and lines. On a recent trip to Sephora I got a free sample of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. I like it. It's a bit hard to tell weather it intensifies the color since I pretty much wear light colors on my lids, but it does help with the longer wear and less creasing.

Great review..perhaps I'll give MAC a try next :)


Thanks Toni for the sweet comment*hugs*
and Christa I'd also definitely check out Benefit's primer, I love Benefit products!;-)

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Abby Q. said...

lol I love the rhyming, very clever! :) I have never tried this primer, but it sounds pretty good! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Nice review..keep on posting. Im bookmarking all of these Eye Cream Reviews

bettzy93 said...

OMG! I never knew mac made this, i am so considering giving this a try, since i love their prep&prime skin base. Is this like a primer?


Yup Bettzy it is an eyeshadow primer, really makes the colors POP out, love this:-)

B said...

I've always wondered about these MAC Primers and how effective they are. Your review has just about convinced me to try it! Thanks!